Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 — This Male Lead Is A Bit Sick (22) 

Huo Junhan looked at her indifferently. “I don’t know.”

Shen Mubai: “…..”

Why did she feel like she was being led around like a dog on a leash?

“Are you feeling anything?” He suddenly uttered.

Shen Mubai:  “…What?”

Huo Junhan stared at her coldly and spit out, “Energy stones.”

Shen Mubai had stayed in D City for a long time, but the system had not given any hints. She replied, “No, the existence of energy stones is very rare and cannot be randomly found.”

Huo Junhan frowned slightly, “How far can you sense them?”

Shen Mubai asked the system and the system said, “Tell him a few hundred meters; don’t give him a number that’s too small or too big.”

So, Shen Mubai pretended to think about it, and replied, “About five hundred meters.”

Huo Junhan nodded, and turned his back to her, his voice dull, “Go.”

….Wait, Shen Mubai felt that something wasn’t right. She followed the male lead and asked tentatively, “Are we not going back?”

Huo Junhan did not answer and walked straight.

Shen Mubai looked sadly at his back and said to the system, “Why didn’t he say so earlier?”

The system said, “Would it have changed anything if he did?”

Shen Mubai, full of anguish, replied, “My snacks.”
  The system was speechless. Shen Mubai liked to leave the best food for last, and she had saved a lot these days, like a hamster hoarding food.

Shen Mubai, who now had no snacks, looked like a zombie behind Huo Junhan.

On the road, there were a few zombies who had wandered around. After sensing the presence of Huo Junhan, they looked like they had seen a ghost and shriveled up in a corner.

About an hour later of walking, Huo Junhan and Shen Mubai met an abilities team.

The sound of the system sounded in Shen Mubai’s mind at this moment, “Someone in that group over there has an energy stone.”

A team of people also saw Shen Mubai, but they didn’t show much of a reaction; in their eyes, a man and a woman did not pose a threat.

Going straight was the only way, and according to Huo Junhan’s temper, it would be impossible to detour around them. And sure enough, he ignored the existence of those people and walked straight ahead.

Behind him, Shen Mubai stepped forward and took hold of his hand. (TL: aw cute)

Huo Junhan looked at her. Though he did not speak, the tiny frown indicated his response to her actions.

Shen Mubai lowered her voice and said, “One of those people has an energy stone.”

As expected, Huo Junhan stopped and looked straight at the other group.

Shen Mubai’s eyebrows jumped and quickly explained before the man made an irreversible mistake. “We should first join their team and then work it from there.”

Huo Junhan glanced at her and didn’t speak.

Somehow, she had been with this man for so long. How could she not tell that the other side was unhappy?

“Hey, friend over there, where are you going?”

As Shen Mubai was talking, the other group had called out to them.

Shen Mubai asked the system, “System, what do I say?”

The system said, “Tell them you’re going to S City.”

So, Shen Mubai answered.

The man heard Shen Mubai’s reply and said discussed with his companions. One of them finally replied, “We are also going to S City. Would you like to come with us?”

The last few months had been so chaotic that it had become very common for people to group together in order to survive and fight zombies together. These people had probably invited Huo Junhan and Shen Mubai because they could sense their ability fluctuations.

VIS: Wow, so we’re stealing from other groups now, Shen? Shame shaking head 

I was serious about the passive aggressive comments tho lol, only sometimes…otherwise I’ll get used to them and will ignore…I mean…I would never ignore :0 that would be horrible of me

I never realized how motivating “loveable threats” can be pft

Editor: Elaine (<3)

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