Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’ Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Crescent Moon Spring, Appease the Little Buns

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Ling Jingxuan who had dove into the water used one large breath to slowly swim towards a large carp nearby. When he was almost close, with one push from his two legs, he suddenly sped up towards it. But as soon as he touched the big carp tail, it managed to flee from between his hands, continuing deeper into the water. Thinking of his son’s disappointed expressions, Ling Jingxuan’s heart moved and continued to go deeper, but…

This is? 

There was unexpectedly a crescent groove underwater. It was roughly a couple meters long and a densely packed group of fish were gathered in it. Ling Jingxuan couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow. If he didn’t remember incorrectly, he hadn’t seen this crescent groove from the surface? Where did it come from? Also those fish, how come they were all gathered here? Even when he entered it, the fish did not flee. 

“Wa wa… Daddy, don’t die… I won’t eat fish… Daddy…”


The sounds of his sons crying suddenly entered his ear and Ling Jingxuan returned to his senses. It was also at this time he realized he was unexpectedly breathing underwater. Slender phoenix eyes couldn’t help but open wide. Don’t tell me this crescent groove is actually a spirit dimension? It appeared in front of him, was it to represent that he was its owner? Is this the so-called benefits of transmigration?

The wails from the buns were growing louder and he couldn’t help but think if it had anything to do with him. Ling Jingxuan conveniently captured a big carp weighing 3-4 catties. After swimming out of the crescent groove, inside his heart he said, “Crescent Moon Spring, receive!”

Boom boom…

In the next second, the water suddenly began to shake. With a wave of huge ripples the crescent groove in the water, waiting to return to his soul, disappeared, Cheng Jinyu flabbergasted, opened his eyes and silently said again, “Crescent Moon Spring, open!” 

Boom boom! 

This time there was no commotion and in an instant, the crescent groove appeared again with the fish flocked in the middle. The two tests were sufficient proof. This was really the golden finger given by the transmigration deity, a pool capable of attracting spring water fish. 

Haha… time to get rich! 

Gulu gulu…

Ling Jingxuan with one laugh, forgetting that he was still in the water, forcibly swallowed a few mouthfuls of cold water. Luckily his reaction was fast and he hurried to close his lips. Putting away the Crescent Moon Spring, he swam to the surface. There was plenty of time in the future to slowly experiment on the different uses of the Crescent Moon Spring.

“Wu wu… Daddy…”



By the side of the stream, the buns had cried out all their tears. They cried their voices hoarse. Just when they thought that their dad had really died, the surface crashed. After the noise disappeared Ling Jinxuan had burst out with a large carp in hand. “Sons, look at what this is? Your dad has caught a big carp, tonight we can eat fish.” 

Two buns stared at him stupidly, in the next second, the two little boys still wearing clothes plopped into the water. They charged into him while wailing, “Wu wu…. Daddy, Daddy…. “

Aiyo, what’s the matter la (1)? Don’t cry, you guys don’t need to cry.” 

Upon seeing this, Ling Jingxuan’s heart tightened. In a hurry he embraced each of them in an arm. The little bun hugging onto his waist with tearful eyes cried and said, “I thought Daddy died, wu wu…. I won’t eat fish anymore, Daddy is not allowed to die. I don’t want to become a child with no parents, Daddy…”


Big bun also had red eyes and his deflated lips resisted his tears. This time they were really terrified. They had no mother. Everyone in the village said their dad was a monster. They were birthed from their dad, so to them, he was their mother and dad. If he was not there, then they would really become feral children without mothers or fathers. 

“Clever, obedient, well behaved. Don’t cry, don’t cry, isn’t Daddy fine? Just now for the purpose of catching this fish, Daddy used up a bit of time. Don’t cry anymore, Daddy promises he won’t make you worry anymore.” 

Drawing them closer to him with a tender heart, Ling Jingxuan did not tell them about Crescent Moon Spring. On one hand it was too unimaginable, and also, an ordinary man treasuring a jade ring would become a crime (2). The Crescent Moon Spring was definitely a good thing. If in the future an unavoidable incident occurs, the less people who know the better. Especially the two kids. They were still small and he could not invite disasters onto them.

A murderer must be cold hearted and cold feeling. The 21st century Ling Jingxuan was really cold and merciless. Even if it was a deeply attached man like Yasi, he could still be ruthless and ignore everything. After transmigrating here, the two buns easily pried open the layers over his frozen heart. Ever since, from the bottom of his heart he treated them as his own biological sons. Although according to blood, they were really from him. 

“We thought you didn’t want us anymore…”

Two buns, one left, one right were wrapped around his waist. Hoarse voices choked with emotions as they tearfully complained. Ling Jingxuan’s heart wanted to break. He brought them back to the shore, threw the carp in his hand into the bucket then brought them one by one to the bank. He sat on the big stone naked, crossed his legs and dragged them to sit on his lap. “How could Daddy not want you guys? You guys are Daddy’s treasures.” 


Lightly patting their trembling backs, Ling Jingxuan felt both sad and distressed. Two buns held onto his neck, two little heads drilled into his neck. They were afraid that in the next second he would vanish. 

“In the past it was because Daddy was too stupid, cared too much about what other people thought and made you guys suffer hardships. Nowadays Daddy has come to realize, what monster? I am me. Other people can say what they want, we’ll close our doors and live out our days.”

They understood, but the little buns’ fear weren’t just because of the previous matter. Thinking of the original owner’s conduct and deeds, Ling Jingxuan could not help but look down and despise him. This family was originally poor and bitter enough, yet he still selfishly immersed himself in his own world, letting all the heavy burdens, responsibilities and rumors be all thrown onto the two children. Making them prematurely carry the tremendous pressure, to the extent that they seemed strong, when actually their hearts were frail. In the future he must give them a top quality livelihood. They would be literate and know martial arts, a cut above the rest. Let those who once looked down on them be trampled to death with regret.


Both buns nodded their head in agreement by coincidence. Finally, they stopped crying golden beans(3) and their trembling bodies also gradually calmed down. 

“That’s enough. Look, your clothes are all wet now. Hurry and bring the fish mint over, we’re going home.” 

In response, Ling Jingxuan parted with them by patting their butts, conveniently also grabbing his clean clothes on the side. Big bun obediently nodded his head and ran off. Little bun however followed the carp in the wooden bucket with whirling eyes. He could even faintly hear the sound of his saliva gulping down. Ling Jingxuan couldn’t help but laugh. This little fellow was 100% a foodie.


  1. Aiyo/la: dialect expressions. Aiyo is almost like “oh my god”. It represents astonishment or pain. La is often used to make things more dramatic. 
  2. Ordinary man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime: idiom that basically states that a cherished item or talent will get someone in trouble.
  3. Golden beans: “dropping/crying golden beans” is a term used for an obedient child who cries.


JADE: So I’m implementing all of the dialect expressions back into the translations. In order for everyone to realize its not a typo and part of the expression, I’ll just keep them italicized. If its a new expression that hasn’t shown up before, I’ll add an explanation with it at the end of the chapter.  The next thing is, the author likes to use food descriptions a lot, so I’m just keeping them as written to keep the writing style of the author. And my last news, I realized that my summary for this novel wasn’t the most well written so my amazing editor went over it and reworded it for me. Sorrryyy, it made sense to me but not to others. I’ve updated it on ISO, not entirely sure how to update summaries on NU. But let me know if its any better and thank you guys!

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Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’ Chapter 6

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