QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0074

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Chapter 74: Pack Up Everything Without Leaving a Single Article Behind

“You two, pack up all the things in the storeroom,” said Ning Shu to the two. “Pack everything without leaving a single article behind.”

Yuan Dong and Miao Qing shared a look. Miao Qing glanced at Ning Shu, then bowed as she asked, “Princess, why are we packing? There are a lot of things in Princess’s storeroom. Does Princess truly want all of them packed?”

Ning Shu glanced at her and said mildly, “Don’t leave even a single needle behind.”

Miao Qing’s heart jolted when the princess glanced at her with such a cold expression. She felt that the princess had become unreadable ever since she woke up. There was no trace of hurt on her face. She was cold and calm to the point it was scary although she had been in intense agony just a while earlier.

“Understood.” Miao Qing didn’t dare to question anymore.

Miao Qing led some young palace maids over to pack up the things. Meanwhile, Ning Shu headed over to find Li Wen. When she got there, he was in the middle of perusing through memorials. When he saw Ning Shu, he put down the cinnabar brush in his hand and closed the memorial. His movements were very fluid and casual.

>A cinnabar brush is just a writing brush dipped in cinnabar ink. It’s used on official documents and stuff because the red ink is a contrast to the typical black ink. The memorial is a memorial to the emperor.<

Just Li Wen’s looks were enough to make women incapable of escaping from his charm.

However, when Ning Shu faced Li Wen, her attention wasn’t focused on his handsomeness at all. She felt very frightened and unconfident. The biggest reason for her decision to leave the Imperial Palace was because she wanted to get away from Li Wen.

This person was way too dangerous. His thoughts were hidden way too deeply for one to guess at. Ning Shu even suspected him of seeing through her.

“Why have you come to look for us?” asked Li Wen indifferently.

Ning Shu took a moment to organize her words, then exposed a bit of sorrow on her face. “Imperial Older Brother. Imperial Younger Sister-, Imperial Younger Sister wishes to live away from the palace.”

Li Wen was only taken aback for a moment before he gave a smile that didn’t quite seem like a smile. When Ning Shu saw the fake smile on his face, her heart flipped. What did this smile mean?

Ning Shu’s face twitched and her lips trembled. “Imperial Older Brother, Imperial Younger Sister wishes to go out in order to unwind a little.”

Li Wen lifted a teacup and took a sip before placing it back down, still silent. Ning Shu was restless with anxiety yet she still had to keep an ‘I’m very hurt, my heart’s tired’ expression on her face.

Ning Shu almost couldn’t keep it up anymore when Li Wen finally spoke. “Where do you plan to live?”

“Imperial Younger Sister wishes to go to Manor Garden,” said Ning Shu carefully as she glanced up to check Li Wen’s expression. This guy was seriously like a freaking ice cube! He didn’t have even a hint of emotion. She couldn’t tell at all whether he would agree to this or not.

Li Wen didn’t nod or shake his head. He simply said, “Manor Garden is too far away, it’s not safe. The construction of your Princess Residence had already finished long ago, you should just go live there.”

Ning Shu’s face contorted. This Princess Residence was very close to Duan Xinghui’s residence. She really didn’t want to stay at the Princess Residence.

However, she had no leeway to choose. Though the status of a princess was said to be noble and was noble, all of the honor and respect could be stripped away with one sentence from Li Wen. Could life be sadder?

How could she make this ice cube face have a better impression of her? How could she deepen their sibling affection? Ning Shu’s thoughts were a mess. She didn’t dare to meet Li Wen’s gaze.

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  1. Ning Shu seems a little too on edge, if anythings going to tip him off it’s going to be your boundless paranoia that he’s been tipped off.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Oops, that’s what happens when you try to keep yourself awake by reading a chapter, then translating a chunk. Haha, nice catch. It’d be a great Saint Patrick’s day prank… But I already have plans. Maybe next year~

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