Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Everyone Wishes to Marry the Prime Minister’s Second Young Master

After Murong Tianchen left, Zi Moyan lied on her bed, but she couldn’t sleep no matter what. Once she turned her body over, she saw a stunning woman dressed in white robes smiling at her from afar. Startled, Zi Moyan promptly sat up and asked coldly, “Who are you and what do you want?”

She had to admit, this was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. With Long, shapely brows, phoenix eyes, and small lips, a faint smile from her was sufficient to swoon over all living things. Her long black hair draped down her back like a waterfall, a white jade hairpin lightly pinned locks of it up, allowing the woman to have a certain languid beauty. Her white clothes made of cotton fabric danced with the wind, even a fairy would be just so-so when compared to her.

With a flicker of white shadow, she was in front of Zi Moyan, blinking. “Little Fella, you don’t even recognize who I am anymore? You really are an unfilial disciple!”

When Zi Moyan heard the familiar voice, she immediately knew that this woman was the same one who bothered her that day, wanting to accept her as a disciple.

She didn’t think that the woman only needed to clean up her face slightly to unexpectedly change into such a beautiful appearance. When seen, no one would’ve have made the connection that this kind of stunning woman and that utterly sloppy woman was actually be the same person.

“Since when have I acknowledged to be your disciple?” Zi Moyan felt it was meaningless, so she felt back down and continued to sleep.

Getting angry, the woman grabbed Zi Moyan up, not letting her sleep. “Little fella, you learned my martial arts and still refuse to admit it? In any case, no matter what, I’m set on accepting you as my disciple!”

She retrieved the Will of Towering Heaven manual from within her sleeve and tossed it to Zi Moyan. “Take this and continue to practice it. I don’t need it anyways.”

Zi Moyan took a glance at this incomparable martial arts manual, then looked back to the woman whose face was red from anger. “I’ve already finished reading it, moreover, I memorized all of its contents as well. I don’t need this book anymore so you can take it away.”

“What? You memorized it all?!” When she heard Zi Moyan’s remark, she had the urge to pry open this guy’s head. She really wanted to see just how his brain was composed.

That kind of profound martial arts, Zi Moyan actually committed it all into memory?

The woman sighed. “Forget it, this really is as they say, each new generation excels the previous. If you don’t want it, then just burn it. In any case, I don’t need it anymore. I have already opened your meridians for you. In the future, you just need to slowly follow in accordance to what was written in the [Will of Towering Heaven]. Cultivate everyday and you’ll be able to have profound inner energy.”

Before waiting for Zi Moyan to respond, the woman hurriedly escaped as if she was deeply afraid that Zi Moyan would refuse.

Zi Moyan curled her lips and asked lightly of the air: “Old Woman, what’s your name?”

“Old – Old woman?!” A certain woman’s seething angry voice sounded through the air. “Hmph! This master of yours is as beautiful as a flower, how could I be an old woman?! Forget it, I won’t argue with a little fella like you! This master of yours is called Zhou Yunyi, remember it……” The voice slowly fainted away, it seems that this woman had
already left.

“Zhou Yunyi huh……” Zi Moyan mumbled. She had just put the martial arts manual away when she saw an ice-blue pearl not far from her bedside.

She picked it up and glanced at it, noting that there didn’t seem to be anything special about it. Could it be that the woman had carelessly dropped it? She put it into the inner robes covering her chest, deciding to return it to the woman whenever they meet up again.

From then on, Zi Moyan would either stay in the Falling Flower Pavilion or the Imperial Library each day. She rarely attend class in the First Study, but because her grades weren’t bad and adding on the Emperor’s doting, Liu Shubo would only turn a blind eye to her absence.


Time flew by quickly and four years passed within the blink of an eye.

Zi Moyan was not that skinny to the bone youth anymore, but grew to be more and more handsome, becoming an elegant and refined young noble dressed in white clothing looking upon the world that matched ‘his’ exceptional character.

ZI Moyan was the topic that each and every young lady yearning for love would discuss every day, which also let ‘him’ become the capital’s rumored outstanding and suave heartthrob.

It was also because Zi Moyan had become the dream lover of countless young ladies from Long Lin Empire, that young maidens of the rich families of Long Lin now didn’t daydream all day long about marrying the Emperor, but were daydreaming about if they could marry the Prime Minister’s second young master all day long.

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  1. As a woman in those times, if she was 14 and 4 years passed, she is now 18 and technically a bit over the ‘golden age’ for marriage since they usually get woman married at 15/16.

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