Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Visiting a Brothel

Lingering Fragrance Pavilion was the largest brothel in the Capital, but it wasn’t the best nor the most luxurious. The best brothel is located in the northern outskirt of the Capital — the Plucking Stars and Moon House.

The Plucking Stars and Moon House started its business only half a year ago, but it had developed and expanded rapidly. Now there weren’t any brothels that could compete with the Plucking Stars and Moon House other than the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion. However, all of this was credited to the pavilion’s background and its four famous Miss Beauties.

If not for these, the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion wouldn’t have the capital to compete with the Plucking Stars and Moon House.

The Lingering Pavilion was particularly lively today, as if it was conducting some kind of banquet. The people crowded both outside and inside, so much that the pavilion’s entrance was now impenetrable. Hence, when Zi Moyan and her companions arrived at the pavilion’s entrance, they had to expend a large amount of strength just to push through the crowd and enter the building.

Regarding the sudden appearance of three peerlessly handsome studs, they attracted everyone’s attention once they entered. As long as it was a female, hearts would take shape in their eyes.

They have seen no few men, but they haven’t seen heartthrobs of this kind of unmatched temperament enhanced with an air of nobility around them! The women were willing to pay instead of being paid just solely because of such good-looking faces of theirs.

Once these three people appeared, all the women seemed to have became crazy as they flocked towards the three and forced their delicate bodies onto the three people profusely. There were still some even crazy enough to pull the three, grabbing tightly onto any possibility of taking advantage of Zi Moyan and her companions.

“Where did the three Young Masters hail from? How could you all look so handsome? We’re all jealous just looking at you three!”

“Right, right!” A woman who had applied thick amount of makeup threw a flirty wink towards Zi Haoran as she spoke. “Young Master, this slave really likes your type of manliness. As long as Young Master likes it, this slave is willing to pay instead of being paid!”

“Young Master, Young Master, please look at this slave!”

“Young Master, you’re too beautiful……”

“So it turns out that men could also be this beautiful……”

The women surrounding Yue Ran and Zi Moyan stared at the two’s exquisite and absolutely beautiful countenance, their mouths watering nonstop. One was like the plum flowers growing among the snow, the other was like the nobleman among the flowers.

Too beautiful! Heavens, they have never seen such beautiful men before! How are they, as women, going to continue living……

When the female brothel keep who was greeting the customers saw that the girls that she trained weren’t receiving the customers, but had gathered into a circle, her anger rocketed.

It looks like she had treated them too well, she must teach them a lesson today or else!

The brothel keeper pulled away these girls and was about to started scolding when she saw the three beautiful men within the encirclement. With no exception, hearts floated up in her eyes…… and almost fainted on the spot.

Zi Haoran became extremely irritated after being pulled so much. He hadn’t have any good impression of this place in the first place, and now? He had been pulled left and right by these heavy made-up women the moment he stepped foot into this place.

What was even hateful was that their hands actually wandered here and there on his body! No matter how he tried suppressed his anger, he couldn’t suppress in any longer!

His face blackened like charcoal as he ruthlessly shoved away those women who stuck to his body and coldly reproached: “If any of you don’t wish to court death, then immediately scram for me!”

This angry cry scared all the girls on the spot, even the brothel keeper were startled awake. She then dispersed the girls and hurriedly went to please the Zi Moyan and company, enthusiastically inquiring: “I’m terribly sorry, my three guests. My girls doesn’t know any better in this regard so let Mama apologize to you all right here. It must be your first time here at Lingering Fragrance Pavilion today, right? Come, come, come! You three came right on the nick of time, our Lingering Fragrance Pavilion is just about to hold a splendid pageant between the four Miss Beauties! Mama, I, will take you to the best private room so you three can view as much as you like and enjoy to your heart’s content!”

The brothel keeper’s sharp eyes immediately knew, by the luxurious clothes that these three beautiful men wore, that they were definitely very rich.

These three people most definitely cannot be offended!

She lowered her head, planning to carefully serve them. She didn’t dare to be like just moments prior, staring blatantly at them.

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