QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0068

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Chapter 68: Silent Confrontation with a Lounging Tiger

When Yuan Dong walked up and saw that Ning Shu’s forehead was covered with sweat, she immediately got some water and helped wiped Ning Shu’s sweat off. Ning Shu looked at her. This girl had pretty good looks. It was just a shame that she was someone who harbored other desires, yet had to stay by her side.

Ning Shu said to Miao Qing who was straightening out her blanket, “I… this princess wishes to take a meal now.”

Miao Qing cried out in surprise and immediately rushed out to prepare food for Ning Shu. Ning Shu watched as she left the palace like a live butterfly. Light flashed through her eyes. At the very end, this Miao Qing had successfully become Li Wen’s consort.

Ning Shu shifted her gaze back to Yuan Dong. This girl had gone with her when she was bestowed in marriage and became the Huns’ plaything. However, this didn’t mean that she was very loyal to the original host. Moreover, this girl liked Duan Xinghui.

However, Duan Xinghui fell in love with a village girl and destroyed Yuan Dong’s hopes of becoming Duan Xinghui’s bedchamber maid. Although this was a morganatic marriage, all women prepared bedchamber maids for their man. When they were menstruating or pregnant, that’s when the bedchamber maid came into use.

Jiahui and Yuan Dong had the same goal so they worked together to defeat the village girl. Speaking of which, the village girl’s name was Er Ya.

It was a very rural name. Later, it was changed to a very nice-sounding and classy name.

A while later, Miao Qing came back with the food. It was rather mildly flavored food. There was no way Ning Shu would ruin her own health like the original host. Nothing was more important than a healthy body.

Miao Qing started feeding her. Ning Shu didn’t bother to be polite at all since only by doing this would she be able to recover.

After she finished a bowl of mixed congee, Miao Qing wiped Ning Shu’s mouth with a handkerchief. Ning Shu saw that these two servant were actually quite attentive towards the original host. However, in the end they both betrayed their master for the sake of love.

After eating, Ning Shu closed her eyes to sleep again. Sleep naturally restored health. Right now Ning Shu needed a healthy body in order to complete her task. She hated people that abused their own bodies the most. They didn’t know how to treasure their bodies at all.

Li Wen came to visit again at night. He stood by the side of the bed without a sound and gave Ning Shu such a scare she couldn’t even speak for a moment.

“Imperial Older Brother.”

“Do you feel a little better?” Li Wen looked Ning Shu over. Seeing that her facial color was a little better, he nodded and said, “Your complexion has improved since the morning.”

“Thank you, Imperial Older Brother, for your concern.” Ning Shu acted very touched.

Li Wen didn’t reply and the atmosphere immediately became a little strange. Ning Shu didn’t know what to say as the more one spoke, the more mistakes one might make. It would be terrible if she ended up exposing herself. The man in front of her was very dangerous. Just glancing into those dark eyes gave a chill as if one was facing a lounging tiger.

Ning Shu felt extremely uneasy inside. Hurry up and leave ah. Why are you standing there like a wooden pillar? Of course, Ning Shu only dared to say these things inside her heart. She still didn’t have the guts to provoke a feudal monarch.

The two didn’t speak at all. Ning Shu tilted her head to glance at Li Wen. He narrowed his eyes slightly and as a result, his entire aura turned conspicuously sharp.

Ning Shu was very depressed. What exactly did he want? This silent wait was driving her crazy.

She finally couldn’t take it anymore and took the initiative to say, “Imperial Older Brother, you should go and deal with the government affairs. Jiahui is fine now.”

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