Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 51)

It had to be said, when Ji Chen said those three words.

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes almost turned red at that moment.

Some feelings had been unsaid, so it kept growing in her heart.

Since then, Luo Qing Chen officially became Ji Chen’s assistant.

Of course, she had asked around about a few things.

For example, the girl that seemed to really like Ye Zhi Jin back at Dream One High School.

Her father seemed to be a professor at Cambridge and used to be Ye Zhi Jin’s teacher.

“So, they are…..dating?”  Luo Qing Chen sat on the sofa in Ji Chen’s office, sipping at coffee as she deliberately asked in a casual voice.

“Ye Zhi Jin?”  Ji Chen was silent for a bit before muttering, “He should like men, right!”

“Pu——”  Luo Qing Chen spat out the coffee in her mouth.

WTF?  What was this!

“You…..You don’t need to be shocked, right!”  Ji Chen quickly gave several napkins to her, “I’m not too clear on what happened to him before, but he should have been hurt in the past!  I always feel that he’s been indifferent towards girls!”

“Is it the same with Su Lan?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a hopeful gaze.

Su Lan, that was the name of the Cambridge professor’s daughter.

She hoped that she could hear the answer she wanted to hear from Ji Chen.

“Why do you care so much about director Ye!”  Ji Chen said in a tone of realization, “It can’t be that…..”

“No, I’m not.”  Luo Qing Chen fell back in fear, moving away from Ji Chen as she said in a panic, “I don’t know him…..”

“I never said you knew him!”  Ji Chen said in a surprised voice, “I just thought that you were his fan!  But there’s nothing wrong with that, over 80% of the girls in the company are his fans and some even came to work for the Crown Group just for him!”


The ‘some’ in that sentence wouldn’t be talking about her, right!

“Ah, is that so?”  Luo Qing Chen said with a faint smile, “That is quite incredible!”

“If you want to see him, I can bring you there!”  Ji Chen looked at Luo Qing Chen and said, “I also want him to see what is called a real math genius!”

“Ke, ke.”  She looked at the clock on the wall before saying, “If there is a chance!  Vice director Ji, I’m leaving, see you tomorrow!”

“Oh, be careful on your way back!”  Ji Chen said, “Do you want me to send you to the dorms?”

“No need, no need.”  After saying this, she immediately stood up and walked out the door.

When she walked out of the office, she let out a sigh of relief.

So when you’re in love with a person, you can be this nervous.

You wanted to approach, but didn’t dare.  You wanted to talk to them, but didn’t dare.

Only by missing it do you understand.  If you had been braver in the past, perhaps there would have been a different ending.

Basketball court.

Ji Chen was dribbling the ball as he said to Ye Zhi Jin beside him, “I got a new assistant lately, she’s simply a math genius!”

“I’ve heard you say this countless times over the years.”  Ye Zhi Jin stole the ball and turned to shoot a beautiful three pointer!

Then he continued saying, “But every time you only say this for a few days before saying you made a mistake, saying that they only had a bit of skills!”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Ji Chen casually sat down as he watched Ye Zhi Jin toss three pointers one after another, while explaining, “It’s different this time, don’t you know?  She didn’t need to write down any part of the process at all, she just directly wrote the answer.”

“Peng!”  The basketball rolled around the rim twice before bouncing out.

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