Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 1


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The lazy afternoon sun shone through the thin screen window, illuminating the black and white themed apartment, the dim layer of light added a gentle warmth to this atmospheric yet slightly empty room.

Atop the black coffee table in the living room lay several financial magazines, and two men’s T-shirts are laid on top of the grey leather sofa, the casually exposed brand name showed that the price of it was not cheap.

On the left side of the sofa is a rare and precious potted plant, with delicate foliage, and beautiful shape, but it’s a shame that due to the owner’s neglect, it’s head had slouched over with a look of exhaustion.

Moving on from the potted plant is a fully equipped gym, compared to the deserted living room, the things in this room often received the owner’s ‘favour’, especially the treadmill, it was even stained by water, clearly showing that it had just been used.

Next to the gym is the shower room, the sounds of water hitting the ground like droplets of rain had stopped, and the glass door opened, stepping out from the hot mist is a very handsome man.

Water dripped down from his short wet hair, under the smooth forehead is a pair of narrow and long upslanted phoenix eyes, a high nose, a pair of slightly thin lips, and an excellent neck line, following the protruding clavicle, below it is a firm chest, tanned like the colour of wheat, and clear abdominal muscles as well as a pair of long and slender legs, the water droplets that had not been completely wiped dry made the male body appear extremely sexy.

He gave his hair a shake, and wrapped the wide towel around his waist, his slender fingers habitually held up a cigarette, after lighting it he held it by the side of his mouth, and answered the cellphone that had been vibrating constantly.

“Hey.”The voice is just like its owner, a hint of a relaxed tone accompanied the husky voice, it was surprisingly teasing.

The moment when the person on the opposite side of the phone heard his voice, he almost burst into tears:”Chu bro! You finally picked up your phone! You’ve finally appeared! Ahh I’m about to go crazy here!”

Chu Mu Yun raised his hand slightly, moving the phone away from his ear, he waited for the person’s howling to stop before he idly replied:”I was in Senegal for a few days prior to this, the signal there isn’t good.”

Little Zhang immediately exclaimed in surprise after hearing his words:”Senegal?? Chu bro, were you there to participate in the car rally or did you go there to cross the Sahara?”

Chu Mu Yun casually said:”I tried a bit of both.”

The little Zhang on the opposite side took a deep breath:”I submit, I submit in capital letters!”

Chu Mu Yun flicked the ash off his cigarette, and continued to ask:”What do you need?”

Only then did little Zhang remember his own work, he immediately shrieked:”Ah Chu bro! Hua Teng film company has already bid up to eight digits, Jinjiang’s copyright department’s door is about to fall off from their constant visits! They’ve really set their hearts on buying 《Demon Realm》! Why aren’t you letting go, why won’t you sell! Tons of people want to turn this into a TV series even in their dreams! And right now you’re even been directly offered a movie, and they even wanted to shoot several movies in one go, this is practically starting a new legend!”

Compared to the other party’s excitement, there was not even a wave in the voice of the person involved, Chu Mu Yun:”Not selling, I’m not interested in making it into a movie.”

Little Zhang really was ready to kneel at this point:”Why! They’ve found first-rate directors, and a series of top stars, it was definitely a strong lineup, definitely……”

Before he even finished his sentence, Chu Mu Yun gave a reply:”There’s no educational significance, making a movie out of it is just going to bring disaster for people.”

Little Zhang was stunned by his reply, he could not resist asking:”How could there be no educational significance, How passionate is our protagonist! Such positive energy! such motivation!”

Chu Mu Yun chuckled:”Are you sure the audience is here to see the protagonist and not the villain?”

Little Zhang stiffened up and did not speak.

Chu Mu Yun took a look at the time, he did not wish to speak any more:”Alright already, if you’re still gonna continue talking about this you don’t have to speak any more, I have no interest.”

As soon as little Zhang saw that he wanted to hang up, he quickly shouted:”Chu bro! It’s fine if you don’t sell, let’s talk about your new work! 《Demon Realm》 had already been done for three months, have you thought about writing another one? Your readers have been waiting!”

Chu Mu Yun replied without even thinking:”I don’t have such plans at this time.”

if little Zhang was in front of him he would probably directly end up hugging his thighs:”Ah Chu bro, for goodness’ sake, just write a little! Money, money, it’s all about the money!”

