Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 — This Male Lead is a bit Crazy (51)

Now that Huo Junhan was reborn as a zombie, his past memories were useless to him.

Shen Mubai, who had been brimming with joy, suddenly deflated. It seemed that she had not escaped being his foodstock.

When they returned to their residence, she saw a pile of fruit snacks on the table and regained her vigor.

After devouring them, she smacked her lips together in satisfaction and plopped down on the sofa, in a state of food-coma bliss. “System, what is the progress now?”

System, “Seventy percent.”

Hahhhh?? “System, I’m going on a strike.”

System: “Ah, I see.”

The system sounded too calm, Shen Mubai had some doubts and said, “You’re not deceiving me, are you?”

System: “So smart, you’re amazing.”

Shen Mubai: “….”

Huo Junhan had disappeared again. Shen Mubai thought that it was possible he had gone to kill the base leader of City A.

Just as she was fantasizing about the bloody massacre, he came back.

He was carrying a plastic bag. He stopped in front of her and dropped it on the table, his eyes drooping slightly. His voice was a little rough as he said, “Are there any other energy stones in S City?” 1

After that one time they went out to eat, they had never gone back. And that plastic bag of goodness was to blame.

She opened the bags, and when she saw chicken legs inside, her eyes lit up. She said, “Only the one we bought.” 2

Her cheeks were stuffed full and she mumbled out, “Tomorrow we can leave the base.”

Huo Junhan’s eyes stared at the chipmunk cheeks she was filling up and didn’t say anything.

Not hearing a reply, Shen Mubai looked up at him. Her eyes met blue ones, and her hands shook, almost dropping the chicken legs.

His eyes darkened. “Do you like it that much?”

Shen Mubai furiously nodded, “Like it.” An intoxicated look on her face. “Meat is the best food in the world.” After saying that, she gnawed on two more chicken legs and said with tears in her eyes, “It’s so good to be alive.”

The system had no doubt, if the man were to give her another chicken leg, Shen Mubai would kneel on one knee and pledge her loyalty to him.

Huo Junhan didn’t understand her happiness. The light in his eyes diminished a little and stared at the girl happily eating her food. The more happy she was, the more they dimmed. If Shen Mubai had raised her head at this moment, she would have been scared to death by his eyes. 3


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