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Chapter 5 — [How To Make Quick Bucks]

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Hai Zhou Hotel.


Four people sitting together in such a spacious private room made it seemed somewhat empty, adding on that, the table was unusually large. If the four of them sat separately, then they would have to shout to engage in any conversation.


Hence,the four of them might as well sit side by side.


His dad, mum, Li Mu and then Chen Wan.


Chen Wan was extremely happy in her heart. The main point was that she unloaded the psychological burden she had in her heart. After the comprehensive inspection, Li Mu did not have any serious problems. Except for the bruise on his forehead that  seemed to affect the original handsome youthful expression of himself.


His parents initially did not want Chen Wan to be the one paying after inviting them, but Chen Wan kept on insisting that she should. Moreover, Li Mu also responded by showing them an expression  of ‘It’s expected of her to do so’. Since his parents could not beat them, they could only unwillingly join them.


It was also thanks to his mom’s concerns, while Li Mu and the rest were waiting for the results, she went back home to fetch Li Mu a set of clean clothing.Therefore, Li Mu was able to resemble like a normal human again, sitting beside Chen Wan and engaging with her in a heated discussion.


“Honestly speaking, after being knocked today, I feel like my brain is exceptionally bright. In the past, I only managed to get 90 to 100 points for my English, but today I feel like I might get 120 points and above.”


“Really?” Chen Wan’s big pearly eyes were almost popping out.


Li Mu nodded, “Really.”


“Don’t speak without thinking!” His dad scolded while laughing, “If you did not manage to get 120 points, then watch how I’ll deal with you.”


Li Mu then said in a serious tone, “Dad, if I do manage to get 120 points, then your son won’t have any face to enter our family front door.”

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“Don’t say something like that.” Li Mu’s mother quickly said, “Son, whether your test result is good or bad doesn’t matter, Mum only have you as my child”


Li Mu’s mother was serious about what she said. Meanwhile, Chen Wan tried to hold back her laughter till her pretty face flushed red. Li Mu sighed, “Even my own mother doesn’t believe in me. Fine, wait till they announce the result for the college exam, then I’ll prove it to you.”


Li Mu’s father slapped the table on the spot and said, “Son, if you are able to get 120 points on your English exam, Dad will buy a laptop for you!”


In the current year, any laptop model would cost about $10000, which was close to what his father yearly salary was.


Li Mu knew that his own family’s saving did not have that much.


In his previous life, he worked as a programmer for over 10 years, naturally, he wished to own a computer that truly belonged to him, but he could not ask his parents for it.


Actually, Li Mu already made up his mind. Not only the computer, even the fees required for the first year of his university and living expense, he wanted to rely on himself to come up with ways to earn it during the summer vacation.


Hence, Li Mu spoke resolutely, “Dad, I don’t need you to buy a laptop for me, I’ll work and earn money to buy it during my summer vacation.”


As someone who had been reborn, if he did not have the meager ability to earn that little bit of money, then it would really be letting the heavens down.


However, the three people around Li Mu were stumped by his words.


In 2001, a government employee who performed well at work was only paid $1000 as salary. What can a high school graduate rely on to earn $10000 in 2 months?


Facing the distrust and doubtful gaze from the three of them, Li Mu did not have an ounce of playfulness to him as he said, “I’m serious, furthermore, I’m very confident in myself.”


Chen Wan could not help but asked, “Student Li Mu, I’m curious. How are you going to earn the money required to buy a laptop in two months? I’ve bought a laptop at the start of the year, and it seemed to cost about $20000.”


Chen Wan was not flaunting her wealth, she was only reminding Li Mu that it is easy to blow one’s trumpet, but not to overdo it.


“Regarding that, you don’t have to worry. Anyway, I’m confident.”


Although he spoke confidently after he calmed down and analyzed it over, Li Mu’s heart started to turn bitter.


The development of the Internet in 2001 was still in its infancy stage, nobody knew what the Internet would be developed into, other than Li Mu.


Furthermore, nobody could guess how the Internet and Wi-Fi would progress, other than Li Mu.


This was the reason why Li Mu dared to brag in front of his parents and Chen Wan.

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However, after thinking carefully, Li Mu then realized that in this year and month, trying to earn money using the Internet was not difficult, but the possibility of trying to make some quick bucks was too low.


Hao123, with a valuation of tens of millions in the future, was established as early as 1999. It has been operating for more than two years now. It is quite basic, and even if Baidu wanted to buy it(Hao123), it will take another three years from now. To do a navigation site by himself, the fastest time to catch up with hao123 will be in one or two years; definitely could not make some quick money.


Tencent QQ has millions of users and even if he could develop a better software of the same kind, it would take about half a year to finish writing all the code. After all, if a single person develops a piece of software. The workload of programming is extremely large. After finishing developing the software for half a year, he would have no money to do the promotion for it, after all, Tencent has already begun to take shape, and Ma Hua Teng(Tencent’s CEO) was an expert imitator. He definitely couldn’t outplay him, thus he couldn’t make quick money from this method.


Not only QQ, there are many future software that Li Mu can’t do right now. Not to mention that he doesn’t even have a computer. Even if someone gives him a top-end computer, the code still has to be typed out character by character, let alone the future advertisement operations. Even if he managed to succeed doing it alone, the time required will have to be calculated in years, it’s still not a method where quick money will be earned.


Even if he was to imitate Cai Wen Sheng (an Investor from China) now, registering a bunch of domain names and wait to sell them slowly after 2005, it was still not that simple. First of all, that Cai Wen Sheng guy has already started to register a large number of double characters’ domain names using the Xinhua Dictionary. The domain name that hasn’t been thought of yet, were only WeChat, Taobao this kind of double characters that were not present in the current trendy vocabulary, so Li Mu still can’t make quick money from this.


What he could think of at the moment were all projects that require a few years of preparation, and the deadline he gave himself was only two months.


The confident Li Mu, suddenly, felt depressed as his confidence from before were all washed away.


Li Mu, suddenly, thought if he allows himself to make a list of keywords for the world events in 2001, what could he think of?

Bush took office, the 9/11 incident, accession to the WTO, successful bid for the Olympics, national football qualifying, NetEase suspension, Internet bubble


As the time period was too far apart, what Li Mu could think of was only a few sensational events. Most of them were about international politics. It was basically impossible for him to use these to make money.


Next to the three people eating, Li Mu was in a daze and frowning.


He felt that he seemed to neglect something crucial, but he was not able to figure it out within a short period.


At this time, Chen Wan helped Li Mu come up with an excuse, “Actually owning a computer doesn’t really help with my studies much, it is not necessary to buy one so early. Owning a computer now is only to surf the web or play online games.”


“Games?” Li Mu’s eyes light up as if they were light bulbs after hearing that two words.


Damn, How could I forget something important like games!


Li Mu, under a state of excitement, stretched out his right hand and grabbed Chen Wan’s left hand, holding her soft, delicate and smooth hand shaking it hard, “Sister Wan, what you said was so right!”

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