Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (65)

I guess we’re starting a new…scene? It seems like the author just sort of just cut off the scene last chapter. (new edit: the last scene starts next chapter, this might just be a filler)



Half a month ago, a very advanced, level 10 zombie appeared in S City, causing chaos and panic.

After the apocalypse, as time passed, the zombies’ evolutionary speed grew faster and faster. At the same time, the humans’ abilities became stronger and stronger. There seemed to be forming a natural balance.

However, a level 10 zombie was nevertheless unprecedented. The strongest high-level zombie was only level 8, and their numbers could be counted on one hand. According to the discoveries made by the ability users that had been investigating this topic, this advanced level 10 zombie which had suddenly appeared did not seem to participate in any abnormal activity that could explain its rapid evolution. Everyday, it seemed to be able to upgrade just by eating ordinarily, and these upgrades were not insignificant at all.

The other zombies were intimidated by its strength and stayed far away, not daring to enter its field of vision. As for why they were sure it was a level 10 zombie, this was determined by the leader of S base, who had spent a great deal of energy, manpower, and various kinds of investigation to finally come to this conclusion. Because this zombie was much stronger than the other high-level zombies in every aspect, S base gave it a name, calling it ‘Zombie King.’

S base’s researchers were certain that the energy of the Zombie King’s crystal nucleus was extremely powerful, so much so that it would be able to upgrade any ability. The ability user who obtained it would become the most powerful human in the apocalyptic world.

From this information, it was obvious how desirable this crystal nucleus was—whoever could attain it would be, as the old saying went, “first under the heavens.” However, despite their ambitions, S base clearly did not have the skill to kill the Zombie King on their own. Therefore, they wanted to collaborate with the other bases.

Although S base was regarded as the base with the strongest ability users, they weren’t the only ones with this desire. The other bases definitely also had this kind of ambition. After deliberating through the night, they unanimously decided to cunningly take advantage of S base and ruthlessly take a cut of their flesh.

S base gnashed their teeth from the other bases’ viciousness, but it went without saying that encircling and annihilating the Zombie King would consume great amounts of manpower and natural resources. After weighing the costs and benefits, they hardened their heart and willingly cut off this large piece of flesh from their body.

In the middle of an enormous net, a large zombie exceeding two meters thrashed under its bindings, before suddenly becoming still and hanging its head. It was unclear whether it was dead or alive.

Only two of S base’s leaders came. Lu Qisheng stared at their prey, trapped inside of their specially made net, and laughed as he said, “This Zombie King, no matter how great its strength, still wasn’t be able to escape the palm of our hand.”

Once the switch on this net was turned on, a strong electric current would shock the entrapped victime, and ten out of ten times, they would succumb to the high voltage and die.

However, this Zombie King obviously wasn’t a creature that was so easy to handle. After entering the net, it still struggled for a great deal of time. Fortunately, it finally gave up and stilled.

The leader of A city was somewhat uneasy. He stared at the Zombie King, obscured by the net, and said, “This Zombie King is exceedingly cunning and sly.  Although we have many people to subdue it and the outcome is as expected, I still feel some uncertainty. Let’s send people to investigate, and then make a decision.”

The other bases all approved of his suggestion, and ultimately sent a few high-leveled ability users with great strength to check the Zombie King’s situation.

Even though the Zombie King had already been subdued, the ability users, thinking of its fierce resistance earlier, remained on guard as they slowly approached.

Checking the Zombie King inside the net, it truly had an appearance of an arrow at the end of its flight. They had all relaxed and let out a breath, but just as they thought to signal to their leaders, a tiny sound of movement came from the zombie.

Immediately turning to look, they were at once filled with shock.

They saw that the Zombie King who had originally seemed to be at its last gasp had suddenly risen, its pair of eyes sharply looking into the distance. An expression of insatiable greed burst forth from his pair of pupils, suffused with blue. Its mouth drew out into an utterly monstrous curve. In the next moment, it swiftly burst out, as sudden as a peal of thunder, tore open the net with its bare hands and disappeared from everyone’s sight like a flash of lightning.

The net that was unbeatable and all-powerful in their eyes had been unable to withstand a single blow and was now destroyed, emitting a thick, dark smoke.


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Editor: Elaine

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