Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 — The Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (9)

And now, following the second-level zombies, higher classed zombies had begun to emerge. These zombies not only had nimble movements but also possessed evolved brains with human thinking; they were cunning and difficult to deal with.

Huo Junhan was obviously different from the other zombies. For example, he did not show any signs of rot on his body. His food, though, was the same as his kind. Shen Mubai did not know how much inner force he had in his body, but she was sure that Huo Junhan was evolving at an alarming rate. And, unlike when they first met, Huo Junhan seemed to start having human emotions. Before, he was like a beast that followed its own desires, heartless and ruthless. Now, Huo Junhan had obviously changed. He knew how to make himself evolve faster. Those ice blue eyes, that had resembled a machine, began to change a little.

Just as Shen Mubai was starting to feel bored, the system sounded in her head.

“Host, fluctuations from an energy stone have been detected one kilometer away from here.”

It happened to be when Huo Junhan went out, and, disregarding the possibility of them accidentally meeting, he shouldn’t be back for a while. Shen Mubai quickly sat up. “System, how many zombies are there outside?”

The system replied, “Currently, only a few zombies are wandering around.”

The site where Shen Mubai was located was concealed, and due to Huo Junhan’s presence, there usually weren’t any zombies that would dare approach the place. Therefore, within a few hundred meters of the place, it was a zombie-free zone.

Moreover, she had an incomparable existence like the system. Shen Mubai followed the clear path given by the system all the way to the provided destination.

The system could only detect the approximate position of the energy stone’s power fluctuations, so it couldn’t give a specific location. Like a thief, Shen Mubai looked for the energy stone while guarding against nearby zombies that were likely to wander over at any time.

Finally, Shen Mubai found the energy stone on the body of a zombie.

It was a small and jade colored, tied around the zombie’s neck with a red string. It had been very difficult to notice because of the blood stains.

Shen Mubai first put her hands together in a serious way, “As the saying goes, life not only brings death but big fortune.”

System: “…”

The red string was knotted very securely, so Shen Mubai had to untie it. She spent a lot of effort and finally freed it from the neck of the zombie. Just as she let out a sigh of relief, her wrist was suddenly caught by the zombie beneath her.

As Shen Mubai looked at the flesh and blood oozing from the zombie, his mouth and eyes opened.

At the same time, the system sounded in her mind, “Host, another zombie is approaching from ten meters away.”

The zombie underneath Shen Mubai was lying in a ditch, its leg broken and a gaping hole in its body. It could only hold onto Shen Mubai’s wrist and slowly sit up.

Shen Mubai’s survival instincts kicked in as she used her other hand to grab onto something nearby to try and face the zombies, but it did not help much. The face that was hollow and bloody became even more terrifying.

VIS: Ah~ ML are you gonna come rescue your MC~ [Edited- Elaine]

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