Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – A Fierce Battle

Murong Tianchen’s complexion was extremely unsightly. It was also apparent to him that they were thinking of any means necessary to send Yan’er to his death! He absolutely would not allow them to have the opportunity to harm Yan’er one bit. “Zhen will not approve of Prime Minister Zi handling the flood problem. He has only just lost his father and with in this mourning period, just let Minister Zi rest properly. The matter of the flood problem should be given to Minister Wo to handle instead.”

Wo Buren was clear in his mind that this Emperor was obviously protecting Zi Moyan. However, it wasn’t easy for him to create this situation, how could he easily leave it as it was? “Your Majesty, Prime Minister Zi came up with this method. This Subject believes that the results would be even better if he were to personally conduct it!”

“Your Majesty,” Zi Moyan bend her knees down, kneeling towards Murong Tianchen for the first time. “Please allow this Subject to go handle the flood problem.”

“You–!” Seeing that calm and untroubled expression of his, Murong Tianchen wondered if Zi Moyan knew what kind of punishment he would have to receive if he fails. It wasn’t just a matter of losing his position or being thrown into jail when he had set down the military order — this was a matter of his life!

“Your Majesty, please consent.” Zi Moyan iterated.

“Alright! Fine! Since you want to go resolve the problem, then zhen will not stop you. The matter of handling the flood problem will be your responsibility, is that enough?! Hmph!” Murong Tianchen was angered to the extreme and with a fling of his sleeve, he left the hall.

When Liu De saw the Emperor’s fury, his little heart trembled before quickly announcing to the people below: “Morning court has ended!” He then hurriedly chased in the direction that Murong Tianchen had left towards.

When Murong Tianchen returned to the Diligent Hall, he angrily had all the palace maids and eunuchs leave, leaving only himself within the hall.

After waiting for himself to calm down, he instantly regretted his action. Even if he did get angry, he shouldn’t have relented and agreed to this matter. This won’t do, he better go compose an Imperial Decree to change the person who was to handle the flood problem.

When this Imperial Decree is set, then Yan’er won’t have anything else to say.

Murong Tianchen walked towards the desk, picked up a brush, and started drafting the Imperial Decree.

Outside of the hall, when Liu De, who had just rushed to Diligent Hall, saw that the palace maids and eunuchs were shooed out, he anxiously questioned: “What’s going on? Where’s His Majesty?”

“Head Eunuch, His Majesty is within the hall,” A little palace maid answered in fear and trepidation. “His Majesty’s mood seemed to be extremely bad.”

The corner of Liu De’s mouth twitched, he could now already feel the dark clouds looming over the Diligent Hall as it was.

He waved his hand. “Alright, you all should go attend your matters first. It’s fine with me here.”

“Yes!” The palace maids and eunuchs all left as if they were running for their own lives.

Watching them, Liu De inwardly sighed. When this Emperor was in a bad mood, then this head of his was like being fasten to his waist, no one will have it easy.

“Liu De, is the Emperor inside?” A clear-cold voice sounded from behind him, causing Liu De to think fast.

He turned around, startled as he saw the y

outh dressed in purple official’s uniform with a faint halo enveloping her body. It was as if Wen Quxing[1] as descended upon the secular world. This was the first time Liu De saw a person could wear the official’s uniform this beautifully.

“Liu De?” Zi Moyan was somewhat puzzled when she saw Liu De staring at her in a daze. What’s wrong with him?

When Liu De returned to his senses, he was secretly berating himself. How could he be lost in his thoughts looking at Young Master Zi? If he was caught by the Emperor, then he’ll have to suffer the consequences. He straightened out his thoughts, answering, “His Majesty is indeed inside.”

“Okay, then I’m going to go see him.” Zi Moyan walked in the direction of the hall.

Liu De, however, halted her and kindheartedly reminded: “His Majesty is in a fit of anger, you should yield to him a bit.”

“En, I know.”She lightly pushed open the door, entering the hall and could see from afar that Murong Tianchen was currently moving his brush swiftly, writing something.

She went closer to have a look and as expected, he was writing the Imperial Decree. It was a Decree that wanted to authorize Zhi Yu to handle the water problem and have her stay at home to mourn!

Seeing that he wouldn’t be willing to let her go, Zi Moyan just knew he might pull this move.

Therefore, as soon as she left court, she came to the Diligent Hall. One was to prevent this kind of situation to happen, and two was to give him an explanation in passing.

She didn’t think that she would run into it just in time.

[1]文曲星: A Chinese constellation formed by the Big Dipper and two assistant stars. In mythology, the nine stars represent the Nine Emperor Gods with Wen Quxing being one them.

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