Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 — This Male Lead Is A Bit Sick (21) 

In her nightmare, she had become a big, fat man. Huo Junhan still had that suffocating appearance. He stared at Shen Mubai with his emotionless, ice-blue eyes. The corner of his lips lifted in a sharp arc. His voice was colder than winter when he said, “You look delicious, I can’t wait to eat you.”  (TL: again, when can you do the eating that I want you to do)

Her body heated up, and Shen Mubai uneasily hugged herself, her small face growing pale and sweat rolling down her forehead. She unconsciously cried out, “Hot…It’s hot…”

A cold breath fell over her, and Shen Mubai subconsciously leaned in, her hands firmly grasping the cold object. Her eyes were still closed and her small face was dazed as she whispered, “So comfortable…”

When she woke up in the morning, Shen Mubai felt as if something had changed in her body. Strangely enough, she could detect that she was alone in the room without looking around.

“Did I gain a special ability?” Shen Mubai felt that her happiness came too fast, like a tornado.

The system interrupted her delusion. “You awoke a different power.”

Shen Mubai was shocked at first, then happily said to the system, “I have an ability? What kind of power? Is it one of those super kewl ones?”

The system said, “It’s a super-strength ability.”

The name sounded powerful, so Shen Mubai asked the system to explain it.

People with this ability are much stronger than ordinary people, duh. As strength varies from person to person, some strength abilities can lift up to a few hundred pounds.

After listening to the systems explanation, Shen Mubai was eager to hit a wall. “Can I make a hole like on TV?”

EzoicThe system just said, “Try it.”

So, Shen Mubai threw her fist at a wall.

Shen Mubai cried out in pain. “You dare lie to me?”

The system said, “When did I lie to you?”

Tears sprung up in her eyes. “You told me to try, isn’t it just like lying to me?”

The system said, “I didn’t think you were that stupid.”

Just as the two were about to go at each other, Huo Junhan came back.

AdvertisementEzoicHis black leather boots made squeaking noises on the ground, and his ice-blue eyes bore into Shen Mubai as he walked towards her.

“Get up.” His cold voice made Shen Mubai instinctively leap up. She stared at him until Huo Junhan said one word, “Go.”

Go? Where are we going?

Shen Mubai was dumbfounded. However, in her opinion, this male lead was still useful and there wouldn’t be any major problems for a while, so she obediently followed him.

Bodies of the dead littered the bleak and empty streets, and the wind was particularly harsh, so the smell of the dead was spread through the air.

Huo Junhan walked in front of her, a black windbreaker wrapped around his tall and slender body. His black hair was slightly messy from the wind. With a noble and clean aura surrounding him, everything else seemed doubly out of place and disordered.

Shen Mubai followed him, panting as she did and glaring at his long legs.

“Why are you so slow?” Huo Junhan turned around with a hint of impatience.

Shen Mubai almost blurted out ‘Motherfucker!”, but she luckily she swallowed it back in time.

She breathed in and breathed out and asked, “Where are we going?”

VIS: okay so the author didn’t use “kewl” but like it’s okay lol

ps, I think I need more passive-aggressive threats from my readers to translate lol

Edited-Elaine (<3) [I dare not post until she edits, that’s how much I need her :3]

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