QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0059

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Chapter 59: Taking Into Consideration…

The school doctor uncle’s eyelids jumped and he looked at Ning Shu with an unreadable gaze. Ning Shu’s heart started jumping frantically under his stare. She waved her hand and said, “Never mind, you don’t have to help me find my parents. My genes suck, don’t research my genes.”

The school doctor uncle took in her reaction, then tsked in disgust. “Look at how disappointing you are. How could you be so scared? For better or for worse, you should maintain a bit of the integrity and reserved manner of girls.”

Ning Shu curled her lips. Without absolute strength, dignity and integrity were just fart. “Got it…”

“I’ll remember about this. En, you can scram now.” The school doctor dusted off his coat again. There clearly wasn’t anything on it, yet the uncle just kept patting at it. His OCD was seriously severe.

Ning Shu said ‘oh,’ then obediently scampered off. She had just entered the classroom when somebody grabbed her by her arm and dragged her out.

Ning Shu shook off Leng Ao’s hand and asked coldly, “What do you want?”

Leng Ao looked at her. He was angered by her attitude to the point his nostrils flared, but he suppressed it and asked, “Where did you go? I couldn’t find you anywhere. Do you know where Ling Xue went?”

“How would I know? It’s not like I’m Ling Xue’s personal maid and follow her all the time,” replied Ning Shu indifferently as she looked at Leng Ao’s distorted expression. His eyes contained hints of grief, anger, resentment, envy… In short, a lot of emotions. It was seriously hard to describe, very hard to describe.

Ning Shu felt that this idiot had already been driven crazy by Ling Xue. Taking into consideration how pitiful this guy was, Ning Shu enthusiastically mocked him, “Please, the person, Ling Xue, doesn’t care about you at all, so why are you still acting like this? So much hidden bitterness, you’re acting like a total girl.”

“You…” Leng Ao was so angry that his hand shook as he pointed at Ning Shu. “You damned woman!”

Then he turned and left.

Ling Xue’s disappearance had a huge effect on Ace Academy. In reality, it was because Ling Xue was too well-known. People would notice when Ling Xue, who was known as the goddess, simply came to school a little late, so everyone inevitably noticed when she didn’t come to school several days in a row.

When more time passed and Ling Xue still didn’t come to school, rumors started flying around. Some people said that Ling Xue went missing, some people said that she had been murdered, but even more people spread rumors that she was working at a bar. In any case, there were all sorts of rumors going around.

Everyone had diverse opinions because there was always a mysterious flavor surrounding rumors about a beautiful girl. Ning Shu turned a deaf ear towards those rumors since her task was to simply make the aloof Ling Xue fall into the dirt.

The missing Ling Xue became the mysterious female lead at the center of the students’ discussions. All sorts of rumors formed and the rumors turned increasingly ugly.

Another rumor almost made Ning Shu burst out laughing when she heard it. The two naked princes had been discovered by someone and they had been lying together.

They had nothing on at all. It was unknown how many people, both male and female, had gone to take a look at the two princes. Some slightly bolder girls even quietly discussed it.

It was clearly a threesome, yet now it was being spread as a love between two men. The students even started looking at Leng Ao differently, thinking that Leng Ao was also one in that group.

As of now, Leng Ao’s emotions could only be described as complicated. He had clearly been given a green hat to wear by his good friends, who he had practically viewed as brothers, and now he was being linked into this type of rumor! Fuck! He was the one most wrongly accused here!

>The person being cheated on is the person that’s given a ‘green hat’ to wear.<

When those two ran over and ask him where Ling Xue went, he gave a cold smile, then beat the crap out of them. They actually had the nerve to ask him where Ling Xue went?

Leng Ao swore that he would never have dealings with these two bastards ever again! They had dug at his corner behind his back, yet they still had the face to come and ask him about her?

Leng Ao sent a kick towards each of the two on the ground. He found that his combat ability wasn’t that bad. However, why did he always lose when facing Lin Jiajia, that violent woman? Seriously!

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