Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (25) 

The system didn’t answer, only saying one sentence: “Drop the thought.” 

Shen Mubai choked on the rest of her words and brought the compressed biscuits to her mouth. 

A bony, slender hand cut off her movements. He took the compressed biscuits from her, his actions bringing a cold chill. 

Shen Mubai raised her eyes, staring at the man’s beautiful face (a face no one could compare to). His ice-blue eyes stared right back at her. 

Shen Mubai was hungry, but she didn’t dare snatch it back. She could only use her eyes to molest the compressed biscuits. 

Huo Junhan was taller than her. Even when they were sitting, he could still look down at her, giving the people around him a sense of arrogance and indifference. His voice was indifferent as he said, “Not allowed to eat what they give you.” 

Shen Mubai, a hungry girl, was not happy when she heard that. Her roundish eyes stared at him with discontent. “Why?” 

Huo Junhan turned towards her, narrowing his eyes slightly, “Hm?” 

In a hopeless tone she replied, “….But I’m hungry.”

She couldn’t help but think being bitten to death would be better than starving to death. 

Huo Junhan’s cold eyes swept over the group and said, “Wait for me.” 

No one knew when Huo Junhan had left or when he had come back, only noticing him when he made his way to Shen Mubai. 

Of course, he was not empty-handed. He was carrying food, food that was not compressed biscuit. 

Shen Mubai stared at the food and was moved to tears. 

The system could not bear to look at her; she had already been sold—it could only pray for the others. 

The bag he was carrying contained beef jerky, potato chips, dried fish, fruit bread, and a bottle of Pepsi. The grief that Shen Mubai had felt from leaving her previous stockpile lessened. She looked at Shen Changqing and Huo Junhan. 

Huo Junhan didn’t mind her and went back to his little corner and closed his eyes. 

Shen Mubai thought about it for a minute… He had told her not to eat Shen Changqing’s food, but had never mentioned anything about them not eating her food. 

So, with courtesy, she pulled Huo Junhan along to join the team again. Reluctantly, Shen Mubai placed the food in front of the team… After all, this was her precious food. 

Sure enough, the group didn’t dare take Huo Junhan’s food, but under Shen Mubai’s instructions quickly split the pile amongst themselves. 

Not having eaten these delicacies for a long time, their opinion of Shen Mubai rose tremendously. 

Shen Mubai was more interested in knowing who had the energy stone, so she began to talk to the team members individually. 

Finally, the system said, “It is Qin Yifeng.” 

Shen Mubai made her way over to him and saw him still carrying a bag of nuts. 

He looked up and saw Shen Mubai. “You were still a student before the apocalypse?” 

Qin Yifeng popped a nut in his mouth and bit into it. “Yeah, 18, you?” 

Shen Mubai heard the crunch and felt a toothache. She stared at Qin Yifeng’s healthy white teeth. Some would be envious of his convenience at eating walnuts. 

“I’m 17.” 

Qin Yifeng stared at her childish face. “I thought you were only 13 years old. You look like my sister.” 

Shen Mubai: “….” Go fuck your uncle. Thirteen years old….

Qin Yifeng saw the look on her face and laughed, he handed her a nut and said, “I’m joking! Do you eat nuts?” 

“Don’t eat.” 

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