Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 17)

“That’s right, how could school hunk Su like someone!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “I know! Last night’s rain really made me see things clearly, Tang Yu isn’t that bad of a person!”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen felt a coldness in the air.  The boy leaning against the pillar knit his brows before he walked to her step by step with a faint anger in his eyes.

This person only has this bit of patience?  She was swearing in the rain last night, saying that she loved him.  It hadn’t been twenty four hours and it already changed?

Was Tang Yu that gentle and exceptional that it made her emotions change this quickly?

“So, classmate Luo has a new love?”  His hands crossed over his chest and he didn’t seem like he was stopping.

He came forward and she moved back.

Only when there was a wall behind her and she couldn’t escape anymore did he finally stop.

His right hand slapped onto the wall and he directly ‘wall slammed’ her.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart froze and her breathing became tense.  Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at Su Liang Chen.

He was very close to her, so close that she could clearly see his white cheeks.  He had deep eyes, slender eyelashes, a high nose, and thin lips.

Everything was just that handsome, that good looking.

“Ke, ke.”  She cleared her throat and slightly shook her head.  She dispelled the ‘soul mesmerizing curse’ male god Su used and slightly lowered her head to say, “How is he a new love, it is an old love.  Me liking Tang Yu isn’t a matter of a day or two, I’ve already waited for over two years. Now that he is being good to me, it can be considered confirmed.”

“What?”  Su Liang Chen’s voice was ice cold.  He narrowed his eyes and looked at her with a gaze of interrogation.

Luo Qing Chen knew that he was mad, but without knowing why, she was secretly happy.

“The most exciting thing in this world is when the person you never had a chance with actually falls in love with you.”  She looked up at him with clear eyes filled with incomparable determination.

“Then you can go be with him!”  His breathing couldn’t remain calm anymore and he finally showed a bit of emotion.

Why was his heart filled with anger and a bit of unwillingness.  He had never been interested in this kind of thing before and completely ignored it.  It wasn’t that no girl had ever been this forward, it was that his cold eyes had been enough to stop them each time.

But facing her, it was a bit hard to control his emotions.

“Go…..Go…..Wu…..”  She hadn’t even finished when a rushed and gentle kiss landed on her soft lips.

She was frozen on the spot and her face quickly turned red.  Her mind completely blanked, as her heart and all the blood in her body kept jumping up and down.

She unconsciously closed her eyes.  When the anger of the person in front slowly disappeared, he finally let her go.

“Do you still want to go?”  Su Liang Chen narrowed his eyes and looked at the girl in front.

Her breathing was a bit fast and her eyes fluttered to show her nervousness.  She shyly lowered her head, making her especially cute.

[Ding, affection has increased by forty.  Mission completion rate is now 50%.]

Damn, system, you really do have heart!  I’ll definitely be better to you in the future!


Su Liang Chen saw that she didn’t speak.  Seeing her dry lips, he remembered this girl was still sick, so he turned to go to the supermarket next door to buy her a drink.

But before he even took a step forward, she called out to him.

“Su Liang Chen.”  Her sweet voice called his name.  She reached out her right hand to grab the black band on his shirt and softly pulled him towards her.

With a step, she directly went for a kiss.

Kissing me, how can I not return it! 

[If the host wants to kiss someone, is there a need for an excuse!]

You!  Leave!

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