Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 — The Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (10)

The zombie behind her was getting closer and closer. Shen Mubai couldn’t risk being bitten and smashed her foot into the zombie’s face. The zombie was stunned and became a little aggressive, but its movements slowed. Shen Mubai took the opportunity to break free and turned around to run.

At this point, the zombie further away had begun to wobble to her and opened its bloody mouth, rasping out, “Haa… Haaw…” ( TL: zombie noises I guess)

“System, help.” Shen Mubai yelled in her head over and over.

The system simply said, “I can’t save you, you have to learn to save yourself.”

Shen Mubai: “妈卖批.” (TL: Mom sells the batch is the literal translation, which is a huge insult meaning “(someone’s mother) prostitution”)

Not far away, a zombie lurched onto the street from the left, with another zombie close behind. Shen Mubai stopped running, instead, inhaling deeply, she picked up a stick by her feet and turned to the nearest zombie, ready to face death. Before she could even see it clearly, the head of the zombie had been snapped off at lightning speed, making a crisp crack.

The next second, a pair of ice blue eyes squinted at Shen Mubai.

Shen Mubai shivered from his stare, and a sticky feeling of fear, as if caught by a poisonous snake, flashed through her heart.

Huo Junhan released the severed head and walked over to Shen Mubai.

He was born tall, his height about 6’2. His innate power and oppressive air made Shen Mubai unable to resist taking a few steps back.

Huo Junhan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Reaching out, his hands swept towards the back of Shen Mubai’s neck.

Shen Mubai quickly said,  “Don’t knock me out yet.”

Huo Junhan seemed to understand and let go, his eyes staring at her.

Shen Mubai felt bitter in her heart, regardless of whether the other party really understood her. She pointed to the distance. “I have something that fell there.”

In a flash, Huo JunHan had carried her to the location she had pointed at. Seeing the zombie on the ground, he let go of Shen Mubai, bent down, and twisted its head.

Shen quickly picked up the jade that fell on the ground, then saw the pair of ice blue eyes staring at her. She hesitated before handing it over to him. “This is for you.”

The jadeite in Shen Mubai’s hands had a special energy that could help regulate the energy inside of Huo Junhan and reduce his chances of losing control. The energy stone was not common in this world. It had to be said that even if you travelled across the city, you would not be able find it.

Huo Junhan’s gaze moved to the jade. He stared at it for a-while but showed no signs of accepting it.  

Just when Shen Mubai thought that he wouldn’t take it, Huo Junhan reached out and plucked the jade from her hand. He casually placed it in his pocket.

“…System, there shouldn’t be a problem right?”

System replied, “Let’s see what the situation is first.”


Since Shen Mubai was caught that day, Huo Junhan significantly shortened his time outside. Recalling his eyes then, Shen Mubai was filled with fear for a few days as the crazy man watched over her. He watched her so closely that Shen Mubai felt suffocated. She fell back into her old routine of eating, drinking, sleeping and more sleeping.

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