Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 27)

“I……”  Luo Qing Chen rubbed the back of her head and changed the subject, “What should we eat?”

“What do you want to eat?”  He walked to her left and matched his pace with hers.

“KFC!”  Luo Qing Chen said as her eyes lit up.

She was suddenly very hungry.  She really wanted to eat fried chicken legs, the finger licking original chicken, and…..

“It’s not good for the brain to eat junk food often.”  When two pictures appeared in her mind, Su Liang Chen’s words were like a bucket of water falling over her.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, he added, “But it’s fine occasionally.”

“Un, un, un, eat, eat, eat.”  Hearing this, Luo Qing Chen instantly looked up with sparkling eyes.  Her gluttonous nature was naturally revealed.

There were many people in the KFC near the school at noon.  They found a window to sit near and with the faint sunlight shining in through the window, it made them feel very comfortable.

“There is no classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday of this week.”  Su Liang Chen elegantly picked up a fry and gently placed it in his mouth. Watching her swallow down her food, his face gradually softened.

With his face being illuminated by the sunlight, it became especially gentle.  Only there was still a faint cool to his voice.

“Ah——”  Luo Qing Chen was stuffing herself with a burger as she looked up in a daze and blinked.

After a while, she finally reacted.  This was what she had just asked him.

The school top was incredible, he could still bring a topic up after all this time!

Powerful, worthy of admiration!

They came out of the KFC doors when they were full and sunlight fell down over her face.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as the first thing she thought about was sleeping.  

When this thought came to her mind, Su Liang Chen’s clear voice sounded in her ear, “Did you bring your identity card?”

WTF?  Identity card?  He…..He wouldn’t be thinking…..Aiya, system, I’m a bit nervous!  I’m still a baby, wouldn’t this be…..going too fast!

[Host, please stop thinking nonsense!]

She thought this while a faint smile appeared on her lips.  There was a blush on her face as she revealed a shy appearance.

“Can you tell me what you’re smiling about?”  Su Liang Chen saw her lowering her head and looking all shy, making him almost unable to hold in his laughter.

Naturally he knew what she was thinking about.  A girl’s heart was really…..a bit incredible.

She lowered her head and patted her chest with both hands as she said in a charming voice, “That, I did bring my identity card, but…..Aren’t we a bit young!  Oh, no, I’m eighteen…..I’m an…..adult, I can already…..”

After saying this, she suddenly looked up and saw that Su Liang Chen had moved half a meter away.  Instantly, she felt all her blood flow backwards and her face was completely flushed.

What was going on?  Could it be that I made a mistake?

Didn’t he want to…..do that with me?

Luo Qing Chen quickly caught up to him and asked, “Where are we going?”

“Aurora City.”  Su Liang Chen looked at her embarrassed face and spoke with a smile.

Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes in shame.  Damn, so embarrassing! He wanted an identification card to buy a ticket!

[What did the host think it was for?]  The system’s cold voice sounded.

Who cares about you, go to the side!  Look at you looking like you’re watching a play, I want to beat you!

The system helplessly stretched out its non-existent hands.  It didn’t know how it was possible for her to see it and clearly know that it seemed like it was watching a play……

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