QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0127

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Chapter 127: Ministers Rose to Protest

After this incident, Ning Shu gained a strong reputation in the military. Naturally, it was a reputation that caused fear. However, Ning Shu expressed that she didn’t care.

Something that surprised her was the fact that Cai Sang actually started learning martial arts as well. Every day, she would serve Ning Shu – attending to her, doing her laundry, and making her meals. But in between all of that, she would find time to practice martial arts. She said that she wanted to go on the battlefield to kill the enemies, so Ning Shu allowed her to do as she wished.

Perhaps it was because Ning Shu’s reputation was so brutal people couldn’t help but have a strong impression, but a lot of women who either had no one to rely or or had been defiled by Tartars ran over to ask Ning Shu for help.

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