Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 — This Male Lead is a bit Crazy (52) 

In S City, if you wanted to support yourself, you would have to take on tasks and earn points. Although the tasks taking place within the base offered few points, it was safe, so most of the task takers in the base were people with no ability.

For those who had powers, at least half of them had a family, with their wives, children, and parents to support. If these users wanted to earn more money, they could go out of the base and complete tasks there. The difficulty of the tasks were divided into levels A, B, C and D. The more difficult the tasks were, the more points they could earn. 1

Right now, Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan were standing with other ability users.

“Damn, I was only a few minutes late and all the level D tasks were snatched up. Man, f*ck this.”

“Stop talking, hurry up and take the level C tasks or they’ll be gone too.”

There was a huge commotion within the crowd, and everyone was stretching their necks to snatch a few tasks.

However, with Huo Junhan’s tall stature and powerful aura, it was bound to attract attention. When they saw him remaining calm despite the hectic surroundings, they couldn’t help but admire and acknowledge his powerful existence.

Why were they so sure he was powerful? If a person was weak, they would have to come earlier to snatch up the low-end tasks, but he was as stable as Mount Tai. He must have been looking for a high-level task. Without a doubt, however, the most powerful thing about him was his strong presence. This was a distinct trait that only high-leveled power-users had.

In fact, in their eyes, the special ability guy’s attention wasn’t on the mission at all. Instead, he lowered his eyes to look at the person beside him indifferently. “Why?” Why? Waves of emotions surged violently in Shen Mubai’s heart. When she said she wanted to do some missions before they left, the male lead had immediately pulled her onto his shoulders.

Shen Mubai had risked her life by rejecting him. Why did she reject him? When you are tossed over an insane man’s shoulder like a potato sack and steadily carried to the front door, obviously you would not be happy. Of course you’d want to walk through the door like a civilized human being, ah! She had become braver these days. She forgot how she behaved like a rabbit in the past and didn’t hesitate to say, “Not comfortable.”

Huo Junhan had looked down, his face impassive, but for the first time, a hint of conflict could be seen in his ice-blue eyes.

Shen Mubai hadn’t heard a reply from him and thought he was angry. “System, is he angry?”

System: “I don’t know if he’s angry.”

Just as Shen Mubai had summoned up the courage to turn back and confront him, his big hand had gently landed on her head. He still had the blank look in his eyes as he stared at the lady in front of him. His dead heart felt a bit constricted. He frowned at the sensation.

He had run his hand through her hair before moving his eyes away and said in a cold voice, “Let’s go.”

Shen Mubai had touched the place where the man’s hand had been and felt that his behavior was becoming even more odd.


They had headed to the mission board after that and what greeted them was the sight of the registrar sitting in his seat yawned, seeming a bit bored.


VIS: Yass, we’re reaching the climax :3

Also for those of you confused by the last part, here’s an explanation: When Shen Mubai repeats Huo Junhan’s “why” in her head, she’s having a flashback from earlier on in the day. The author (most likely) messed up some where and said that it was “the day prior” but that wouldn’t make sense…cause…cause it’s early in the morning when they arrived to the mission board.

Chapter release: 5/day

Editor: Elaine

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