Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 5)

Damn!  My powerful system, shouldn’t this be a C grade mission!  Why do I feel it’s a bit too easy to complete!

[Host, please don’t doubt the missions the system gives you, the missions will get harder and harder.  The system warns the host to remember that you are changing the fate of the male lead and also changing the ending to this story.]

When the system said this, Luo Qing Chen’s heart filled with a trace of worry.  The system had never said that she was changing the ending before, there must be a reason for it saying it this time……

“Alright.”  He gave a slight nod.  Although his face was a bit pale,  it still looked good with that smile.

He never walked side by side with her before, he had always silently followed behind her.  He was like a knight, protecting her.

There weren’t many people in the Heart Palace, there were just some pretty and obedient maids.

When they walked in, one of the maids said to her, “Princess consort Qing, there is someone looking for you in the side palace.”

Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows before giving a nod.  She said to Chu Nan Xian behind her, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Un.”  He nodded while looking into her clear eyes, but there was a layer of mist that secretly filled his eyes.

In the end she kept acting.

She guessed that the guest didn’t have good intentions and as expected.

“Princess consort Qing, this is the medicine from my master for the next seven days.  Young master said that he is waiting for your good news.” There was a sinister smile on Yu He’s lips.

Luo Qing Chen heard this and took the medicine.  She said with a faint smile, “Definitely, definitely.”

After Yu He left, she put the medicine in her sleeve.  She would have a use for this in the future!

After all, the thing she loved to do the most was giving other people their own medicine!  Otherwise, unless they felt the pain that she felt before, it would be a wasted trip into this world.

Returning to the Heart Palace, Luo Qing Chen learned from the original host and went to pour a cup of flower tea.  She placed a few begonia petals that she had picked before coming back in and put in a few spoonfuls of honey.

Although she didn’t know if it tasted good, it did smell very fragrant.

She went into the hall with the pot of flower tea and sat down beside him while saying, “This is the begonia tea that I just made, it should taste good.  I heard Nian Nian say that you like sweet tea, so I put a bit of honey in it.”

As soon as she finished and before he could speak, she poured a cup of tea for him while saying, “Try it?”

He looked up slightly into her clear eyes without any scruples and his heart ached.  After she married him, she didn’t say more than three sentences each day. Only when she made his tea before dinner did her eyes soften a bit.

He deeply knew why since after all, she wanted him to die.  He was proficient in medicine, how could he not know there was a slow acting poison in the tea each day?

Only, he didn’t want to rip open the curtain.

After all, when he was dying that year, his mother had brought him out of the king’s palace and brought him to an ancient and mysterious Evil Monarch’s Court.

The old palace head gave him a precious Poison Evading Divine Pill, curing the poisonous Blood Gu Insect in his body.  Since then, he had been immune to all poisons.

As for the price, he had left behind his two souls and six spirits, becoming the new head of the palace with another body.

The rumours among the citizens said: For the Evil Monarch, using items to exchange for items, using lives to exchange for lives.  This was a place where anything could be exchanged for, the palace head was a mysterious and powerful existence.

Chu Bei Ye thought that his body was weak because of the Blood Gu Insect, but that was not the case.

It was because there was only one soul and one spirit left in Chu Nan Xian’s body.

“Thank you——”  A helpless bitter smile appeared on his lips, but he still took the cup and drank it all.

After that, his body trembled and a shattered glow appeared in his eyes.

This cup of tea, there actually wasn’t the slow acting poison from the past few days……

“What is it, does it not taste good?”  Luo Qing Chen saw he was stunned and poured a cup of tea for herself with a frustrated look.

She thought about it before saying while pouting her lips, “It seems like there’s too much honey……”

[Ding, affection has increased by five.  Mission completion rate is now 35%.]

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