QT Cannon Fodder’s Record Chapter 0023

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Chapter 23: An Amazing Secret

This scene was seriously strange. Ning Shu covered her mouth in order to prevent herself to making any sounds. For some reason, she had a feeling that she had discovered some huge secret.

Not only was this not within the original host’s memories, it wasn’t even mentioned in this world’s storyline.

When Ning Shu saw that the wind around Ling Xue was dying down, she turned without hesitation and ran. From the looks of it, whatever Ling Xue was doing, she was almost about finished.

Ning Shu squeezed into a bookstore and pretended to look at the books. When she looked up, she saw Ling Xue passing by. She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or not, but the imposing aura Ling Xue gave off seemed to have become even stronger and colder.

Ling Xue who was outside suddenly sensed a probing gaze. She stopped walking and looked around.

Ning Shu who was inside the bookstore immediately shifted her gaze towards the book in her hand, and didn’t dare to glance at Ling Xue again. Cultivators were seriously way too unbelievable, to be able to sense even just a glance.

Ling Xue knitted her beautiful brows. The sensation of being watched had disappeared. After a slight pause, she left.

Ning Shu only dared to exhale after a while had passed. Her back was covered with cold sweat.

It was too scary, expressed Ning Shu. How was an ordinary person supposed to deal with the OP female lead?

Ning Shu rushed back to her apartment and showered before heading to the Taekwondo place to frantically practice. However, she still couldn’t suppress the unease in her heart. No matter how much she trained, she was still just an ant to the female lead.

Ning Shu was seriously stumped by this task. She had no influence, no power, no aid at all. She started reexamining the storyline to see if there was anyone who held a grudge against the male lead or the female lead.

She discovered that the boss antagonist of this world was a complete mystery. There was no boss at all. The entire story was about the female lead and male lead acting all domineering and being completely invincible. If it weren’t for the limiting factors of this world, the male and female lead probably would have rushed into the cosmos.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu had no influence that she could call on. Even if she had influence, it would have been useless in the face of the male and female leads’ sparkly, golden, main character halos.

“System, I hate you.” In her heart, Ning Shu tilted her head back and screamed this towards the skies.

Every day, Ning Shu trained until it was almost midnight before going home. Today, however, she felt that something was off when she got home. The moment she opened the door, she heard rustling sounds coming from inside.

There was even the scent of blood.

There was someone here. Ning Shu quietly pulled out a steel pipe from behind the door. How could a woman be at ease living on her own without preparing a few safety guarantees?

Ning Shu’s hair was standing on end as she listened to the sounds coming from inside. She gripped the pipe tightly.

Borrowing the weak illumination of the streetlight outside the room, she saw that there was something wiggling on the sofa. Without even thinking, she lifted the pipe and smashed it towards the sofa.

A sound like a pig was being killed immediately came from the sofa. It sounded like a man, so Ning Shu started hitting the person with the steel pipe even more relentlessly.

“Hey, I said that’s enough. Keep hitting me and I’ll shoot.” The person spoke, repressing his anger. “Go open the lights.”

When Ning Shu heard that he had a gun, she was so scared that she almost threw her pipe away. However, she recalled that the pipe was her only weapon. If she threw it away, she’d really end up a defenseless lamb that could only wait to be slaughtered.

“Open the lights.” The voice sounded slightly pained.

“Fuck, I told you to open the lights!”

Ning Shu heard the sound of the gun safety being pulled off and was so scared she immediately ran to the door to open the lights.

She stood at the door, not daring to enter the room. At the same time, she repressed her impulse to run. No matter how fast she ran, she couldn’t run faster than a bullet.

She looked nervously towards the person on the sofa, then cried out in surprise, “Doctor!?”

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