QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0114

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Chapter 114: Princess Must Come Back Safely

Ning Shu was a little excited when it came time for the army to set off. She was dressed in full armor. Her hair had been cut short and pulled up into a bun beneath her helmet and on her back was a red cloak that fluttered in the wind.

Ning Shu looked at herself in the copper mirror and was very satisfied.

“Princess looks like a formidable general!” praised Xiao Hong. “You’re probably the handsomest general!”

“Little girl, you sure know how to talk.” Ning Shu tapped the tip of Xiao Hong’s nose, then said, “This princess is leaving. Take good care of the Princess Residence.”

“This servant- this servant will be waiting for Princess to come back,” said Xiao Hong, choking up a little. “Princess must come back safely.”

As Ning Shu took in Xiao Hong’s earnest gaze, a strange thought emerged in her head. Xiao Hong’s manner was as if she was seeing off her husband who was going to the battlefield. Ning Shu immediately turned to take French leave. Lord ah. Ning Shu couldn’t help but feel the urge to flee from this gaze.

“Princess, you have to come back safely. This servant will wait for you ah~~~” Xiao Hong shouted towards Ning Shu as she waved her handkerchief.

Ning Shu almost fell down from her horse. She hastily tightened her grasp on the reins and rushed towards the military drill ground.

The drill ground was silent and filled with a stern aura. Only the sound of the flapping flags could be heard. Every soldier was in armor and held a spear with a red tassel. The view of this orderly scene was awe-inspiring.

>Spears with red tassels. The tassels serve to blur the enemy’s vision, making it harder for the enemy to catch the spearhead. It also serves to keep blood from running down the spear and making the spear shaft slippery.<

The magnificent imposing aura seemed to fill the sky. Upon seeing this, passion spilled out and filled Ning Shu’s heart. For the first time, she came to understand the beauty in the cold, cruel warfare.

For family. For the country. For the nation!

She felt goosebumps all over from the passionate patriotism. These were her feelings, but also the original host’s feelings.

She rode over to Shen Feng’s side. He was also wearing armor, and his slightly white beard made him look wise while also making him look like a hero that was past his prime.

Ning Shu noticed that Duan Xinghui was next to him. From the looks of it, Shen Feng favored Duan Xinghui a lot. Duan Xinghui was in armor as well, and it made him seem sharp and valiant, full of vibrant beauty. It was no wonder the original host had fallen in love with him. Duan Xinghui was truly a sight to behold when he was on horseback.

As expected, the world’s favorite was special.

Shen Feng nodded towards Ning Shu in greeting since this wasn’t a good time to speak. Ning Shu also only glanced over Duan Xinghui before turning her gaze elsewhere.

Duan Xinghui wanted to greet her, but saw that she treated him like a complete stranger. His heart squeezed with anger and helplessness.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The strong deep booms of the drums resounded throughout the drill ground. The rhythm of the drums seemed to sync the soldiers’ heartbeats, causing them to become more and more excited.

Following that, there was a cry of ‘His Majesty has arrived,’ then Li Wen walked onto the stage.

Li Wen was wearing a black robe embroidered with gold dragons and the rightful emperor’s twelve tassels crown on his head. A veil made with sewn together dragon pearls swayed slightly with his movements and covered his face, making him seem incomparably noble. He gave off an majestic aura as if he ruled the whole world from above.

The moment Li Wen appeared, the atmosphere became more solemn and austere. Everyone held their breath in anticipation.

When they saw Li Wen, there was a wave of clattering as the soldiers uniformly knelt down on one knee and shouted, “Long live the Emperor!”

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