Rebirth in a Perfect Era Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 — [Crafty]

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Li Mu and Chen Wan rode a cab to the city hospital. En route, Chen Wan said words of apologies while inquiring his performance in the test examination.


“It was not bad.” He thought the test to be fair and possible. Li Mu was unable to contain the excitement from within and so let out a soft foolish smile.

Had it occurred in his previous lifetime, regardless if he was involved in a car accident or not, he would not be so confident for the English portion of the test.

If it were in his previous lifetime, even if he was not hit by a car, he would not be so confident for his English test. He reckoned only in this life would he have the opportunity to enroll in first rate university.


Chen Wan sighed, replying with a heavy guilt. “I am truly sorry. I’ve caused an inconvenience and interfered with your important college examinations. If you do not do well today and wish to repeat another year of study, then I’ll assume responsibility for all expenses.”


Li Mu stared at Chen Wan curiously and earnestly asked. “Elder Sister, what is your work? You look like about three to four years older than me, and you can afford to drive your own car already.”

It was not considered rare to see privately owned cars in 2001, it is just that those able to afford and own one were definitely wealthy families.


Chen Wan’s face flushed red after being questioned by Li Mu.


“I’m still in the fourth year of university. This car belongs to my dad. As I’ve recently obtained a driver’s license, I intended to practice during the summer holidays. Initially, I was fine driving but there was the sudden bouts of heavy downpours and I kept using the windshield wiper. A moment of anxiety led to a mistake, I had turned on the headlights instead, and I was caught unprepared in that moment. Furthermore, I could not see anything outside clearly with the poor visibility and in the end, I bumped into you….”


Continuing on, Chen Wan hugged her chest with lingering fear in her heart and said, “Fortunately, I unconsciously stepped on the brakes first, if not then you would…….”


After Li Mu heard Chen Wan’s words. He was speechless for a moment. To treat the headlights as the windshield wiper, Chen Wan, this female driver can indeed be incorporated with those series of road murders.


However, Li Mu did not voice out those thoughts and followed the original plan to befriend her to foster a friendship between them. He then purposely asked, “I still do not know what is your name Elder Sister?”


I’m called Chen Wan, Chen from Dongchen, Wan from Weiwan


Li Mu smiled lightly, “Then I’ll call you Sister Wan from now on.”


“Ok!” Chen Wan laughed, “I’ll be 21 years old this year, and should be 3 to 4 years older than you?”


“I’m 18 years old now, you are 3 years older than me.”


Chen Wan nodded, exposing a smile, “If you performed well for your examinations today, which university will you enroll it?”


“Beijing University.” Li Mu uttered out without thinking.


“Hmm, Beijing University……” Chen Wan was slightly disappointed and said, “We are at Hai Zhou which is 300 km away from Hu City and 1000 km away from Beijing. It’s much more convenient to go to Hu City, moreover, the developmental growth of Hu City is not any worse than Beijing.”


“Is distance supposed to be a problem?”


“Isn’t it supposed to be?”

“Is it?”


Li Mu shook his head while smiling.


He could not say that he had lived in Beijing for 11 years right?


He could not say that although Beijing only had two metro lines,  after 15 years, that number would increase ten-fold. All these information were full of wealthy opportunities.


He also could not say that  Internet will cover half of China, and half of China will be gathered in Beijing, right? Although Alibaba and Tencent are situated in Shi City, the rest of the companies like Baidu, Sina, SoHu, NetEase, JingDong, 360, Youku, Tudou were all gathered in a magical place called Zhong Guan village in Beijing.


He definitely could not say that he had spent the half of his previous life there struggling; there were too many emotions and regrets.


Comparing with the former, the latter held no appeal towards him; although it might be further, he still wanted to go up north.


Chen Wan was left helpless. Curious, She asked, “Right, when he left the ambulance, why did you tell me to not speculate in stocks?”


Li Mu fling his head around, “I was knocked till my brain was muddled.


