Rebirth in a Perfect Era: Chapter #1 (Teaser)

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On July 8th, 2001, A massive rainstorm poured down suddenly into the entire city of Haizhou as if washing it clean.


The unprepared passers-by fled to the side of the road looking for the eaves to shelter from the rain. In addition to cars and pedestrians with sporadic umbrellas, there was a muddy boy on the street, rushing and scampering in the heavy rain.


His arms tightly held a plastic transparent file bag containing ballpoint pens, pencils, erasers and other stationery as well as a college entrance examination card for the entrance examination and ID card.


The boy’s name was Li Mu. At this moment, blood was continuously oozing out of his left forehead, even so, he was still running wildly and crazily. So crazily and madly that all passers-by looked askance at him.


At this time, Li Mu’s mouth secretly sighed: “After rebirth, I still did not escape from the car hit. Ah! If the rebirth was early ten minutes, it would also be good.”  


Half an hour ago, Li Mu, who was riding a bicycle to participate in the last English college entrance examination, got hit by a car while crossing the sidewalk and fainted. The ambulance arrived quickly and took him to the hospital. The ambulance had not reached the hospital yet when Li Mu woke up.


However, after waking up, Li Mu was no longer the boy who had been hit before. Although they were the same person but who woke up was the 15 years later Li Mu.


Li Mu before rebirth was working overtime to write the code and while writing, it suddenly became dark and then he lost his unconsciousness. When he woke up, he was already lying in an ambulance.


After waking for several minutes, Li Mu was sure he was reborn, and in his memory, the car accident that happened today had changed his life.


At 3 o’clock this afternoon, it was the English exam for the college entrance examination and it was also the final subject for the college entrance examination.


After Li Mu was hit by the car in his previous life, he did not wake up as fast as he did today. When he woke up in his last life, he was already taken to the hospital. The time was 3:15 pm and the English exam had started already for 15 minutes.


At that time, despite the disregard of the doctor and the beautiful driver, he insisted on going to the examination. Finally, the doctor simply found out that the injury was not serious. The traffic police, as well as the accident-causing female driver together, rode the ambulance to sent Li Mu back to the examination room.

Li Mu arrived at the examination room 35 minutes late. According to the regulations, more than that of half an hour late students would not be eligible for admission, but because of the special situation of Li Mu, and the guarantee provided by the traffic police and the doctor, Li Mu was able to enter the examination room, but at that time, the listening part of English test was almost about to end.


At that time, Li Mu psychological state was not good, coupled with the delay of the hearing part, his test was very bad; English only 49 points.


Due to the importance of English language, Li Mu’s college entrance examination had a total score of 535 points, a five-point difference with the (passing) line and at last, he could only report to second Institute of Technology in the province.


In the last life, his parents, as well as the accident-causing female driver, wanted him to repeat a year. The accident-causing female driver was even willing to pay for all the additional expenses for Li Mu repetition. However, Li Mu thought about the family situation at that time and wanted to graduate earlier and work to make money. So he gave up reading again.


Later, Li Mu did not see the female driver again. Until 2015, when he was drifting in the north of Yanjing, his parents suddenly telephoned him to return home and took him to attend the funeral.


At that time, he learned that the funeral was of the young woman who had hit him in the past, named Chen Hao. She was a host of the variety show at a TV station in the province at that time. Although she was not a big fire, but in the province, her popularity was relatively high.


His Mom and Dad also told him at that time, when Chen Hao hit him, she sneaked out her college four-year tuition fees and his parents never told him to comply with her wishes.


As for her death, it was sorrowful. First, her father was sentenced to death because of illegal fund-raising, and then her husband, he distributed all assets to the stocks. In the stock market mishap, all the properties of the family were lost. A local media had made a lot of distorted reports on her that dealt a great deal of damage to her. She started to drink and accidentally died of alcohol poisoning.


Li Mu had been very grateful to the woman when he learned of it, so just he ran out from the ambulance, he turned back to the pretty woman in the car who was about to chase out and said: “No need to follow. I do not blame you. Remember, don’t mess with the stock later!”


Li Mu did not blame her in the previous life and he would not also blame her now.

As for the tragedy that occurred only after several years later, Li Mu had no way of reminding her more.


The electronic watch on the hand showed that it was 2:50 in the afternoon, 10 minutes away from the exam, and it was less than one kilometer from the college entrance examination place.


“There is still enough time!” Li Mu did not have enough time to waste on the excitement of his rebirth. All his thoughts were about the next English exam, and what if the exam was not still going to be done well?


Li Mu of past did not understand the heavy difference between the two. However, the future he did eleven years of programming in Yanjing and was clear about the importance of his education.


Before his rebirth, Li Mu worked in a large internet company in Yanjing. He graduated from a prestigious college and was a well-known university graduate. Basically, he as a director, deputy chief level had an annual salary of 500,000. But because of his academic qualifications, he could only be a so-called senior engineer who cannot achieve the true management position at all and the annual salary considering everything was only more than hundred thousand which was extremely mediocre for a person who had worked for eleven years.


At that time, Li Mu had innumerable regrets. If he had repeated a year; admitted at a good college, his life might be rewritten. Perhaps, when he had reached in his thirties, he would have been able to buy a suite in Yanjing. Perhaps, his love life would not have ended in failure three times, or perhaps he would also have been able to give his parents an enjoyable and comfortable life..  


Li Mu also fantasized countless times that if life had a chance to choose a time node to start again.


In this way, one can make up for a lot of shortcomings in life.


For example, by returning to the college entrance examination of 2001, the loss of that year could be saved;


For example, when I would return to my childhood, I would be more considerate of my parents and be less rebellious, so that they would not die of old age so quick;


For example, he could on a sunny afternoon in the college confess to his unrequited love, the campus Belle Su Yingxue, even if he was rejected, it wouldn’t have mattered. He could return to that moment before confession instead of worrying to continue to being friend with her or not after rejection.


What he did not think of is that, unexpectedly, today he actually went back to the most profound turning point in his life!


However, after rebirth, he quickly dragged the injured body to the college entrance examination rushing which really was a bit of tragic some.


In addition, he forgot all the question that came in the English exam after fifteen years. How many points could be scored in the exam was a huge question mark.


Recalling the life after college entrance examination, he had suffered considerably. His parents couldn’t relieve themselves for many years. The pressure in Li Mu’s heart was even greater.


Really awful!


It would make no sense to think too much about it or try to test it.




Fortunately, Haizhou is a five-line small urban city altogether with just so a handful of places, and Li Mu was very familiar with the place, so he rushed to the road and finally arrived at his examination room at the time when the bell was going to ring.


Just after entering the examination room, a male invigilator who was standing at the door stretched out his hands to stop Li Mu. He looked at Li Mu, frowned and asked, “What are you doing?”


“I came to take the exam.”


In the classroom, two other invigilators, as well as more than 30 candidates, were stunned by looking at the Li Mu in front of them. No one has seen such a student came to take the college entrance examination. A tall boy of almost 1.8 meters covered with muddy water; Bloody water on his face; half of the white shirt stained with blood which was really eye-catching. Such the scene made all stunned.


The female invigilator who was checking the bags was so shocked that even the movements of her hand stopped. Each proctor had to take turns. She was also the first to examine the students before going inside of the examination room, she was seeing Li Mu for the first time.


At this time, Male invigilator blocking the door, looked at the Li Mu, frowning as he shouted, “Why did you come to participate in the college entrance examination like that? When did this exam room become your living room! First, go dry your body before you go in.”


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