Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (24)

The knife and fork cut the leftover beef steak into slices as Snow White elegantly delivered them to her bright red lips one by one with a curve of a smile adorning her lovely face. Inside those pair of peach dark eyes appeared a light joyful look, added with her inherent elegance, she became like a mysterious, bewitching woman.

Her soft cheeks were painted with a layer of blush, her eyelashes were lifted, the curves of her mouth were raised into a beautiful arc and her gaze was fixed into the charming Queen in front of her, “Mother, Snow White thinks it’s very delicious.”

It’s really shameful ah, Shen Mubai’s face was hot, and soon afterwards, she removed her line of sight and pretended that she didn’t mind it at all, “Really? I don’t think there’s anything special.”

Snow White’s brilliantly black eyes were curved, “Perhaps it’s because Snow White’s heart is full with happiness, I think that this beef steak is really delicious…” the last syllable she said almost melted Shen Mubai’s heart.

Shen Mubai was feeling complicated when she looked at the progress bar above Snow White’s head was rising for two points more.

But when she tried to look carefully, ‘isn’t Snow White taller than before?’ Shen Mubai thought to herself.

“Mother is dazing out, what is mother thinking about?” a low laughter came out from Snow White’s red lips.

Because she didn’t pay attention to the other party, Shen Mubai spoke without thinking, “It looks like you’ve become a bit taller.”

Snow White paused for a while, hiding the joy that grew all the more stronger inside her eyes when she looked back at the Queen, she sheepishly said, “So, mother actually care about Snow White… Snow White is feeling really happy…”

The Queen returned back to her usual haughty position and said, “Who cares about you? It’s just an obvious thing that anyone would realize if they spare you a glance anyway.”

Her bright red lips curved up slightly as Snow White chimed in softly, “It is as mother said.”

After enjoying her lunch, Shen Mubai went back to her palace, expecting Belice to open her mouth and interrogate her again, “Queen, do you want to return?”

Shen Mubai said, “En, return back.” pausing a bit as if thinking about something, she turned her head and knitted her eyebrows towards Belice, “Is Snow White’s palace always so simple and plain like this? Order some maids to increase some decorations, anyhow, she’s still His Majesty The King’s own daughter, we shouldn’t let other people ridicule her.”

Belice’s gentle and delicate face seemed like she was hesitating to speak.

“What is it?” the Queen asked impatiently.

Belice softly answered, “Answering the Queen, as far as I know, Her Highness the Princess usually likes this kind of style…”

Shen Mubai was dumbfounded, she didn’t expect that it was what Snow White herself requested, so she cut it short, “So it’s like this, then it’s alright.”

Like this, the matter became a small interlude and nobody paid attention to it.

On a certain early morning, Shen Mubai was eating a special breakfast.

The fragrant, sweet and savory cheese melted immediately after entering her mouth, making her stomach felt warm and cozy. The flavor was different with the usual and familiar taste of the imperial kitchen, it was such a distinct taste that can’t be explained.

Shen Mubai kept maintaining her noble look as a Queen, but her heart was already raging and cawing for a long time, “Awoooo~, it’s so, soo delicious ahhh! It’s just so completely different with those cheap thing sold outside~.”

System, “…” how can one say so many impressions just by eating one food…

“What do mother think of the taste?” Snow White asked in a gentle tone.

The happy Queen lifted her head up, using a one hundred percent hypercritical expression she said, “It’s okay.”

The cheese on the plate was eaten until it was left with only bits of residue already, but Shen Mubai thought without making any expression, a month has already passed, but my character’s design is still on track ah.


Shen Mubai transformed into a wolf??? ಠoಠ

<System: how can one say so many impressions just by eating one food…>

<Me: I can say much, much more, system…> (¯﹃¯*)

Translator: MadPanda

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