Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 52)

In that instant, his heart that had been as calm as water for seven years had its first ripples.

That ripple that only he knew about……

The memories of the past flashed in front of his eyes like a movie.  He could never forget the instant she turned after writing the answer on the board.

That smile, it was like it was glowing in his eyes.

“Ai, what is wrong with the three point god today?  Not on form!” Ji Chen stole the baskeball from him, as he waved it a bit before handsomely jumping up.

However, the ball didn’t go in.

“It’s nothing, I hope you won’t come find me in a few days to say you made a mistake.”  Ye Zhi Jin looked at his watch before picking up his coat, “I’m heading back.”

“This early!”  Ji Chen knit his brows as he said in a confused voice, “What, you have a date?”

“Ethan said that he wants to talk about the company’s anniversary banquet.”  Ye Zhi Jin said in a soft voice, “Are you coming?”

“No.”  Ji Chen desperately shook his head, “Thinking about it, you have to have a date for that!”

“Something that even you don’t have a need for, don’t push it onto others.”  Ye Zhi Jin’s lips curled into a faint smile.

There was nothing to say about Ji Chen’s character, although he was a second generation mogul, he didn’t have the attitude of one.  They had met in America and he had half the stocks of the Crown Group.

Normally he didn’t have anything to do, but when it came to large business deals, he had the most accurate calculations and came up with the most benefits for the company.

It had to be said, he was indeed a math genius.

Only when it came to girls, he didn’t seem that enthusiastic.

“I do!  I am someone with a little assistant right now!”  Ji Chen proudly said, “Don’t you try to steal from me!  There should be a first come first serve rule!”

“Relax, I’m not as bored as you.”  He revealed a faint smile and waved his hand before walking out the doors of the basketball court.

Ji Chen gave a shrug, not forgetting to say with a smile, “Cool man.”

The next morning, Luo Qing Chen saw Su Lan in Ji Chen’s office as soon as she arrived.

Her face didn’t look good and Ji Chen was too lazy to care, so he just sat in front of his computer playing with a Rubik’s Cube.

When Luo Qing Chen came in, he revealed a smile like his savior was here.

“Xiao Qing, you’re finally here.  Did you eat breakfast? I’ll take you to get some!”  Ji Chen immediately jumped off the couch and headed in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

“Breakfast, but I already ate……”

“You can still eat.  Food helps get the brain turning and increases your learning ability.”  After saying this, he picked up his coat and quickly walked forward.

“Ji Chen, I asked you something, when will you……”  Su Lan suddenly turned and when she saw Luo Qing Chen, her expression froze.

She was wearing a yellow goose feather coat with her hairs slightly curled to look like they had been blown.  She had white skin, clear eyes, and looked to be around seventeen-eighteen, looking very pure and moving.

What surprised her was that this girl’s face was very much like the face of the girl with the pink coat in Ye Zhi Jin’s bag that she saw before.

At that moment, she knew that Ye Zhi Jin had one person in his heart.  Even if he never mentioned it, she knew that that person was very important to him.

“You…..”  Su Lan’s mouth opened as she said, “No…..Impossible.”

“Eh, eh, eh.”  Ji Chen saw Su Lan staring at Luo Qing Chen, so he quickly said, “I don’t know where Ye Zhi Jin is, he just said last night that he went to find Ethan to talk about the banquet matter…..”

“Ding ling.”  A cell phone chimed that cut Ji Chen’s words.

The caller ID: Ye Zhi Jin.

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