Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’ Chapter 1

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Chapter 1- Transmigrated to Four Bare Walls


Thanks to my editor Gold Fairy~ 


“Beat him to death! Damned monster! Beat him to death…”

“Don’t beat my dad! Stop it! No one is allowed to beat my dad…”

“Wa wa… daddy….”


In a countryside overrun with weeds, a group of half grown youths circled a beaten up figure. On the side were two dark and small 3-4 year old children who were crying and pulling on those people. But those people only had to wave their hand to throw the little ones half a meter away. It was just a mantis trying to stop a chariot (1). The youths were hitting and hooting. A fist and a foot firmly struck on the dusty hunched and weak body. 


The sound of a pained moan was almost drowned out by the hoots of the youths. Ling Jingxuan still had not opened his eyes. Pain crept in from head to toe. His entire body felt like falling apart. This densely packed crowd did not belong to his frenzied memory. His head swelled like it was about to explode. 

“My mother said he’s a monster, beat him to death…”

“Beat him to death…”

“My dad isn’t a monster! You guys go away, don’t hit my dad…”

Two little boys continuously tried to push in. They kept getting up, limping over to dash in again. Among them one boy’s mouth kept shouting for them to stop. But sinking into these group of crazy youths were two fried buns with weak bodies. What were they capable of resisting? The more they suffered the more violent they were treated, like being kicked to death. 

No one noticed the besieged Ling Jingxuan as his right hand grabbed onto a youth’s ankle quick as lightning. 


“Ow! Oh my god…” 

The sound of a heavy object hitting the ground accompanied by an intense scream from a youth suddenly rang out. The other people were frightened and one after another retreated back. The little boys tugging on them also stopped crying. The shocked youths looked at the youth on the ground. Seeing only a dark colored hand tightly gripping onto the left foot of the youth, their eyes followed along the hand, only to find that the owner of that hand was the man they had previously beat up. 

“This damned monster…” 

“Don’t move, or else I’ll break your neck!”

The youth that had fallen had a rather slow response. The other foot looked like it wanted to strike Ling Jingxuan’s weak and frail body. In the next second, Ling Jingxuan grabbed a sharp piece of rubble and held it closely to the youth’s neck. No one realized how he moved. Everyone merely looked at the scene in front of them. With an undisguised display of digging into the skin, he only needed to use a bit more strength and the youth’s artery would be cut.

“You you you …what do you want to do?” 

That pair of slender seductive red phoenix eyes swept his ordinary muddy look aside and revealed a terrifying, dark and cold, murderous look instead. The boy was still a half grown youth afterall. To see this kind of situation, it scared him until his whole body trembled. He didn’t even dare to speak. The youth was completely different from the previous unbridled violent appearance. 


Ling Jingxuan, contrary to what one might expect, wanted to reply, but his head hurt as if it really did go through the explosion. The rubble that was held at the youth’s neck began to loosen and the disorderly mess of memories in his brain told him he must have gone through the legendary transmigration. As to what dynasty or time period he came to, what the current situation was, he suspected that he had no way of currently figuring it out. 


 A small and dark child was holding onto a child that looked similar to him. Only a pair of eyes that were still bright gazed at him. Ling Jingxuan knitted his eyebrows and stared at him as a little fragment slipped through his mind. Looking at these two little things, they appeared to be malnourished. These fried thin and weak little buns were his sons Ling Wen and Ling Wu? Fuck, who were you trying to trick? This body hasn’t even hit 20 years yet, right? 


His head would hurt as soon as he moved so Ling Jingxuan had no choice but to let go of the youth and ridicule him in his heart. Both hands painfully held his head. 

“You just wait, you damned monster. I’m going to go home right now to get my mom to fix you up! Just you wait …”

The recently freed youth suddenly pushed away from him and ran away with the other people, but did not forget to speak ruthless words before leaving. After a while, there was only the two stir fried little buns and Ling Jingxuan painfully moaning on the ground.

“Dad, you aren’t dumb anymore?” 

Holding onto his younger brother they moved in closer by two paces. Ling Wen probed out to ask. It was difficult to cover the excitement and fear in his tone. Embraced in his chest was Ling Wu who had eyes full of hope. The two twins paid careful attention to their daddy.




Ling Jingxuan did not even open his mouth yet when he fainted. Before collapsing, he vaguely saw two little buns excitedly charge at him. Bruised cheeks couldn’t help but to put on a ugly smile.

Inside a dim thatched hut, Ling Jingxuan’s head was wrapped with a gray rag. He was laying on top of the plank bed, lifeless like paper. A cold breeze would pour in from the cracks of the earthen walls from time to time. Directly facing the wooden plank bed was a crude wall with a square window. Two shabby window beams hung from the top. It could fall at any time. In the room besides the bed was a big chest. Basically there was nothing. There was just one word. Poor. It was not even an average poor!

“Brother, daddy has been unconscious for many days. When will he wake up?”

“The doctor said after the fever subsides he’ll wake soon. I’ll go check first.”

“En, brother, I want to go with you.”

The fake wooden door was pulled open by the people outside. With one in the front and one in the back, two little buns entered with their hands together. One of them extended their hand to feel Ling Jingxuan’s forehead, then his own. In a soft voice he said, “It’s not hot anymore. You stay here to guard daddy. I’ll go light a fire and heat up the flour paste. Later when daddy wakes up he’ll be hungry.”

“Brother, I’m also hungry…”

Ling Wu cutely nodded his head. His chicken claw like hands cutely rubbed his belly. Ling Wen smiled and nodded his head, “En, Little Wu is obedient. We will be able to eat very quickly.”

Saying this, the little boy walked out.  Ling Wu turned around and watched his daddy on the bed. He ran over to help pull up the torn quilt that was sitting on Ling Jingxuan’s waist, then turned around to sit obediently on a stool. 

On the bed, Ling Jingxuan slowly opened his eyes. He was already awake when the two little buns opened the door. Compared to the confusion a few days prior, currently he pretty much figured out the current state of this body. The two littles buns were really his sons, a pair of twins. At the end of the year they would be five. Although they were both thin and small. Looking at them they only seemed 3-4 years old at max. 

Thinking up to here, Ling Jingxuan turned his head around to look around him and the bottom of his heart sighed. Only four bare walls, in addition there were two small fried little buns. This life, could this dark pit be any bigger? Bring more fucking trouble to him. It seemed like he was the one who gave birth to the two little buns. As a result, everyone in the village called him a monster. Otherwise, how could a man give birth to a child?

Usually, the grownups were a bit better. At the very worst they just pointed fingers. Those half grown youths would frequently come in groups to bully him, just like the day when he transmigrated over and they beat him to death. Fortunately he usually resisted the beating. Unexpectedly, after five years he was finally beaten to death. This was also considered as an unconventional vulgar end. Don’t you think so?


  1. Mantis trying to stop a chariot: trying to do something impossible

Chinese Storytime:

One of the words used a lot in this chapter is 坑爹 which literally translates to pit(hole/trap)  dad. The story that my friend told me was that years ago there was a kid in China who did a lot of bad things. When the police caught him, he told the police that his dad was a high ranking cop. His dad lost his job after that, so the meaning of 坑爹 now means “to bring trouble to someone”. 

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Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’ Chapter 1
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