QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0054

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Chapter 54: Old Men Have Good Assets

Ning Shu suppressed her urge to burst out laughing and consoled Leng Ao. “It’s good that you found out now. You’re Prince Leng, you come from a family with noble background and have such handsome looks. Don’t become so dum… sad just because of a woman.”

All Ning Shu felt in her heart was glee as she watched Leng Ao kneel on the floor and punch the grass.

She curled her lips in contempt. What was so impressive about hammering the grass? If you had the guts, then go hammer the cement road!

Leng Ao vented for a long time before he lay down on the grass. Ning Shu sat next to him without speaking.

She saw that Leng Ao’s eyelashes were wet. He was probably truly hurt. Ling Xue really didn’t know her good fortune. She had such an outstanding, self-important boy who loved her so sincerely, yet she didn’t pay attention to it at all and casually trampled his emotions.

“What are you looking at, damned woman?” Leng Ao climbed up from the ground and looked down on Ning Shu with his chin tilted up arrogantly.

Ning Shu was speechless. Ignoring him, she picked up her books and went to find the school doctor.

Leng Ao’s expression was very unnatural, probably because she had seen his embarrassing side. As he looked at her, his eyes contained a fierceness as if he wanted to kill her to silence her.

“Hey, woman, where are you going?” Leng Ao followed behind Ning Shu. When she completely ignored him, he felt very awkward. On one hand, it was because of the fact that she had seen an embarrassing side of him, on the other hand it was because this woman didn’t bother to even comfort him after something like this had happened.

This woman was seriously heartless.

“Hey, woman, I’m talking to you,” said Leng Ao in a low voice.

Ning Shu: What’s with ‘woman,’ this cool way of calling her?

>In Chinese novels in which the male lead starts out bullying the female lead, he usually calls her by ‘woman.’ *wink wink*<

“Can you stop following me?” Ning Shu turned around and faced him. “Just go look for your Ling Xue.”

“You… are you mocking me?” Leng Ao lifted his fist, his eyes bloodshot.

“Forget it, I don’t hit woman.” He lowered his fist again.

He doesn’t hit woman? Ning Shu laughed coldly. Who was it that came to pick a fight with her every day?

Ning Shu walked into the nurse office and saw that the school doctor was currently filing his nails in an alluring manner. Upon seeing this, Ning Shu’s mouth twitched.

When Leng Ao followed her in and saw the school doctor, hostility immediately emerged in his heart. He questioned Ning Shu in an interrogative manner, “Who is he?”

“Are you mentally ill? Don’t you see that he’s wearing a white coat? He’s the school doctor,” sneered Ning Shu without a trace of politeness.

“I’m asking what relationship you have with him. Tsk tsk. Lin Jiajia, who would have expected that you like older men?” Leng Ao jeered. He sized the school doctor up. The more he looked, the more uncomfortable his heart felt. “He’s nothing but an old man.”

Tch. Only old men have good assets. Hadn’t Ling Xue also not taken a fancy to you? She took a fancy to Mo Lengxuan, that old man, rather than to a little brat like you.

The school doctor put down his nail file, adjusted his glasses, then looked towards Leng Ao as he asked Ning Shu, “Your man?”

Before Ning Shu could even retort, Leng Ao jumped up as if he had stepped on a nail and refuted, “How could I possibly be her man? She’s so ugly, even if I went blind I wouldn’t fall for this kind of woman.”

The school doctor looked at Leng Ao very indifferently. See, this was the difference between a mature man and a childish boy.

Tsk tsk. The school doctor only glanced briefly at Leng Ao before he turned towards Ning Shu. “Why are you looking for me again? I’m telling you, lately I’ve been in a bad mood. Don’t come bother me.”

“I need to tell you something ah, make sure to be prepared.” Ning Shu really wanted to see what expression the school doctor would have when he found out that Ling Xue was playing with 3p.

“What are you still standing here for?” The school doctor swept a glance at Leng Ao. Leng Ao gave a cold humph. “You think I want to be here?”

He glanced at Ning Shu, then turned and left. Only then did Ning Shu look towards the school doctor with a sly smile and draw close to his ear to speak.

The school doctor jabbed Ning Shu’s forehead and pushed her head away. “If you’re going to talk, just talk. What do you have to get so close for?”

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