Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 3)

The story went back a week and the supporting female lead hadn’t hooked the female lead yet.  She was still the famous «Like Summer Flowers»’s rich tyrant god: Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust!

Luo Qing Chen was sitting in front of a computer and seeing the equipment and stats of the previous host’s ingame character, she couldn’t help being surprised!

It really was a rich tyrant, a full bag of equipment!  The inventory had even been expanded, having a total of sixteen sets of equipment, taking up a total of five pages!  Each one had been dyed and they were all made with top grade rare materials!

As expected, a girl was a girl in the end.  Even when playing as a male character, it couldn’t stop her young girl’s heart that wanted to collect clothes.

System, system, did you forget something?

[Exchanging for Flowing Light professional gaming skills in «Heavenly Sword» requires five hundred points.  Does the host wish to exchange for it: Yes/No.] The system knew what she was thinking, so it responded in a cold voice.

Damn, system, you……Isn’t this an attached skill?  It’s like the Exquisite Ring! Are you sure you’re not trying to trap me?

[That was because the system felt the host was pitiful, so the Exquisite Ring was lent since you couldn’t afford it.]

How could there be a system like you in this world?!

[So the host does not wish to exchange for it?]

Touch your conscience, see if it’s still there!?  Of course I want it, alright? Could it be that you want me who is third on the rankings to go fight mobs in the Beginner Village?

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for Flowing Light professional gaming skills (Limited to only this word).]

It was only an instant, but Luo Qing Chen felt her fingertips being filled with power.

She felt her right hand skillfully move with the mouse, sending out three different attack skills in three different locations in a single second.  She already couldn’t wait to play this game.

This game was currently the world’s most high end 3D fantasy online game.  Whether it was the details of one’s face or the magnificent scenery, it was all incomparably realistic.

Sitting straight up, she seriously looked at the face of her character.  He really was handsome! He was simply a male god, it was probably the male god in the heart of the previous host!

But all new players would feel dizzy when playing this game.  It really was taxing on the mind to play this large scale game.

Luo Qing Chen opened her inventory and switched to the completely dyed [Extreme Frost] set.  This was dyed with the highest grade materials, which costs one million Cloud Coins per bottle.  When converted to RMB, it was around fifty RMB. The main area of the equipment would require six bottles and the sub area would require four bottles, coming to a total of ten bottles.

She couldn’t help giving an emotional sigh.  This set of clothes being dyed cost five hundred dollars, this was close to being heaven defying, alright?

But it had to be said, when she put on this set of clothes that was like a light bulb, it really attracted the attention of everyone around her!

[Nearby] I Only Have a Sword: Eastern Painted Great God, is the set you’re wearing one of the top three sets for the arena?

[Nearby] Soft Song Under the Moon: I remember first place is the one with the white moonlight effect.  Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust’s set is the second best!

[Nearby] Sweet Candy Heart Sauce: Right, right, right!  Last time we had the arena contest, the winner was Great God Thousand Snow, alright?!

Luo Qing Chen’s expression changed slightly.  Great God Thousand Snow, was it the Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud mentioned in the task panel?

She immediately opened the ranking list on the lower right corner and as expected, not only was Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud the number one player in the arena, he was also the player with the highest battle power.

His job was a Light Blade who could deal damage and tank, it was a kind of swordsman.

The second place was her.  The third place was the so called supporting male lead Demonic Year Young Master, who was a Void Jade (magician).

She wanted to find the supporting female lead’s rank, but even after reaching the bottom of the rankings, she still couldn’t find a trace of the supporting female lead.

Really, so stupid!

She didn’t say anything and maintained the indifference of a god.  She clicked on the button for the [Rock Hammer Soldiers] battlefield and entered a queue for this twenty people battle!

She had to practice her skills first.  After all, she spent five hundred exchange points for these skills, wouldn’t it be wasting a heavenly gift if she didn’t use it?

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