Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 74


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Even Baby Zero could see that Greed’s feelings for Chu Mu Yun were not falsified. Such deep desire, the bone-deep infatuation, and his uncontrollable possessiveness had already reached their peaks. So why…didn’t it light up?

Baby Zero was beginning to question life. “Is it because I downloaded too much xxoo and got a virus, so the system is in disorder qaq!”

Chu Mu Yun: “…”

Zero fidgeted. “I did it to assist the host, I did it completely out of support to my duties, so how could this happen qaq!”

After Chu Mu Yun calmly accepted the two crying emojis, he gave Zero a headpat.jpg

“Don’t worry, your system is running normally.”

As if light had finally returned after the gloom of rain, Zero said, “Really?”

Chu Mu Yun answered him seriously. “It’s not easy to inject a virus into a DOS.”

Zero: “…”

Chu Mu Yun: “Shh.”

DOS 3.0: Crying out with a wah!

Cough…At least he could still bully this natural disaster, Chu Mu Yun felt much better.

Of course Shen Shui Yan’s portrait wouldn’t be lit up, Chu Mu Yun knew it very clearly even without looking at it.

As for the reason, Baby Zero didn’t know, but Chu Mu Yun knew very well.

He gave Shen Shui Yan five years, and it seemed to be ready soon, but what he wanted to see might not be happening.

Greed did not fall in love with him, he only wanted to possess him, to obtain him and to keep his favourite thing locked to his side, and to never leave.

These strong feelings of monopolization afflicted him, but they were also what made him.

He wanted to have him, to completely occupy him, and control him completely. Because of this obsession, he was willing to do anything.

For this, he could constantly pursue the peak of power. For this, he could keep on strengthening himself. For this, he could even spontaneously learn to imprison his prey with “love”.

In a sense, all the seven demonic lords were the same.

They each had their own obsessions, and for that deeply imprinted sin, they were willing to do anything.

The good, the bad, things that were acceptable, the unconventional, things people could admire, or things they despised…No matter what, they would do anything as long as they could fulfill their desires.

Pride played with people because of his arrogance.

Jealousy destroyed everything good for his own jealousy.

Greed would stop at nothing for the sake of his greed.

…It was all the same.

Chu Mu Yun’s lips were raised lightly in a smile. He chuckled, but only bitter frost could be seen in his eyes.

Five years…There was one more year, but he actually did not have to wait.

After Shen Shui Yan left, Xie Qian Lan returned.

This time, he concealed his aura. Don’t even mention Shen Shui Yan, even Chu Mu Yun wasn’t able to sense him.

Fortunately, Chu Mu Yun had long guessed he would come, so he maintained his “Respected Leader” facade.

Lust was holding a jar of wine in his hand, and its delicious aroma fluttered out from it. He took a small sip and smiled, “Would you like a drink?”

Chu Mu Yun did not even look at him.

Xie Qian Lan walked over, and the tempting smell of his body was mixed with the wine, becoming more and more alluring. Chu Mu Yun’s body had been trained by him, so it seemed like it would begin to grow hot as soon as he came close.

But Chu Mu Yun hated this uncontrollable heat. It didn’t make him feel like a rational being, but instead, something degenerated into a beast of impulse.

Xie Qian Lan was naturally aware of his physical condition. While he drank, he gave him a lazy smile. “Did the son you raised by your own self taste good?”

He knew that Chu Mu Yun wouldn’t be surprised. After all, with their cultivation, it wouldn’t be heard even if they wanted to spread their consciousness over half the human world.

Chu Mu Yun frowned and felt annoyed, but due to Xie Qian Lan’s approach, his face started to blush unnaturally again.

Xie Qian Lan took in his earlobe with his mouth that smelled faintly of wine. “Does it feel better to kiss him, or me?”

Chu Mu Yun raised a hand and pushed him hard. “What qualifications do you have to compare with him!”

Xie Qian Lan raised a brow, but that gentle smile was still on his face. Only, a hint of darkness could now be seen in his eyes as he chuffed, “Can your Xiao Yan really satisfy your lustful body?”

Chu Mu Yun clenched his hands. Due to his anger, the veins on his hands could clearly be seen. “I will not do it with him!”

Xie Qian Lan laughed. “You don’t dare, do you?” He grinned, and his smile was filled with maliciousness. “Your precious admires you so much, and respects you, he treats you as his savior, his God, the one unparallelled existence within his heart. But…to think his God was a person trained to only be able to…”

“Silence!” Chu Mu Yun interrupted him, unable to stand his humiliation any longer.

Xie Qian Lan did not continue. He put down his jar of wine and held him from behind. An ambiguous kiss landed down on his neck. “Then let’s verify whether I’m right or not with our bodies.”

After having just mutually confessed with Shen Shui Yan, Chu Mu Yun was tossed around the whole night by Xie Qian Lan.

Just as much as Chu Mu Yun was indulgent and wild at night, he felt that much lonely and unbearable in the morning.

Xie Qian Lan had already left, but there was a lingering essence of ambiguity left in the house. Chu Mu Yun used a spell to erase all the traces before heading to the bath, and washing up several times. But…the cloudiness and dirtiness of his heart was something that could never be washed away.

How could someone like him have the qualifications to have Shen Shui Yan?

Chu Mu Yun leaned against the headboard and cradled his head with his hands. Even though he blocked away all his emotions, that lonely figure still revealed that he was already lingering at the very edge of despair.

Xie Qian Lan behaved very well during the day and really regarded himself as an actual physician. Not only did he check Chu Mu Yun’s pulse, he would even try to help with some of the cultivator’s hard-to-cure diseases.

Of course, Xie Qian Lan’s specialties were not in the medical studies, but living so long, everything was hardly difficult for him. To fool a few human beings was simply too easy.

With Xie Qian Lan behaving so well, Shen Shui Yan’s hostility of him had also lessened. He was completely buried in the joy of “obtaining” Ah Yun these days that he could wish for nothing more than to stick to Chu Mu Yun for the entire day. The dependent look he showed was truly profound and deep with emotions..

Chu Mu Yun had always pampered him, so now, he truly was spoiling him to bits, as if he would give him all that was good in thsi entire world.

These days passed by very quickly. Chu Mu Yun had a nice and sweet relationship with Shen Shui Yan during the day, but Xie Qian Lan would pester him to no end during the think, grinding him down so hard that he forced him to say countless thinks he would never dare to speak.

Both his consciousness and his body seemed to be split completely into two halves. During the day, he spoiled Shen Shui Yan dearly, while in the night, he and Xie Qian Lan did countless things they shouldn’t be doing.

Habits were truly terrifying.

By the time Shen Shui Yan was just about to reach adulthood, Chu Mu Yun had already adapted himself to such a life.

But Shen Shui Yan couldn’t stand it any longer, he was thirsting more and more for Chu Mu Yun, wanting more and more. His nature of greed was urging him, making him plead for more and more.

And things changed when…Xie Qian Lan suddenly went missing.

Nobody knew where he went, nobody knew when he left, and nobody had seen him…

But…he left. For five whole days, nobody saw even a trace of him.

Chu Mu Yun couldn’t describe what he was feeling. He could finally breathe a sigh of relief, but he was also afraid that this was only temporary…that demon would still return.

And very soon, Chu Mu Yun was faced with a serious problem: the estrus period that came once every week was here…


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