Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 34)

Luo Qing Chen felt her heart skip a beat and it was like her blood was boiling.

That familiar voice.  She…..wouldn’t have imagined it from missing him, right!

Mu Hua Nian came forward with difficulty, holding a heart shaped lollipop that he softly tapped on her head as he said, “My Luo Mu couple, what are you in a daze for?”

“You……”  Her eyes lit up as it filled with happiness and worry.

She was happy because he had actually suddenly appeared.

She was worried about his wounds……

“Relax, it’s nothing.”  His expression slightly changed as his lips curled into a smile.

“Are you jealous looking at Gu Liu Sha?”

“If I said I wasn’t, would you be disappointed?”


The reason he appeared here was because Wan Zi had spilled the beans when he called him!

When he found out that Luo Qing Chen would be auditioning for the campus drama «Half Smiling Summer», he knew that she definitely would meet Gu Liu Sha who would be auditioning for the male lead role!

He couldn’t sit still or lie still!

There was someone who wanted to use the fact that he was injured to steal his Luo Mu couple!

He!  Wouldn’t!  Allow!  It!

Isn’t it just breaking a few ribs?  The audition wasn’t a martial arts contest, he could endure the pain!

When the two of them were immersed in their own world, everyone around them became excited!

“Ah, ah, isn’t that Mu Hua Nian!”

“Damn, it really is!  Luo Mu couple!”

“I just said to my girl the other day that the Luo Mu couple has real couple interactions!”


Many of the crew were fans of the Luo Mu couple, so it wasn’t exciting just seeing Luo Qing Chen.

But when seeing them together, it ignited their hearts and caused them to explode!

The reporters who just wanted some gossip instantly became excited.

“Film it, film it, immediately send it off.  Have the title say: The Luo Mu couple is together again and are expected to film «Half Smiling Summer».”

“Quickly, quickly, we’ve already taken the photos!  We need to be the first to send this out!”


Director Hua’s expression changed slightly.  She had contacted Mu Hua Nian’s agent Wan Zi yesterday, but she had confirmed that Mu Hua Nian couldn’t come audition because of his serious injuries.

But now even though his face was a bit pale, he was here in a white dress shirt and a black overcoat.

Among the crowd, he was that dazzling.

After that, Wan Zi came out from behind him, and walked over to director Hua.  After saying a few things which could be considered a greeting, he asked the director if Mu Hua Nian could be given a chance.

Director Hua agreed without even thinking since the best topic to use right now was the ‘Luo Mu couple’.

If they could film this campus drama together, the search rate for it would definitely explode!

But as for Gu Liu Sha who was already half considered as the male lead, he couldn’t control the flame burning in his heart.  He charged at Mu Hua Nian and he sent a punch out.

Mu Hua Nian reacted quickly.  In the moment he was going to be hit, he quickly turned and dodged the blow.

Perhaps he wasn’t careful of his wound, but sweat appeared on his forehead and his face turned pale.

After that, when Gu Liu Sha lost his center of gravity, he grabbed Luo Qing Chen’s hand and pulled her behind him.

Luo Qing Chen felt her body tremble and her heart skip a beat as an unspeakable feeling appeared in her heart.

Perhaps it as a different kind of feeling!

Gu Liu Sha’s target was clearly him, but his eyes and heart would always be worried about her alone.

After escaping his current danger, the first though he had was her safety.

Un, the proud mister Mu being cautious, it really was moving……

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