As they reached the hospital, Chen Wan immediately brought Li Mu over to the Emergency treatment department. After a call, a middle-aged doctor ran over and then brought Li Mu with him to perform ten different medical examinations. For every examination, Chen Wan tried her best to be by his side, other than those examinations which were not convenient for her to be present, she stood outside the door and waited.

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After Li Mu came out from completing his brain CT scan, there was not only Chen Wan seated outside the door, there were his own parents also, who seemed younger by a few years, wearing a worried expression on their faces.


“Dad, Mom.” Before the reborn Li Mu walked out from the door, he was so excited. To the extent that “excitement” was not the word to describe it, ecstasy was more like it.


However, that feeling of ecstasy vanished in a brief moment as he saw his parents. Instead, it was replaced by warmth, guilt, relief and especially worries.


Li Mu walked forward hurriedly, hugging his parents who just stood up tightly, both of his arms were embracing them tightly. He did not cry or say anything, he only embraced them tightly.


Presently, his dad was 40 years old, and his mom was 39 years old. Both of them were always workers at the government-owned Xiling Coal Mine from the start of the economic boom.


Although there were some troubled times in the early 1990s, fortunately, the coal industry was still stable. The situation of workers being laid off in the textile industry and agriculture industry was more serious. Despite the fact that his parents were not wealthy, they did not have any troubling matters to worry about, thus they looked much younger.


However, the change started from this accident.


First, it was his own car accident leading to his parents being greatly concerned. Next, it was the poor result of his English test, failing to secure a place in a tier- 1 college by a small margin. Lastly, it was his parents being laid-off at work.


As he thought about his parents when he graduated from university, his parents have aged quite a bit to look like several years older, even though, it had only been a few years. Li Mu then made a vow in his heart to never let his parents experience the suffering of those years again.


At this moment, his parents inquired how he was feeling, his mom even let out some tears and utter out cries of sobbing.


Li Mu then answered while feeling choked on emotions, “Dad, Mum, I’m fine, you can stop worrying.”


The doctor walked over at this moment, and explained, “I’ve performed many checks on patient Li Mu, he basically does not have any large issues, only the cut on his forehead and some superficial wounds on his arms.Regarding the loss of consciousness during the accident, I’ve arranged him to undergo a CT scan, and although the results are not out yet, you do not have to worry. From my experience, it should not be a cerebral concussion.”


Chen Wan also walked over and said with guilt, “Uncle, Auntie, I’m to be blamed for this incident. Please be assured that I’ll assume all responsibility for this incident.”


Li Mu’s parents were reasonable people, both of them expressed that as long as their child was fine, then everything was fine.


After saying this, Chen Wan felt somewhat embarrassed.


Li Mu then laughed at this moment, “It wasn’t any big matter originally, let’s not talk about such matters anymore. Let’s wait for result of the brain CT scan to be released. If there is any problem, Sister Chen only have to be responsible for my treatment, but if I’m fine then Sister Chen have to treat us to a good meal. So, this matter is settled. I did not want to extort a meal from Sister Chen, but it is close to meal time already.”


His mum’s tears turned into that of joy after hearing her son’s words. His father could not help but gave Li Mu an astonished look. He was somewhat surprised, Li Mu’s comedic words gave him a feeling that Li Mu seemed to want to befriend the lady called Chen Wan.


Looking at Chen Wan again, she was indeed quite pretty, and was unrestrained with her conduct and could tell that she had a caring heart. However, she seemed to be older than his son by a few years.


But as the saying goes, a mature lady will ensure you a joyful life. This Chen Wan appeared to be around 21 years old, just suitable for the old saying……


His dad then shook his head. Sh*t, what am I blindly pondering about, my son is only 18 years old and have yet to attend university.


After hearing Li Mu’s words, Chen Wan conducted herself in the manner that Li Mu’s dad perceived her to be and replied frankly, “That’s of course. Let’s go to Haizhou Hotel. I will call for a private room now!”

Li Mu’s dad continued to shake his head, she was really a naive girl. Comparing his son with her, he just realized that his well-behaved son in the past was actually quite crafty.

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