QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0098

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Chapter 98: Accused of Being Heartless x2

When Madame Duan, who had rushed over, saw the blood on Ning Shu’s whip and her injured son, she felt like her heart was about to break. She dearly loved her son and had never lifted a hand against him, yet this precious son of her had been hit by a woman.

There weren’t enough words to express the indignation in Madame Duan’s heart. She was just about to interrogate Ning Shu when she saw Ning Shu’s cold gaze and involuntarily trembled. Her thoughts immediately cleared up. She had been about to interrogate a princess!

Madame Duan felt restless with stifled anger; it was to the point she felt about to go crazy. Madame Duan resented Princess Jiahui for not being the same as before and also resented Er Ya.

If it weren’t for Er Ya, Duan Xinghui wouldn’t have gotten dismissed from his position or angered Princess Jiahui.

Before, Madame Duan still had a bit of hope. She planned to have Ning Shu marry in and be the main wife, then deal with that country girl later.

However, now Princess Jiahui had actually hit Duan Xinghui without the slightest hesitation and there wasn’t a trace of hurt in her eyes. This made Madame Duan realize that Princess Jiahui really had no more feelings towards her son.

How could this be? Madame Duan was mentally and physically exhausted, but she still hastily got down from the sedan chair and walked over to Duan Xinghui to check his injury.

“Princess, what need is there for you to act so heartlessly?” As of now, Madame Duan was crying for real with helplessness and fear. If the situation continued on like this, there’d be no hope left for Duan Xinghui to recover from this fall. The only hope they had left was that Princess Jiahui would go to the Emperor and plea for leniency.

It was seriously karma ah.

Another person was here to call her heartless again. As expected of mother and son, their lines of thought were identical. Ning Shu scoffed, “I’m heartless? Duan Xinghui, this wicked commoner, actually dared to try and break into the Princess Residence to assassinate this princess. Everyone present can testify as witnesses.”

Madame Duan’s heart instantly dropped to her stomach. However, when she saw her son’s pale face, she panicked and became completely flustered. After all, in the end she was still a woman of the inner chamber and was quite useless when something big happens. “Princess, please allow this common woman to bring her son to a doctor.”

As she spoke, she had someone help Duan Xinghui up and prepared to slip away.

“Stop,” commanded Ning Shu. “Madame Duan, what are you doing? You actually want to help away a criminal guilty of attempting murder?”

Ning Shu glanced at the drops of blood on the ground, then at Duan Xinghui’s face which was pale with blood loss and felt her heart fill with satisfaction.

Madame Duan was angry now. “Princess, do you truly intend to push us into a corner? Don’t forget that Xinghui is your future husband.”

Ning Shu’s expression turned cold as she said, “Madame Duan, you should be careful with your words. If you continue to ruin this princess’s reputation, this princess might ask His Majesty to get justice for this princess. Duan Xinghui is already just a common citizen, I’m sure he doesn’t want to take on the crime of slandering the imperial family’s reputation.”

Ning Shu walked towards Duan Xinghui and Madame Duan. Madame Duan involuntarily trembled. When she got a closer look at the bloody whip, her face paled.

EzoicDuan Xinghui covered his injury as he stepped in front of Madame Duan to shield her and stared at Ning Shu with his black eyes.

“Don’t come here to annoy this princess again. If you irritate this princess again, this princess will make it so that your entire Duan family will no longer be able to stay in this capital. This princess hasn’t even settled the matter in which you lied to this princess yet, so Duan Xinghui, you should really pay attention to your own status.”

Duan Xinghui’s face was pale and embarrassed. The difference in Princess Jiahui’s personality was so great that Duan Xinghui couldn’t quite wrap his head around it.

Madame Duan helped him up and was staggering away when Ning Shu suddenly spoke again. “Wait.”

Duan Xinghui and Madame Duan’s heart simultaneously jumped and they froze rigidly. Duan Xinghui pressed his lips together, then turned around to look towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu smiled slightly and her cold expression turned a few degrees warmer, causing Duan Xinghui to daze out for a moment. When a person with a cold personality suddenly smiled, the effect was unusually beautiful and touching.


“Duan Xinghui, this princess has a servant that can be said to harbor deep admiration and adoration for you,” said Ning Shu to Duan Xinghui.

Duan Xinghui was stunned. He couldn’t figure out what Ning Shu wanted to do.

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