QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0060

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Chapter 60: First Task Complete

Leng Ao found himself reflexively walking to Ning Shu’s classroom again. He came to this classroom practically every day. In the past, it was to find Ling Xue. Later, it had been to pick fights with Lin Jiajia. His legs had already gotten used to bringing him here.

He stood at the door and looked through the window at Lin Jiajia. She was currently focused on reading a book, her expression was serious. As the sunlight spilled over her, it created a  tranquil scene like a painting of an orchid.

Ning Shu sensed that someone was looking at her. When she turned around and saw Leng Ao outside the window, she knitted her brows. This guy was probably here to ask her where Ling Xue went again.

She just couldn’t understand it. Why did Leng Ao insist on coming here every day to ask her about Ling Xue? She didn’t know at all. From how Leng Ao was acting, it was like he suspected her of being involved in Ling Xue’s disappearance, though it was true.

Leng Ao’s heart leaped when he found he had been discovered. He felt a little ill at ease and embarrassed as if he had been caught peeking at something he wasn’t supposed to. However, when he saw the annoyed expression on Ning Shu’s face, those feelings were immediately replaced by anger. He strode into the classroom and walked to Ning Shu. Lifting his chin, he questioned Ning Shu with an arrogant and demanding tone, “Where did Ling Xue go?”

“I already told you that I didn’t know. Why do you insist on asking me? You’d have better luck asking those two good brothers of yours.”

“I… I-” Leng Ao couldn’t really refute, but he still pressed on. “My intuition tells me that you’re definitely related to Ling Xue’s disappearance.”

Fuck off! You think you’re a woman? To even have a sixth sense ah.

Although Ling Xue’s disappearance had been forgotten after being the topic for a time, those who cared like Mo Lengxuan hadn’t given up. That guy even wanted to capture her and interrogate her to get Ling Xue’s whereabouts.

Ning Shu didn’t dare to leave the school even more when she found out that people from underground syndicates were lurking everywhere outside the school.

When Leng Ao found out that some people were looking to cause Ning Shu trouble, he walked up to her and said arrogantly, that if she agreed to be his girlfriend, he’d resolve the situation outside for her.

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu had never planned to have any sort of relationship with the people in this world. As for this guy, Leng Ao, she’ll just leave it to the original host to deal with him.

She was a person that had to leave this world.

Something that made Ning Shu happy was the fact that the school doctor uncle had brought back news about the original host’s birth parents. Speaking of which, that was also a tragedy. The original host was nothing but a daughter that had been sold by her parents. That family had been too poor. When they heard that some wealthy person wanted to buy their maiden daughter, they sold her without hesitation.

These had nothing to do with her though. She had already helped the original host find her birth parents. She wasn’t the original host, so she wouldn’t make the decision for the original host.

Ning Shu felt that the tasks were already pretty much finished. She was just wondering when she would leave this world when the system’s mechanical voice rang out inside her head. “Task complete. Leave the world? Yes/No.”

“Yes.” Ning Shu chose yes without hesitation.

She was truly tired of staying in this world. The tasks had seriously been too hard. If it weren’t for the school doctor uncle, there was no chance that she would have been able to complete the tasks.

It had all been due to luck. Ning Shu could only send the school doctor uncle sincere well-wishes that his experiments would proceed smoothly.

#comment: And~~~ it’s the end of the first arc!!! But well? Did you expect that? Go ahead and throw out predictions for what happens next and what happens to the people in this arc. As for me, anything I say will be a spoiler, so I’ll just say, see you guys next arc!

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  1. Hmm… for me, i’ll bet that the psycho will hopefully follow her around the world and keep on dissecting zombies and other monsters. Since i really like that psycho and don’t want that funny psycho to go. I’ll bet that he’ll travel around the world too. Pls pls pls!!! I really like him. Oh! And also, he’s a bit weird since there’s nothing about him on the previous story. So..maybe my prediction comes true? I just hope that the mc will have romance 🙂 with that psycho ofc. And He’s also funny so… i approve u with mc. <3

    1. What i mean by previous story is the summarized story of what’s happening in that world. Since at first they only mentioned about the prince, male lead and also the annoying female lead along with her minion (followers/slave lol)

  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    My guess about the next arc is maybe ancient world?
    and my guess about Leng Ao is he will chasing after Lin Jiajia

  3. Bye-bye Doctor Psycho. I’ll miss you!

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    1. Is that really stabbing in the dark? There is a very very interesting zombie apocalypse, but that’s not until a couple arcs later lmao

  4. Well that was fast. The achool doctor is really the cheat like existence in that world. ?
    I wonder what kind of world she’s going to next? Is it more difficult than Lin Jiajia?

    1. I know right!! That’s exactly why I thought that he might be a special existence that will follow the MC to the worlds she travels. Especially since there’s an error which made the MC to go to that world, maybe that Doctor is the one who supposed to go there but then the MC suddenly also went there. So..it’s like two people doing diffrent mission at the same world! Im a genius!!! I hope im correct lol.

  5. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I’m guessing the original body will get a good ending..
    She’ll get influenced by Ning Shu’s personality and somehow mix between confident(shrewd?) and lovingly follow Leng Ao as his GF

      1. I agree, but Ning Shu isn’t going to be there forever, and after she leaves it would be nice if Lin Jiajia could get her happy ending. She dedicated her whole life to him once, constantly forcing herself into unfavorable situations against people she was no match for ending in a miserable death. Even then she still proved to have enough love and strength to dedicate her soul to, not just avenge herself, but request he be saved. Girl deserves her Prince Charming! Even if he doesn’t deserve her.

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