Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 11)

She got a cup of water as quickly as possible and ran in front of him to give it to him, as she said, “First…..Drink some water first?”

Ling Xiu’s brows were tightly knit.  He felt like her clear voice was a beam of dazzling light that charged into his heart without warning, making his heart continue beating fast.

His lips tightened as she came closer and the soft fragrance of her body filled the air.  Looking into her clear eyes, the cup of water accidentally touched the jade bracelet on her wrist and made a clear tinkling sound.

“You should be a bit better after drinking it.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him with a worried expression.

She didn’t know that this gaze deeply incited the flames in the depth of his heart.

He slightly raised his hand and his smooth hand accidentally slid over the cool back of her hand when he tried to take the cup of water.

Instantly, all his reasoning was lost and his deep eyes gradually blurred as he looked at the girl in front of him.

Ling Xiu’s outstretched right hand directly grabbed her waist and pulled in, bringing her tender body into his embrace.  He instantly pressed down on her lips, moving around in a frenzy.

Luo Qing Chen was completely frozen and the cup of water fell to the ground.

There was slight gentleness to his burning lips, as if he was doing everything he could to control his desires.  The air filled with a seductive feel and the slight cherry blossom taste to his lips instantly intoxicated her.

The two kept kissing and panting.  His slightly cool fingers went to the belt at her waist, but Ling Xiu instantly came to his senses.

His right hand came around and a light blue glow wrapped around the belt, trying it up for her.

“Ling Xiu.”  Luo Qing Chen was still a bit afraid, calling to him in a soft voice.

“Don’t move.”  Ling Xiu crossed his glowing right hand with his left hand and his arms came around her waist.  He used his spiritual energy to firmly lock around her waist before he said in a clear and cool voice, “This is fine.”

At least like this, he wouldn’t do anything bad.  As long as he could hug this person like this, he could quickly use his spiritual energy to eliminate the heat and distractive thoughts from body.

Only his restless heart kept beating faster.

[Ding, affection has increased by five.  Mission completion rate is now 15%.]

He closed his eyes and forced himself to think the person in front of him was a scarecrow.  There was a faint blue light that surrounded his body.

Luo Qing Chen was softly panting in his embrace, but the system notification in her ear made her instantly calm down.

Damn, I was almost……You’re only adding 5%?

[……]  The system didn’t respond to her because it didn’t dare keep watching!

After a while, the fragrance in the room gradually scattered.  The tip of a finger on Ling Xiu’s right hand slight moved and he released her from his embrace.

Without knowing why, he actually felt a kind of unwillingness in that moment.

“What did you come here to do?”  Ling Xiu raised his right hand and the entire Star Palace was filled with incomparable brightness.

She finally saw his peerless face in that moment, it was even more mesmerizing than seeing it under the moonlight.

“Looking for you!”  She slightly raised her head with a smile.  There was still a trace of his spiritual energy in her belt and it suddenly lit up with a faint blue glow.

Ling Xiu was stunned, this girl in front of him was very straightforward.  Her eyes were clear without a single trace of impurity and her sweet smile was like a gust of spring wind, it could warm a person’s heart.

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