Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 40)

Standing at the entrance of the Illusory Dream Barrier, Ling Xiu felt his heart beating out of control.  All the blood in his body surged, like there was a door of mystery in front of him.

He knit his brows and looked up slightly as he moved forward.

The Soul Guiding Mirrors inside the Illusory Dream Barrier shimmered.  The golden light shimmering on the surface of the mirrors seemed to be shooting out experiences from his life.

Fighting with Ling Shuang since they were young, Ling Yao smiling at him with a faint smile, when he blocked the Divine Law Bead for Xi Ying, and the first time he met Luo Qing Chen……

After that, all the Soul Guiding Mirrors converged into a light blue glow and turned into the same image.

His heart was beating incredibly fast and his brows were tightly knit because he had no memory of this image in his mind.

It was a place that he had never been in, but it was so familiar.

The mirror reflected the Profound Ice Grave formed from thousand year old Profound Ice.  There was a faint glow that was like ghost flames shimmering in the ice. They surrounded a corpse that had a fierce face and had died a tragic death, but the cause of death was strange.  He died because his heart had been dug out.

After that, a young girl appeared in the mirror.  She was wearing white clothes and was covered in killing intent.  Her brows were slightly knit and there was a pair of clear eyes under those long lashes.

Instantly, the breath of Ling Xiu standing in front of the mirror froze as he muttered, “Qing Qing.”

The picture in the mirror changed and the young girl was surrounded by a large group of monsters.  They had no faces, no features, they were just a mix of blood and black hair. Blood fell drop by drop onto the ground.

The young girl knit her brows and used incredible speed to dodge their attacks.  The dagger in her hand drew blood, with each slash being fatal. After a few rounds, the ground under her was already covered in corpses.

She was panting and there were several claw marks on her body from the monsters, dripping fresh blood.  Her white clothes had already been dyed with blood, shocking anyone that saw it.

But the monsters didn’t stop attack, choosing to swarm her again.

She only had a helpless bitter smile and her eyes twinkled as she waited for death to come.

No one would expect that after that, the monsters would be thrown away by a powerful spiritual energy.  A few monsters of hair and blood slammed into the ground and after twitching a bit, they no longer moved.

The young girl looked over and a light blue glow from the stone wall shined onto her face.  She lifted her hand and looked at the light, seeing the blurred figure in front of her.

A young man covered in light blue light and a handsome face, with thin lips and hands covered in blood was looking at the young girl in front of him in a daze.  He stuttered as he tried to say, “Who……”

Ling Xiu standing in the Illusory Dream Barrier was stunned.  He knew the youth in the mirror was him……

The scene in the mirror changed, they had been forced into a corner of the Profound Ice Grave by the monsters of blood and hair with a dark hole they couldn’t see the bottom of behind them.  The young girl looked at the youth tightly holding onto her before she looked up with a faint smile and said, “Are you prepared to go through life and death together with big sister?”

The youth was stunned, there was a gentle dazed look in his eyes.

“What, you’re not willing?”

“No…..Die, we’ll die together.”

The young girl pursed her lips into a smile, “You truly are a fool.”

After that, the monsters of blood and hair in front of them charged out at them.  The young girl grabbed the youth’s hand and jumped. One could only see her blood dyed white robe falling into the darkness without a trace.

Instantly, the golden light of the Illusory Dream Barrier disappeared and the area fell into a deathly silence.

“What happened after!”  Ling Xiu’s heart skipped a beat as he roared out.

His mind kept thinking of what Luo Qing Chen had said to him before.

He asked her, when did she all in love with him?

She said: It should have been a long, long time ago.

So their first meeting was not in the incomparably bright Star Palace, but rather in this Profound Ice Grave surrounded by death.

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