QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0067

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Chapter 67: An Iceberg of an Imperial Older Brother

Ning Shu felt very dizzy after receiving the storyline. Her heart hurt slightly. It seemed that her arteries had already gotten injured.

Ning Shu gave a sigh. To a person that once had to treat a hospital as home, there was nothing more important than a healthy body. Why harm oneself this way?

As for the original host’s wishes, to not love that cruel and unscrupulous wolf, this was something Ning Shu could fully do. As for taking revenge on this lowly couple… Ning Shu felt like it was the original host’s arrogant personality that caused her to be incapable of letting this go. As for not being bestowed in marriage… All she could do was go step by step.

Ning Shu felt that this task was a little easier than the task from the last world. At the very least, there wasn’t a supernatural existence like Ling Xue around.

Moreover, she was the princess of a kingdom and had a high status. Compared to the general and village girl, she had quite an advantage.

As Ning Shu thought about things, she drifted back to sleep. This body was seriously too weak.

Ning Shu was very speechless. How come she was in such a pitiful state every time she entered the task world?

She didn’t know how long she slept. When she woke up again, her body was sticky with sweat.

She had to struggle to open her eyes. The first thing she saw was the person sitting silently next to the bed. His presence gave her a huge scare and she involuntarily cried ‘ah’ as her heart jumped so hard it almost leapt out of her chest.

When the man saw that Ning Shu had been startled, he simply said mildly, “You’re awake.”

“Imperial Older Brother.” Ning Shu struggled to sit up. She knew from the original host’s memories who this person is. This man was the current Emperor, Li Wen. Although his name sounded gentle, it didn’t match with his imposing aura at all and his expression was also very cold and dignified.

>Li3 means plum, wen1 means warm. It’s usually a name for a gentle person. Picture gentle, cool, quiet senpai in the library, next to a window, holding a book, and kindly answering your question with a warm smile.<

Li Wen was wearing a dragon robe that had dragons with five claws. He had very handsome and defined features that were like strokes of a painting. His manner was austere as ice and as tranquil as glass. The power that came of a high status added an extra cold indifference to his features. His detached arrogance and extraordinary respected status made him a very attractive man with charm that no woman could escape.

In a word, he was an iceberg.

Even when facing the original host, this younger sister, he didn’t smile much. At most he just bestowed the original host extraordinarily good status and rare objects.

Li Wen was a natural-born monarch. He was skilled in methods, careful with his words and expressions, and no one was able to see through his thoughts.

Ning Shu felt a little bit on edge facing this kind of person. Her body subconsciously tensed. Her keen senses told her that the person in front of her was very dangerous; he was like a lion king that was gracefully licking his sharp claws.

“It’s fine if you stay lying down,” said Li Wen mildly. He swept his gaze over Ning Shu’s face. After a pause, he said, “This matter hasn’t been confirmed yet. You shouldn’t ruin your own health this way.”

As he spoke, his brows furrowed. Seeing that his sister’s head was covered with cold sweat to the point that her hair was damp, he softened his tone. “Jiahui, don’t be so willful.”

Ning Shu felt even more cold sweat. She was seriously speechless. Her mourning due to her future husband’s death was actually translated into being willful.

Ning Shu opened her mouth and finally said, “Jiahui understands.”

Jiahui was the bestowed name of the original host.

“Someone, come,” shouted Li Wen towards the door. His voice was deep and sexy, yet also very cold and dignified. It made people instinctively obey him.

Two servant girls immediately entered. Ning Shu narrowed her eyes. One was Miao Qing, the other was Yuan Dong. These two were the people the original host was closest with. They were also very interesting characters. The situation was a bit laughable.

Li Wen spoke to the two with an insipid tone, “Take good care of the princess.”

“Understood,” said Miao Qing and Yuan Dong in unison.

Li Wen seemed very busy with government affairs. After asking after Ning Shu’s health a little, he left. Ning Shu barely spoke. She didn’t know whether Li Wen noticed her abnormality or not.

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