QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0064

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Chapter 64: Emotion, Causes Calamities

The war had reached stalemate, then the news of Duan Xinghui having died in battle came from the front lines. Jiahui was stunned by the news. Following that, she refused to eat or drink. In the end, the Emperor couldn’t bear to watch it anymore and forced her to start eating again. However, Jiahui was suffering from heartbreak and her health continued to degrade.

She missed Duan Xinghui intensely and even considered shaving her head and becoming a nun. Those who pass away would forever remain in the hearts of those who still lived. Moreover, the scar in the heart would only become deeper, until nothing could replace them.

However, not long after that, the dead Duan Xinghui came back to life and returned to the capital, with a woman.

When Ning Shu got to this part, she already came to understand the entire development. This arrogant pampered princess had become the cannon fodder for the true love between the general and that girl.

Ning Shu gave a deep sigh, feeling sincere sympathy for the original host. The single word, ‘emotion’, had caused all the calamity.

The storyline afterwards was just about how Jiahui was unwilling to accept it and insisted on causing trouble for the two. She used her power as a princess in all sorts of ways to attack this country bumpkin that had crawled out from some random corner.

What astonished Jiahui was the fact that the man she took to be very steady and earnest would become very stirred up when it came to matters that pertained to that village girl. He would angrily roar and shout like an immature youngster. For the sake of that village girl, he defied the imperial edict and even publicly declared that he would only love that woman his entire life.

Jiahui felt as if she had been slapped, it made her face burn. She practically became the laughingstock of all of great Yong. The noble princess actually lost to a village girl. She couldn’t accept it. Who did that girl count as? She was a princess. The pride of a princess wouldn’t allow her to lose like this.

Hence, Jiahui retaliated against the village girl and everyone started criticizing her, saying that she was malicious, saying that she caused the Yong dynasty to lose face. Even the Emperor became disappointed in her.

Jiahui simply caused even more of a disturbance until everyone in the streets were talking about how a princess was trying to snatch another person’s man. Jiahui’s reputation only grew worse.

Then, the barbaric Huns just happened to win the war and delightedly asked for a marriage. The Emperor was truly disappointed in this sister of his, so he wrapped her up and sent her away.

It had clearly been Duan Xinghui’s fault that the war situation reversed. If it weren’t for the fact that he wanted to make thoughtless large moves in order to show off, he wouldn’t have fallen for a scheme that people of the Central Plain viewed as nothing but crude. Now they wanted her to get married so they could have a happy life together?

Jiahui was a very delicate and pampered princess. Moreover, she had injured her heart while mourning for Duan Xinghui. Now, she had to head to a very poor environment, a place that didn’t even treat women as humans.

Jiahui’s status as a princess didn’t bring her any benefits, and even caused these barbarous people to bully her even more. She was simply a spoil of war. The Huns were vicious and would hit women on the slightest pretext.

The life she lived was worse than death. Jiahui’s heart turned numb and her flower-like countenance became corroded by the sandy wind. She lived numbly. She didn’t know what she had done wrong.

The original host’s wishes: One, she didn’t want to love that cruel and unscrupulous Duan Xinghui anymore. Two, she wanted make those two lowly people suffer and pay for what they did. Three, she wanted to be a noble and lofty princess. She didn’t want to ever allow anything to sully her again, she didn’t want to disappoint her Imperial Older Brother, she didn’t want to be bestowed in marriage, she didn’t want to go to that savage place, she didn’t want to be humiliated and insulted by people.

Ning Shu: …

In the end, this girl still couldn’t let go of that matter. Duan Xinghui was the origin of all of Jiahui’s sorrows. He was like the key that opened Pandora’s box.

What caused Ning Shu to be a little speechless was the fact that she had entered the story a bit late. Right now, news had already spread of Duan Xinghui’s death. Jiahui refused to eat and drink out of heartache. She practically had the intention of dying to follow after him.

At this point, Jiahui had already gotten involved with Duan Xinghui.

#comment: It’s unclear who the ‘two’ are, whether she’s referring to the couple or the maids.

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14 thoughts on “QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0064

  1. Ok, thank you for translating, but one thing I want to point out is that the Huns were a mostly egalitarian group and wouldn’t treat women like she said *steps off soapbox*

  2. I like Ancient world and school drama the most. Can’t wiat to see how it will turned up in the end. XD
    Thanks for the chapter

  3. “Two, she wanted to have that lowly woman die a terrible death.”
    Ooooh, now this is interesting. It’s not too hard to fight tooth and nail against a cultivating mob boss who looks down her nose at and uses all in her path, but this girly here should just be a sweet little thing who saved a man. It’s not really her fault that princess went insane and self destructed trying to harm her. What should she have done laid down and died? And now Ning Shu’s task is to kill this poor child in cold blood while being noble and lofty and not sullying princesses reputation.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Thanks for pointing that line out, because it seemed inconsistent with what I remembered of the arc so I double-checked the raws. I had misinterpreted it before. Namely, there was a part about ‘not letting them die an easy death’ which I translated as ‘making them die a horrible death.’ However, that translation was faulty cause the meaning was just to make the subject suffer. Then I completely missed the modifier that implied that it was a ‘pair’ of lowly people, aka two people. it’s unclear whether the ‘pair’ refers to the couple or the maids, so I’ve revised my translation and left a footnote to reflect that.

      Translation stuff aside, yes, you’re completely right! That girl didn’t do anything as far as the past storyline shows so she is ‘innocent.’ However, the storyline is only from the perspective of the princess. Who knows if that girl had gained shrewdness and instigated stuff as well? But yes, as far as the princess knows, that girl did nothing, so if the princess blames the girl for her misfortunes, that’s really messed up. However, to not blame others when things go wrong, and sometimes to not blame ourselves, is a struggle we all experience.

      1. Ah, I see. No moral dilemmas here then. At least the princess is much much more likeable. Now I can cheer for our girl, Ning shu, to overcome all obstacles and enjoy the benefits of a princess setting without reservation.

  4. Ouch…. but I saw it coming…..
    …. So, what happened would be….. because the general was in love with the woman he didn’t want to marry the princess, the princess kept getting in the way and the emperor also put his finger in the matter, yada yada, the general became a rebel (maybe he already had a rebelious mind?) and killed the pair of royal siblings and ascended the throne, so her desire is now to destroy the general and his woman to defend her brother and herself?
    What is my score?

    1. I think that he was severely injured during the battle and almost lost his life then he was saved by that woman, she slowly nurse him to health. They fell in love in the process… I wanna read the rest, also so curious about the mission? Is the doctor from previous world is the ML? Is gonna appear in this world too?

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