QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0055

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Chapter 55: Truly a Beautiful Picture

“Aren’t you curious at all about what I want to tell you?” Ning Shu looked at the school doctor excitedly as she imagined what his expression would be like once he found out.

The school doctor lifted his brows as he looked at Ning Shu.

How boring. This indifferent attitude completely crushed a person’s desire to gossip.

“Um, Ling Xue and the two princes are having a 3p. They’re in the storage room right now. Should we…”

The school doctor stood up and looked at Ning Shu with disgust. “How could you have such heavy tastes, to enjoy watching this kind of thing. Do you have any sense of shame?”

Ning Shu: …

Please, the main point was Ling Xue, alright? Why didn’t he attack Ling Xue’s messy way of living? If he wanted to talk about someone being shameless, it should be about Ling Xue!

“Where are you going now?” Ning Shu saw that the school doctor uncle had left the nurse office so she hastily followed after him. He seemed to be heading in the direction of the storage room. “Uncle, you want to go see too?”

“Uncle, I know that in your heart, you really do care.” Ning Shu went on as she walked next to the school doctor.

“Shut up.” The school doctor lifted his white coat and pulled out a gun with an unusual shape. Ning Shu cried in alarm, “Uncle, calm down, calm down! You couldn’t be thinking of killing someone while we’re still in school, right?”

“I know that Ling Xue’s actions have hurt you, but you must calm down ah, calm down!” Upon seeing the school doctor uncle like this, Ning Shu’s first thought was that he was off to kill the people committing adultery.

“Shut up.” The school doctor uncle practically could not tolerate Ning Shu anymore. “Keep making noise and I’ll shoot you.”

Ning Shu lifted her hands. “Alright, alright, I won’t say any more.”

When they got to the storage room and heard the sounds coming from inside, the only thing Ning Shu wanted to say was that they had really impressive combat strength, to still be tumbling even now.

The school doctor crouched down beneath the window and looked in, then revealed a faint smile. This scene of the smile combined with the gun he was holding caused Ning Shu’s heart to chill. She took this to be a sign that the school doctor uncle had gone insane from the harsh hit.

“Aren’t we going to rush in to catch them in the act?” whispered Ning Shu. That was how things went in all the tv shows and palace battle stories.

“I’ve said so already, if you’re going to talk, just talk. Don’t lean so close.” Intimidating snow-white light shot out from the school doctor uncle’s glasses.

Ning Shu silently retreated backwards a couple steps.

As she watched in amazed silence, the school doctor uncle quietly picked the lock and opened the door.

Uncle, please accept my integrity and this kneel. Uncle, you’re so awesome, did the female lead know? If you just showed some of your abilities to Ling Xue, she would definitely become dead-set on you.

Ning Shu watched as the school doctor uncle entered, then stayed at the door to keep watch for him. It was a very strange sensation.

She waited for quite a while. There weren’t any more sounds coming from inside. She couldn’t help but wonder, dirtily, whether the uncle had joined the ranks of the p.

Uncle, you must hold on to some moral integrity ah.

After a good while, the school doctor came out with an unconscious Ling Xue slung over his shoulder. At this time, Ling Xue was already dressed.

W… what was this? Ning Shu was dumbfounded. When she walked inside, she saw that the two men were currently lying naked on the mat, without a single piece of cloth to cover them up.

Ning Shu immediately left the storage room and asked the school doctor uncle, “Uncle ah, what’s going on?”

The school doctor glanced at Ning Shu mildly, then – probably because he felt like this thing was too heavy to carry on a shoulder – lowered Ling Xue into a princess carry.

It was truly a beautiful picture.

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