Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 2)

The original host was the school flower of A High School and the legendary ‘Forest Department’s Goddess’.

Not only did she have a good family background, her grades were also very high.

The previous host majored in graphic design at university and right before graduation, she went to one of S City’s biggest gaming companies, the V Corporation for an internship.

She became an intern graphic designer for the V Corporation’s 3D holographic game «Heavenly Sword» and the original host fell in love with this game, stepping on the path of becoming a god.

Because the original host was quite open, she chose to play a male character in the game.  A male god that was dressed in top level equipment that had all been enhanced +16 times that thrilled the hearts of countless girls!

Once her title as a male god was established, all those little girls who wanted to hug a big leg rushed in like a swarm of flies!

The supporting female lead Ye Ying Ge was one of them.  She had an unknown ID at first, but once she met the previous host, she changed her ID to: Western Reed Song.

This was because the previous host’s in game ID was: Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust

It had to be said, this supporting female lead’s name was matched quite well.

No one knew the previous host was a girl, rather a goddess who was on the level of a school flower!

The supporting female lead used the previous host’s young girl’s heart that didn’t know anything about the world, acting weak in front of her.  She even participated in a beauty contest and was successfully named the ‘number one beauty’.

One day, the supporting female lead and the previous host met on the battlefield and were even placed in the same time.  When the battle was over, the supporting female lead directly DMed her. She got close, sent her picture, and said she wanted to date the previous host.

The previous host looked at it and saw that it really was a beauty.  She thought that since it was a game, it didn’t matter if she experienced a relationship with a girl, so she agreed.

The day they started dating, the previous host sent out five hundred and twenty Heavenly Coins worth of top grade fireworks (equivalent to five hundred and twenty RMB) to become a pair with the supporting female lead.  The supporting female lead became someone envied by countless little girls who wanted to hug a big leg.

Three days after they started dating, the supporting female lead wanted the previous host’s smurf which she stored her Emperor’s Ink and other top grade material, saying that she wanted to use it to show off.

The previous host hesitated a bit before lending it to the supporting female lead.  After all, this was her first friend in this game, even though she had hidden her gender!

However, the supporting female lead emptied the smurf in less  than ten minutes. The previous host was filled with rage, directly using a speaker to call her out.

However, not only did the supporting female lead not admit it, she even called for help from the supporting male lead who was second on the rankings and the guild behind him for help.  They directly pushed the original host to the cusp.

They cursed the previous host as scum.  An uncle in his forties wanted to be the toad that ate swan meat?  He was so ugly and he wanted to date the number one beauty!?

The previous host was filled with regret!  She who was third on the entire world’s battle rankings, normally she only knew how to fight, grind, or participate in country wars.  She always played alone and didn’t have any friends.

Once everything became real, she was this alone!

In a fit of rage, the previous host destroyed all her game equipment and at the legendary Billowing Bridge (ingame location), she threw away all the Cloud Coins (ingame currency) she had before returning to the login page and pressing the delete character button!

After all, this was just a game!  But there was still black and white in this world.  Morality was always viewed from the side of the ones with the greatest moral.

For example, a few keyboard warriors who worshiped the supporting female lead, not only did they keep raising up their goddess, they also kept sending pictures of a lame forty year old uncle on the internet to ridicule the previous host.

The previous host’s blood pressure soared with rage and she directly sent her own picture online.  But she was helpless since the public had already denounced the previous host. Everything became one sided and almost no one believed the previous host’s picture.

The previous host couldn’t clear herself and was buried in curses and insults.

The previous host who was in an incomparably bad mood was accidentally hit by a car on her way to the company the next day, dying on the spot.

Ah, it really was a tragedy.  Why couldn’t she take another look at the incredibly handsome CEO of the V Corporation!?

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