QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0119

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Chapter 119: First Follower

In the end, the Tartar was whipped to death by the woman. Perhaps it was due to Ning Shu’s bad example, or perhaps it was because the woman hated the Tartar that tried to violate her to the bone, but she aimed the first lash straight for his ‘down there.’

This was a man’s weakest part. To a man, getting whipped in this area was pretty much equivalent to losing half his life. Thus, all the men present felt a chill near their crotch. Upon seeing the tragic bloody sight of what was left of the Tartar, even the soldiers of Great Yong felt terrified.

Only when the Tartar died did the woman burst out crying. She sobbed heartbreakingly and cried out for her mom and dad.

After a while, she wiped away her tears and walked to Ning Shu before falling to her knees and offering up the whip with both hands. Due to this movement, the cloak lifted and revealed some of her skin.

However, all the men quickly lowered their heads, not daring to look. The event earlier had destroyed all the lust they had.

Ning Shu took the whip and looked at the woman in front of her. Her skin was slightly dark, characteristic of people living near the border, and her hair was very thick. She couldn’t be said to be very beautiful, but her thick eyebrows made her appear to have a very firm and persistent personality.

“General, please let me follow you and go into battle to kill the Tartars,” the woman requested. “I no longer have any place to go. The Tartars have killed my family and destroyed my home.”

Ning Shu reached out and pulled her onto the horse before asking, “What’s your name? You can stay with me from now on.”

“I… this servant, this commoner, this humble…” The woman couldn’t figure out how to refer to herself and her face flushed.

“You can just call yourself ‘this servant.’ From now on, you will be serving me, so you can call me ‘princess.’”

Actually, Ning Shu had been wanting to have a woman with her. It would make things much more convenient.

“Princess?” The woman looked at Ning Shu in astonishment. It was clear she hadn’t expected for a nation’s princess to actually come to the border and fight in war.

“This servant begs Princess to grant this servant a name. Princess saved this servant’s life, so this servant’s life belongs to Princess!” The woman declared with conviction. Her voice was solemn and resolute.

A smile appeared on Ning Shu’s face. Who said that women couldn’t compare to men? Perhaps they couldn’t compare to men in physical strength, but a woman’s tenaciousness shouldn’t be underestimated.

“From now on, you will serve me. I grant you the name ‘Cai Sang.’” Ning Shu was pretty happy. She finally had followers of her own! Even if it was just one person, this person belonged completely to her.

Earlier, when she wanted to lead people here, not a single person had paid heed to her.

These men all looked down on woman. Even though she was a princess, due to her gender, they viewed her simply as a woman. They believed that all women should just stay home and raise kids, and that the battlefield was the playground for men.

Cai Sang respected Ning Shu a lot. She went to the side to change, but when she came back she didn’t sit with Ning Shu and instead walked beside her to lead the horse for her.

“Capture these Tartars and bring them back for interrogation. They’re probably scouts.” Ning Shu gave the command with cold indifference.

She had to keep up this act of being cold and unfeeling perfectly. In reality, acting cool wasn’t easy at all ah.

Just as Ning Shu turned her horse around and was about to head back to camp, she heard the sound of horse hooves. From the sound of it, there were quite a lot of people.

Her expression turned serious and she instructed Duan Xinghui, “Hurry and shoot a signal flare.”

Duan Xinghui immediately pulled out a signal flare and shot it into the sky where it exploded.

#comment: The name Cai Sang is made of the words ‘color’ and ‘mulberry tree.’

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