Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Prime Minister is Critically Ill

Within the Qin Zheng Hall of Long Lin’s Imperial Palace.

By now, Murong Tianchen has already completely grew into a full-fledged adult, moreover, he was a wise and farsighted ruler. However, even he was helpless when faced with this white clothed youth in front of him. “Yan’er, although you have already turned eighteen, you can still continued to live in the Palace This is an order, let zhen see who dares to spread disparaging rumors!”

This white clothed youth was none other than Zi Moyan, who was indeed as the rumor said. He was dressed in white clothing, standing just before the world with his peerless looks.

Women would all feel a sense of inferiority when they see that stunning countenance. If it was not for the grave and stern eyes, then those who saw ‘him’ would’ve thought Zi Moyan was a woman instead of a man.

“Your Majesty,” Zi Moyan’s handsome face was still as cold as ever as she spoke. “Moyan is already an adult, continuing to stay in the Palace is no longer suitable.”

Muron Tianchen inwardly sighed in his heart, his Yan’er was too handsome. He was afraid when Zi Moyan leaves the Palace, he would attract bees and butterflies. And with Yan’er being young and vigorous, just at the prime of his life, they wouldn’t be able to control themselves.

Then, his Yan’er wouldn’t be his anymore. Hence, when Zi Moyan should’ve left the Palace when he had turned eighteen earlier on that day, Murong Tianchen stubbornly delayed his leave till today, but he can’t delay it any longer!

Four years ago, he thought he was only curious for a short period of time. However, within these four years, he would think about Zi Moyan constantly.

He had once been troubled and in denial of that kind of feeling. It wasn’t until the moment his Yan’er was about to leave did he understand what he felt for Zi Moyan was no longer of curiosity and pity. It was, instead, the kind that, whenever he saw Zi Moyan, he would have the urge to pull the other into his embrace and thoroughly satisfy that sort of burning fervent desire.

He was already in love with him! He fell in love with someone he shouldn’t! He fell in love with a man!

When all was said and done, even if he couldn’t believe it, falling in love was still falling in love. He decided that he couldn’t let go. He believed that if he just strived hard enough, he could definitely move Yan’er, break through the gender barrier to be together with him!

“Yan’er……” He was helpless, but just when he was about to detain Zi Moyan again, Prime Minister’s wife, Liu Xuanya’s voice sounded outside the hall.

“Let me in, I have urgent business with Moyan!”

“Madam, you can’t directly enter right now. His Majesty is currently speaking with Young Master Zi……”

“Head Eunuch, sir, can’t you please be flexible just this one? I really do have urgent business, if not…… wuwu~~~”

Liu Xuanya’s voice was trembling and choking with emotion as it sounded.

Zi Moyan frowned slightly, what’s going on? Liu Xuanya would actually lose her composure like this?

Murong Tianchen had taken notice of the white clothed youth’s every movement standing below at all times. When he saw that the other seemed somewhat displeased, he became anxious. He then promptly instructed the person outside, “Liu De, let her in!”

“Yes.” The moment Liu De received the Emperor’s permission outside, he released a breath, letting Liu Xuanya enter the hall.

Liu Xuanya entered with reddened eyes, kneeling and prostrating to Murong Tianchen. “This Subject greets Your Majesty, long live Your Majesty!”

“Rise. What’s the matter, Madam Prime Minister?” Murong Tianchen asked coldly when he saw the tears on Liu Xuanya’s face.

When Liu Xuanya was questioned at where it hurts, she cried as she informed Zi Moyan. “Moyan, your father he – he won’t make it …… you should quickly come back to see him one last time……”

“What?!” Zi Moyan didn’t think that it had only been this long, but the Zi Haotian who was in his prime would actually not make it anymore?

Without another word, Zi Moyan immediately rushed in the direction of the Prime Minister’s residence with a grave look. Her footsteps, though, spoke of her anxiety.

“This Subject bid her farewell!” Liu Xuanya kowtowed again before also following after Zi Moyan out of Qin Zheng Hall.

Murong Tianchen watched as the white figure withdrew farther and farther from him, yet he was incapable of preventing it because he no longer has any more reason to detain Zi Moyan.

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