Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 30)

She slightly knit her brows and a cold look appeared in her eyes.

After the military training matter, she thought that it was over since she took her small revenge at the night of the military song party.

She never thought that this matter would keep going!

As expected, some things would happen eventually and people’s natures were hard to change.

“What are you doing, why are you  wrapped up in your blankets?” Ye Zhi Jin’s cool voice came from beside the bed and scared her into dropping the mirror onto the ground.

System, take…..back the mirror.

[Ding, the space time mirror has been retrieved.]

“Co…..I’m cold!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a serious expression.

Ye Zhi Jin looked up at the air conditioner and knit his brows in confusion, “You’re….cold?  Then I’ll get another blanket from the doctor!”

“Get what!”  Luo Qing Chen threw the blanket aside and said, “I’m getting out!”

That youth had protected her that well, how could she be injured?

When they walked out, they saw Bei Xiao Shi room across the way.  Xu Ji Yuan was asking the doctor about the situation and the young miss school flower was standing there with an unwilling look on her face.

Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and stuck her head in to take a look.

Bei Xiao Shi was very silent, an unprecedented silent.

“Hey, aren’t there a lot of handsome guys in your Dream One High School?”  The school flower young miss patted her arm and said with an unwilling voice, “Why do you have to hook our Martial Three High School’s school hunk!”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Luo Qing Chen softly dusted her clothes and said to the school flower young miss, “Don’t be crude!”


“Ke, ke.”  She cut off the school flower young miss and said, “Everything follows the order of first come first serve, you understand!”

AdvertisementAfter saying, she didn’t forget to look at Bei Xiao Shi before turning to walk out the door.

Ye Zhi Jin was following behind her.  The school flower young miss saw that it was the handsome guy from the basketball game landing all the three pointers, so she immediately revealed a smile.

She never thought that Ye Zhi Jin would seriously look at her and say, “First come first serve is very important!”


Who did she offend?  Why was everyone saying this to her!

Who was this little girl!

She looked over and found that Xu Ji Yuan looked up at this girl from time to time, but he didn’t notice her at all!

Although they hadn’t known each other for long, they were publicly recognized as a couple by everyone in school.

When they left the campus together, it would draw the sounds of discussions.

To be honest, she quite liked this feeling!  She also thought that Xu Ji Yuan felt differently about her!

But when she saw him not care about the game at all, not care about his safety to save a girl from the other side.

She suddenly felt that she…..wasn’t that important.

When they walked out of the hospital, Ye Zhi Jin followed her while asking the same question, “Are you really alright?”

“Big brother childhood friend, you’ve already asked this three times!”  She turned and looked at him with a sweet smile as she said, “This isn’t like our silent and dull school hunk Ye!”

“Un…..Un.”  Ye Zhi Jin heard this and his eyes sparkled as he said, “In the beginning…..I’m not some school hunk!”

“Puchi.”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help breaking out in laughter, “The important part is the silent and dull!”

He was a bit stunned as he looked into her clear eyes and at her sweet smile, feeling quite satisfied.

The street was filled with people walking around and the sunlight fell down on their bodies.  The soft breeze blew through their clothes and there was a faint begonia smell in the air.

October, it was the season when begonias bloom.

If this picture could freeze, how perfect that would be!

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