Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Succeeding the Position of the Prime Minister, Attending Court

On the eve of the day that Zi Moyan succeeded her father’s position, becoming the Prime Minister, the news spread quickly throughout the capital in a flash.

After Wo Buren learned of this news, he didn’t have much reaction. Although this matter was out of his expectation, but it didn’t have any influence to the general picture. What can a baby who’s still wet behind the ears possibly do holding power?

It would still be the same as before, it won’t be enough of a threat against him and it would also not change anything.

Wo Buren was unperturbed, but his loyal followers of the court weren’t!

A young-looking and seemed to have somewhat of a position among the officials spoke out to Wo Buren. “It wasn’t easy to get rid of one Zi Haotian, yet now a Zi Moyan had appeared! Their Zi family are really troublesome.”

Wo Buren chuckled. “There’s no need for Minister Li to be sullen. It’s just an infant after all, his father has already been killed by us, what can he accomplish in this situation?!”

Li Congrong was still very worried. “Although he’s just a infant, but I’ve heard that this infant’s abilities aren’t small and the Emperor also took good care to dote after him. I’m only afraid that he would become our biggest obstacle in the future!”

“Hmph!” Wo Buren narrowed his eyes, a glint of cold light flickering through them. “Then we’ll kill him off while he’s still in the cradle!”

Upon hearing Wo Buren’s speech, the other officials shared a look with each other. Then they stood up at the same time, bowing towards Wo Buren. “We will follow accordingly to the Prime Minister with no questions asked and will always be at your beck and call! We’re only now waiting for Prime Minister’s one sentence!”

Wo Buren smiled in satisfaction, his smiled carried a trace of arrogance as he hmph’ed in his head. Don’t mention that infant, even if it was the Emperor – there will be a day where I will get rid of them all!

After the other officials had all left, a woman dressed in dark green robes with a green cloak over her head appeared within Wo Buren’s meeting room.

Wo Buren wasn’t even the least bit surprised when he saw this young woman, rather, he was still calmly playing with the little bird in his hand. “Emissary really has good methods, killing the Zi Haotian that I couldn’t remove in all these years. However, he indeed still didn’t expect he would die in your hands in the end.”

To Wo Buren’s praise, the woman didn’t respond. She only coldly glanced at him. “Wo Buren, the matter that Master told you to do, you’ve failed over and over again. It looks like you’re really useless.”

Wo Buren laughed heartily. “You’re too polite, Emissary. Don’t know what Master wants me to do this time?” Wo Buren was extremely clear that Master absolutely would not kill him, because he was a chess piece that Master spend a great deal of effort to slip into Long Lin’s inner echelon. He wouldn’t easily destroy him.

The woman took out something wrapped in red cloth and a letter from within her wide sleeve, passing it over to Wo Buren. “This is the thing Master told me to give to you. On top of it is the letter from Master, remember to get rid of it after you finish reading.”

Wo Buren received the item and respectfully gave the woman a bow. “Understood. I’ll see Emissary off.”

“Hmph!” The woman coldly hmph’ed, disappearing with but a flash

of green shadow.

Early next morning, Zi Moyan woke up and after freshening up with the morning routines, she wore the indigo official’s uniform that had been delivered. Then she saw in the eight-carrier palanquin, proceeding off towards the Imperial palace.
The color of this official’s uniform also represented one’s rank in court. It follow as red, orange, yellow, green, dark green, blue, and purple with purple being the highest. In general, first rank officials wore violet, but going up another rank from that would be indigo – which is the color of the Prime Minister.

Long Lin Empire previously only had one Prime Minister, but later because the Emperor worried that the Prime Minister’s power would be too concentrated, so the position split in two.

One was the Left Prime Minister, the other the Right; one of civil while the other of military respectively. They each restrict the other with no differentiations of power among them but only in the matters that they each manage.

The Left Prime Minister was to manage civil affairs while the Right Prime Minister was in charge of military affairs. Wo Buren was the Left and Zi Moyan was the Right Prime Minister. Therefore, with her older brother also being an important general, nearly more than half of the military power belongs to the Zi family.

When Zi Moyan climbed down from the palanquin that had stopped in front of the Palace gates, there were many officials coming over to congratulate her. Her lips arced into a discreet cold smile upon seeing this.

It was only a few sweet-talkers flattering and fawning. They may appear intimate, but they’re actually laughing at you in their hearts!

Zi Moyan didn’t have a good opinion of these people, therefore she appeared extremely indifferent and unreasonable.

When other officials saw that this new Prime Minister wasn’t that easy to get close to, none of them went to be snubbed despite showing good intentions.

Generally, officials would go to the Imperial Palace’s very first and the largest Palace hall — the Radiant Dragon Hall to conduct court. All officials have came to the aforementioned hall, waiting patiently for the Emperor’s arrival.

The Emperor seemed to be earlier today compared to the past. Although court also started in advance in the previous times, the officials all had to wait for more than ten minutes before the start. However, this time, they only needed to wait one minute before they heard the — “The Emperor has arrived!”

The court has started more than ten minutes in advance this time.

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