Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (25)

The eyes under her thick eyelashes revealed a glint of smiling expression, but when she lifted them, they changed into ones of joy and happiness. Snow White said in a soft voice, “This is what I made especially for mother.”

Shen Mubai slightly widened her eyes, her words were filled with awe and wonder, “You made this?”

“En.” Snow White answered softly while nodding her head.

Shen Mubai recalled about their dialogue just now, she hesitated if she needed to say something else for a compensation.

Snow White’s soft and gentle voice once again sounded, “It is the fruit of Snow White’s half a month of learning, although the taste isn’t the best, however Snow White will try harder next time.”

If you say this kind of taste isn’t good enough, how would the royal chef continue living ah, however, when thinking how the other party learned to make this especially for her, Shen Mubai’s heart felt all the more guilty and remorseful.

“Actually… the taste isn’t so bad.” the young Queen lightly coughed once and moved her line of sight away.

“Really?” Snow White’s eyes became brighter. Because of the fluctuation of her mood, a blush appeared on her face. With fair skin and bright red lips, whoever caught a sight of her would unavoidably have their mind intoxicated.

The shy Queen shown a rather impatient look while repeating her words, “Really.”

Her pair of black eyes slightly curved, Snow White’s face revealed a smiling expression, “If mother likes it, then Snow White could make this for mother everyday.”

Shen Mubai looked at the other’ slender and tender fair hands, when she wanted to open her mouth in refusal, Snow White’s sight moved to a certain place.

“What is it?” Shen Mubai waited for a while then asked.

Snow White’s pitch-black eyes stared fixedly at the Queen’s pair of eyes, her mouth pouring out an abnormally gentle tone, “There’s a bit of a jam smeared on the corner of mother’s lips.”

Shen Mubai hummed and raised her hand up, wanting to clean her mouth, but a soft voice stopped her in her tracks, “Could you let Snow White come and help? This way would be more convenient.”

The other’ inky-black eyes were clean and pure like the eyes of a fawn, Shen Mubai can’t help but opened her mouth to agree.

Until when her consciousness came back into its place again, Snow White already arrived at her side.

Her long black eyelashes drooped down, making a thin shadow over her fair cheeks, her delicate and charming red lips silently revealing a pure bewitching poisonous smile. Snow White’s line of view fell on the side of the Queen’s lips, she extended one of her slender finger out to touch tenderly.

The ambiguous charming air shrouded the two people inside, Snow White’s breath lightly tickled Shen Mubai’s face, one raise of her eyes and she would be able to clearly see the other’ facial features.

Shen Mubai, “…” wait, wait… I think there’s something wrong here…

Aware of her finger gently stroking, Shen Mubai felt a bit of unease and said, “Is it clean yet?”

When her lips were saying this sentence, a small and delicate tongue was revealed, and Snow White’s eyes gradually dimmed looking at such a beautiful scene. Her index finger was gently stroking on the other’ exquisite skin as a low voice rang out from inside her throat, “It’s done.”

After her finger was withdrawn, the warmth still lingered on Shen Mubai’s skin, leaving an invisible mark behind, while Snow White’s eyes revealed a trace of regret from having to leave the exquisite touch on her fingertips.

When Shen Mubai lifted her head up, her line of sight was caught in a collision with Snow White’s lovely and gentle smiling expression.

Unaware why, but Shen Mubai’s face once again was painted with a layer of hot blush.

She thought to herself, Snow White is so lovely and gentle ah….

The lovely and gentle Snow White was thinking, mother’s skin is really smooth and glossy ah…

“Queen Consort.” a thread of Belice’s voice rang out from outside of the door.

Shen Mubai responded, “Come inside.”

Belice pushed open the door and walked inside, she swept a glance through Snow White, her face revealed hesitation.

The Queen lifted her chin slightly, “Just speak if you have anything to say.”


Okay, that’d be all for the mass release! We’ll resume Shen Mubai’s journey of getting her tofu eaten *cough* tomorrow.

Spoiler: there would be a new character at the next chapter. Stay tuned! (▰∀◕)ノ

Translator: MadPanda

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