Rebirth in a Perfect Era Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 — [Long Term Plans]

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Games have long become an indispensable part of the Internet community, especially online games. Since 2000, it has already begun to emerge in China, and from then on has only grown more popular.

At this moment, the hottest online game should still be [Stone Age] but nearing the end of this year, Chen Tian Qiao used a third-rate Korean online game system to create one of the hottest online games in all of China within a short period of time and a few years down the line, he became one of the richest man in China.


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Speaking of which, the game [Legend] which garnered him millions of riches should currently be in its alpha testing phase.



Li Mu was also a fan of [Legend] in his previous lifetime.


It was after the beginning of the first semester when Li Mu had the opportune chance of coming into contact with [Legend] under the introduction from one of his classmate; and after a short play, he was immediately hooked. While studying at the university, his academic works had not been too overwhelming, so he often played [Legend] with his roommates; he had played by choosing the ‘Warrior’ class up until his graduation in the year 2005. And thereafter he abandoned the game altogether due to old friends dropping out and also because the in-game cheating had become too shameless and despicable.


But now that he thought about it, [Legend] was a game full of exploits. With his current abilities, searching for bugs and glitches to increase the in-game currency, creating powerful items, and even writing cheats would be as easy as a walk in the park. Furthermore, he thought these things to be very profitable. However, Chen Tian Qiao has yet to release the game. If he remembered correctly, it should be sometime in September when [Legend] will be released to the public and after the two month long free trial period comes to pass, [Legend] will be starting a monthly subscription around late November to early December.


Only Li Mu knew the rise in the popularity of [Legend] will happen near the end of this year; likewise, the first cheat in the system would appear sometime in November of this year.


Within the depths of his memories, that so-called cheat in the system was, in fact, only a glitch regarding the lightings of the settings. Simply put, it automatically brightens the graphics of the game. The player would have no need to buy a set of candles to lighten the environment, but even such low-like glitch in the system had over a 90% positive rating in only a short period of time.


It could be seen that such sort of cheats was a huge demand for [Legend] players.


But only wanting to rely on [Legend] as a source income, Li Mu would need to wait patiently for a couple months; on the other hand, the current online game, [Stone Age], currently dominating the market, is Li Mu’s window of opportunity.


Just like [Legend] and [MU Miracle], [Stone Age] is also a game where cheats and hacking have become overly rampant.


Li Mu once read a news article which spoke of a game cheating studio named Abe Studio which relied on the operation of hacking Stone Age and thus creating a business franchise worth well over 10 million yuan within a year or two—though no matter how incredible and wondrous Abe Studio seemed to be, they were after all only the current generation of programmers, while  Li Mu had the foresight and techniques of the future. So long as he managed to provide the needs of gamers, then making money seemed to be an easy matter.


Being reminded of this point by Chen Wan, Li Mu hurriedly thought of various approach to make quick cash, and that was to make game cheats.



This approach was practical and feasible; and because he was lost in thought, Li Mu only became conscious that he was holding on to Chen Wan’s hands.


At this moment, Chen Wan’s cheeks were tinged a rosy red, flustered that she was being held by Li Mu in such a manner. Although she was older than Li Mu by three years, she had inexperience and little to no contact with those of the opposite sex. Against Li Mu whose had several girlfriends prior to his rebirth, those inexperienced men could not possibly compare.


Li Mu was sincerely grateful towards Chen Wan who mentioned the word games and spontaneously entered a state of triumph upon discovering a sort of revelation.


He was wide awake.


Li Mu, a long time Internet user for well over ten years, believed in one and only one concept—there are invariably only two sort of things in the web that could stimulate a man: p*rn and online gaming.


This is an unchanging irrefutable truth!


Taobao’s e-commerce concept of selling and exchanging of goods with monetary currency is not a concept at all.


| TN: Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website, and is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group; It is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce websites, as well as one of the world’s top 10 most visited websites according to Alexa.


