Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Zhou Family?

A light smile played on Crown Princess Ru Yan’s lip as she stood up and leisurely walked out of her seat. She headed towards the center of the palace hall, giving a slight courtesy towards Murong Tianchen. “Ru Yan agrees that such a noble and charming person as Young Master Zi indeed possesses the air of a prince. Ru Yan has a proposal and wonder what Your Majesty will think of it.”

Although she hasn’t said it yet, Murong Tianchen already had a hint of what she was aiming for, which naturally turned his face somewhat unpleasant. He coldly looked at Ru Yan and inquired: “What kind of proposal?”

Ru Yan tightly locked her gaze onto the handsome face of Zi Moyan who was in Murong Tianchen’s arms, her face set with determination. “Your Majesty, the Jiao and Long Lin Empires have been in a good relationship for a hundred years. For the sake of the two countries to be even more harmonious and for our joint development in the future, I suggest that Zi gongzi should represent Long Lin Empire in the marriage alliance with my Jiao Empire. I think, for the sake of peace between the two empires, Zi gongzi will also be very willing!”

When Murong Tianchen head this, his eyes flashed with a cold light. He definitely would not let Zi Moyan marry into the Jiao Empire. However, just as he was thinking of how to reject this marriage, Zi Moyan spoke. “I will not marry you.”

“You!” Ru Yan thought that even though Zi Moyan wasn’t willing, the latter wouldn’t say it out loud in front of all these people. However, she didn’t expect Zi Moyan to not only declined, but had also been so blunt about it!

Ru Yan took her gaze back, speaking with solemnity: “Young Master Zi, why are you not willing? Are you worried about your status? This isn’t a problem, this Crown Princess will definitely make you this Crown Princess’s main husband!”

“I wasn’t concerned over whether or not I’ll be your main husband at all.”

“Then is it because Young Zi thinks that Ru Yan looks ugly that you don’t like Ru Yan?” Ru Yan was anxious, this was the first time that she cared about a man’s opinion. Before, she wasn’t very happy that she looked so small, but now, she was thinking how she could appear a bit more petite and delicate.

Zi Moyan sized Ru Yan up. To tell the truth, the dainty nose, small red lips, big and quick-witted eyes, these exquisitely beautiful facial features fused together was flawless! Such an absolute beauty, enhanced with the Crown Princess’s dragon robes, completely showed off the aura of a ruler! Compared with Murong Tianchen’s concubines, they were far from being a match against her.

“The Crown Princess is quite beautiful, I think that as long as it is a man, they will all fall in love with the Crown Princess upon sight.” Zi Moyan answered truthfully.

Hearing this, Ru Yan’s face brightened with delight while Murong Tianchen secretly held the little person in his arms tighter, his deep eyes flashed a cold light. Could it be that he likes her?

Zi Moyan then abruptly turned the topic around: “However, Your Highness, I already have someone in my heart, so I’m afraid I won’t be living up to the Crown Princess’s good intentions.”

The smile on Ru Yan’s face momentarily froze while everyone else fell into a fury discussion below.

Zi Haotian and Zi Haoran both had an incredulous look on their faces. Zi Haotian couldn’t be any more clear of how Zi Moyan had been living in the past, so how could he have the opportunity to get acquainted with any girls?

How long has it been? A sweetheart appeared out of nowhere just like this??

Murong Tianchen was similarly surprised, he glanced deeply at Moyan before his expression returned to normal.

“Who is it?” Ru Yan inquired.

“Zhou Jiahan.”

Zi Moyan only wanted to use this name to counter Ru Yan’s question, but she didn’t expect for the court officials and the Crown Princess to have such reactions. Ru Yan’s face turned somewhat unpleasant, but didn’t continue to inquire into Zhou Jiahan’s family backgrounds, choosing instead to stay silent. The court officials, meanwhile, were bustling in noisy discussions.

“Surname Zhou? Is the person from that place?”

“How would I don’t know? Who else could possibly have the surname Zhou on this continent other than people of that place?”

“Didn’t think that Young Master Zi actually had connections with that place. He really is capable!”

“Right, right……”


The discussions seemed endless, making Zi Moyan frown mildly. Could it be that there were people with the surname Zhou here — and with major influences at that? Just look at how their expressions turned paled at the mere mention of it!

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