Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (26)

Belice straightened her expression and restrained her voice, “Answering the Queen, there’s someone from outside the palace who’s looking for you… He said, you would know once you see him.”

If it was someone close to the original body, they wouldn’t use such a way to get inside the Imperial Palace. Shen Mubai looked inside the original body’s memory but still couldn’t find anyone like that. Hence, she opened her mouth and answered, “Wait for me outside.”

“Yes, Queen.” Belice retreated and went outside.

The young and beautiful Queen stood up and arrogantly looked down to Snow White’s face, “I have finished my meal, don’t be anxious to leave, you can slowly enjoy your breakfast here.”

Snow White’s eyelashes trembled softly as she lifted her eyes towards the Queen, she nibbled on her dark red lips and said, “Is mother going to see that person?”

The Queen’s skirt swayed as she walked, leaving only a light ‘En’ word.

Hiding the dark expression inside her eyes, Snow White gazed at the young girl that was departing from her.

At this time, the white parrot flew in from the window and landed on top of the dining table.

Snow White slightly frowned as she stroked its soft white feather, her delicate and charming red lips softly sent out a low and soft whisper, “Atlas, what’s the relationship between mother and the persons she’s going to meet?”

A low laugh could be heard from her throat, those pair of dark deep eyes slightly curved, “How about we go and see if mother is being obedient or not…”

After they went out, Shen Mubai said to Belice, “Where is he now? Bring me there.”

Belice answered in a low voice, “Inside the Flower Garden.”

Looking at the man’s silhouette from afar, Shen Mubai’s step paused for a while, searching for anything regarding that man from the original’s memory.


Before the original met the King, she had a childhood sweetheart. The two people mutually and secretly grew some feelings, even stealthily meeting in private. It’s a pity that the original’s family is of high and famous nobility, but this man was merely the son of a rich merchant. The man’s father tried to let them marry, but the original’s father thought that the other party’s every aspects weren’t qualified to marry his daughter. Thereupon, this matter was left unsettled and the two family’s relationship became strained, but the original still secretly met with the man until she met the King, then she finally cut off her contact with this man.

Thinking about this, that person was also pitiful ah, being one-sidedly two timed by her predecessor. But shrinking back right now was a bit too late already, else she would make people had suspicions towards her.

So Shen Mubai turned around and said to Belice, “He’s a friend of mine from long ago, you go outside and keep watch.”

Belice’s face was as gentle and amiable like before, after she heard the Queen’s order, she softly answered, “Yes, Queen.”

Shen Mubai cast a quick glimpse, and when she found that there’s nothing wrong, she turned around and walked over to that man.

Perhaps he heard her footsteps gradually coming from his back, the man turned his head around. The moment he saw the young girl, his whole face revealed a happy and excited expression.

Shen Mubai, “…”Brother, you would incur people’s misunderstanding if you act like this ah.

After she came close, the man’s eyes were filled with memories that he cherished, “Fujiana, how are you getting by?”

Shen Mubai had a complicated thought, this man, seeing the person who two-timed him in front of his eyes but he could still happily asked her about her life, wasn’t his heart too big ah?

“Why are you coming here?” The young girl’s small face betrayed a restrained and haughty look, her bearings absolutely cold and indifferent.

As if within his expectation that the girl would acted in such a way, the man showed a gentle and forgiving smile, “I only want to see if you’re getting by. Anyway, after I saw your appearance, I could finally put my heart at ease.”


This kind of forgiving and kind man usually ends up being in friendzone. (´_`)

Now, thinking about what Snow White would do later… (ノ′Дヾ)


Translator: MadPanda

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