And because Li Mu believed in such concept, creating and making game cheats was absolutely the best possible method without doubt to make quick cash.


Li Mu’s father observed Li Mu’s use of such shameless and cheap method to take advantage of another man’s daughter and could not help but to cough twice.

Li Mu quickly retracted his hands.Ezoic


While trying to mask the air of awkwardness, he made typing gestures with his fingers. “A computer can do so much more than surfing the web or playing games.”

Chen Wan nodded in agreement. “Indeed, that is so. Computers can do so much but however, we’ve only learned some of the basic functions of a computer. If you’re interested, then you should apply for a computer-related course in a university.”


“Mm.” Li Mu replied absent-mindedly.


He’d already begun pondering over the currents games in today’s market and how to capitalize on it regarding the cheat system. [Stone Age] had already been operating for about six months and commercialized cheats are beginning to make its way in the market.


It seemed impractical from a point of view, but Li Mu was confident in his ability. Relying on [Stone Age] to making quick revenue was not at all impossible.


First’ he’ll use [Stone Age] as means to accumulate some capital for himself. Only in this way, could he be the first to develop a cheat system for [Legend] by the end of September and commercialize it for revenue. Li Mu believed this gave him an advantage.


Before [Legend] becomes profitable, this would be the opportune chance to garner revenue.

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With a plan in mind, Li Mu became much more relaxed. He chatted with Chen Wan for a while, asking about her life in such a roundabout manner.


He learned that Chen Wan is a third-year major in journalism at Fudan University, Shanghai. Her family does business in Haizhou. She is the only child.

As to whether she is single, Li Mu only used one sentence to find out. “Elder Sister is elegant and beautiful. You must be the school flower of Fudan University, right? And your boyfriend must certainly be the most handsome guy in the university, right?”


“I’m not the school flower and I don’t have any boyfriend.”


Li Mu blinked and smiled, his face blank and stupefied. He held a somewhat flustered appearance.


Chen Wan only then realized that Li Mu changed his wording to suit his desires to inquire about her relationship status, and she shouted in her heart, this kid is simply too willy!


Only, Li Mu’s thoughts were more messed and scattered.


No wonder...


It is only proper Chen Wan would go on to become the host of a provincial TV show years from now. It was because she studied journalism.


As for her family situationthough she did not say in detail, he could vaguely guess the scale of her family’s business was not small. In the near future, Chen Wan’s father was sentenced for illegal fundraising, the amount involved reaching several billion yuan.


At present, Li Mu had only 63 yuan. He knew he lacked the ability to change Chen Wan’s string of fate, but what he did have was time. And that time provided Li Mu a long-term plan.


Once dinner came to an end, Chen Wan insisted on sending a cab to carry Li Mu and his family back home but he refused. He did not wish to bother Chen Wan any further and gave a proper excuse that four would be too crowded. So he flagged for a car, insisting Chen Wan be the first to leave and she could only accept helplessly.


Before leaving, she especially asked Li Mu’s phone number, quickly saying that if she had some free time, she would call and ask to hang out. Li Mu gave his number for he’d long intended to ask Chen Wan’s number.


He definitely must not lose contact with her.


As Li Mu was about to ask for her number, Chen Wan pulled out a small notebook and a pen, writing a series of numbers down.


“This is my phone number. You can call me for anything. I will be staying in Haizhou for a couple of weeks.”

“Okay.” Li Mu carefully placed the paper into his pocket.


After Chen Wan left, his dad flagged another cab.


Li Mu and his mom sat on the back row on the way home. Li Mu’s mom held his hand and said dreadfully. “When I got a call today, I was so scared… I almost had a heart attack… fortunately, you’re okay…”


“Yeah.” Li Mu’s dad tilted his head sideways, looking back from the front seat. “It could be a blessing in disguise, but be more careful when you go out in the future.”


Li Mu nodded repeatedly; his heart filled with warmth.

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