Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (24) 

Sheng Changqing took Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan to where they were staying. They had run out of petrol and had few supplies left, so they had been scavenging for more, but their luck had run out. They walked a long ways away from their place without finding anything. Instead, they were met with zombies.

Remembering this, Shen Changqing felt troubled.

“I don’t know what happened. During these past few days, there has been an increased number of zombies in D city, it’s like they’ve only gathered in this city.” Shen Changqing said.

This was probably why they were willing to risk asking Shen Mubai to join their team. There were three abilities in their ranks, so if they managed to stay together their team would supposedly have nothing to be afraid of. Unfortunately, several people had arrived in D city but it was already too late for them to leave because there were a lot of zombies. A few days ago, a group of three had wanted to leave D City but met a group of zombies and had perished. (Tl: was it our rude group of three? Or was that in the other city?)

They had come out looking for supplies today with little hope, but they didn’t expect to meet Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan, who had powerful auras surrounding them.

Shen Changqing’s people did not know that Shen Mubai had no idea about the current situation. They thought that these two people knew, otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed to join their team.

“Tomorrow we will continue to search for supplies. If we find what we need, we intend to leave D city as soon as possible. Based on what we have seen, the sooner we leave, the better. Don’t you think so?” Shen Changqing looked anxious to hurry up and get out of the city. (Tl: it’s like that Get Out movie where all the crazy white people gathered in one place and tried to create moreー…damn, it’s exactly like that movie)  

Shen Mubai was busy arguing with the system about who had the energy stone. When she heard Shen Changqing’s proposal, she replied instantly, “That sounds good.”

During their talk, Huo Junhan had been standing besides her, his eyes lowered. His long lashes cast a shadow under his eyes—the face of the emotionless man was admirable. The oppressive aura around him could not be ignored, causing Shen Changqing to feel inferior.

Shen Changqing hesitated before saying, “Qingqing, sorry to intrude, but what is your relationship with this man?”

Shen Mubai glanced at the zombie next to her, her brain thinking of thousands of possibilities. She knew that she couldn’t take advantage of this man because of his abnormal personality.

“He is my savior.”

Shen Changqing was taken aback. He didn’t expect the man to be her savior. But, now that Shen Mubai had said it, they could not question her any further and left it at that. (Tl: she could be lying, he’s not her savior, he’s her chef T-T)

The sky began to darken, and after a few days of running around the city, everyone was getting hungry. In order to express their sincerity to their new members, the team gave Shen Mubai and Huo Junhan a share of their supplies.

Everything was evenly distributed; a compressed biscuit and a bottle of water.

Perhaps because of the water ability in their team, Shen Changqing wasn’t stingy with the water.

Shen Mubai did not want to eat these things, but in order to appear normal, she could not refuse them either. (Tl: you ain’t normal.)  

Huo Junhan glared at the food in his hands, glaring at it like it was waste. This scared Shen Mubai out of her wits.

Fortunately, Shen Changqing didn’t pay any attention to them.

Shen Mubai picked at the compressed biscuits and said to the system, “Do you know what I’m think about right now?”

The system said, “Your stockpile of food.”

Shen Mubai continued, “Do you know what I am thinking now?” (Tl: eating them? Or killing everyone and taking the stone so your hubby can get better food again? ? )

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Enjoy this weeks chapter, hope your weekend was better than mine [UPDATE: I was turning the cap the wrong way]

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