Chu Mu Yun pressed his cigarette on the black crystal ashtray, and replied:”I’m not short of money.”

Little Zhang was about to cry:”Who would complain about having too much money……”

Chu Mu Yun strode off, while looking for clothes to wear out he spoke:”If I really wanted money why would I write a book? Isn’t it more profitable for me to return to Holler?”

This sentence made student little Zhang feel completely powerless.

There really was nothing more he could say, ever since Jinjiang Literature City opened up a new category that caters to males, he had passed up his resume, and had become an editor for a full four years, he had brought up countless authors, but not once did he think that such a god would be signed under him.

It was his first time writing, a book titled 《Demon Realm》 was silently published on Jinjiang Literature City, but nobody would’ve thought that he would become a god with just one story, it took only one year to become the pillar of Jinjiang’s mens’ picks category, one could say that it was a miracle.

After he had gotten a deeper understanding, Zhang Ren’s heart was filled with admiration and he would even lick his boot.

This great god is a true winner of life!

Standing at 1.85 meters tall, he had the body of a model, and he was even born with a handsome face, he did not know how many people’s souls would be stolen away with a raise of his brows.

……To be born with such an enchanting appearance, although he was hard to deal with he was still extremely capable.

Before writing, he was a top executive in the world top 100 company Holler Group, he had a bright future, his annual salary was so high that his hand could get tired from taking it, as long as he continues on, he could enter the Forbes list at any moment.

However……He had quit his job disagreeably, his reason was: I want to take some time out to write a novel.

God damn! He was capricious to the point where he had lost all his friends!

Little Zhang stared at the phone that had already been hung up, his mood extremely complicated: If he were to compare him with other people, then he really would have a hard time living!

Chu Mu Yun did not put down his phone, rather he flipped through his contact list, and skipped through a bunch of names, and in the end he stopped on the name “7.31”.

Little Song? Chu Mu Yun thought for a moment, and vaguely remembered that it was a young boy he had met at a bar in Senegal, he looked rather pretty, pale skin, slender waist, but the main point was that he was very open in bed.

After spending a good half month in the desert, Chu Mu Yun had still really wanted to relax for a bit.

He swiped the person’s name, and gave him a call, after approximately two rings, a crisp voice spoke in pleasant surprise on the opposite side:”Brother Chu? I thought you wouldn’t contact me any more!”

Chu Mu Yun’s voice was low, especially alluring:”Are you free tonight?”

The young man on the other side took a breath, and spoke excitedly:”Yes yes yes!”Even if he were busy he had to go! Such a high quality man, you could encounter one but you could never wish for one!

Looks handsome, generous, gentle and tolerant personality, and the best part was that he had a great package and good skill……Thinking back to that night after a good half month, little Song still felt his face flush and his heartbeat quickening! He thought that they would never come in contact ever again, he didn’t think that he could still have another go, how could he not go?

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”I’ve booked a table at Yard tonight, let’s have a meal together.”

When little Song heard that, he had become even more excited, a three star Michelin restaurant, he really is too damn generous!

Chu Mu Yun got dressed, took his car keys, and left.

Just that at this time no matter what, Chu Mu Yun would never have thought that he would never return to his apartment that he had lived alone for six years after leaving.

At the moment when the collision happened, Chu Mu Yun understood, that he was definitely going to die.

But in this field of darkness, his consciousness still had not disappeared, and after wandering for a long while, he had even opened his eyes suddenly.

Before he could focus his sight on the scene in front of him, he was dumbfounded by the sudden flood of information pouring into his mind.

He didn’t die……

But he did in fact leave his own world.

……This place is the 《Demon Realm》, but how could he have come into his own novel?

The scene in front of his eyes were very horrifying, the gorgeous buildings that looked beautiful like carved jade had been burned down by a fire, and became a land full of destroyed ruins, the pungent stench of blood as well as the dense smell of burning filled the air, following the intense fire, the place had become horrifying, distorted, and the scene even seemed like the end of mankind.

Chu Mu Yun was not a pampered and spoiled person, but at this moment he was slightly frightened as he watched the scene, he was in a bit of a trance.

He was stunned because of this hell on earth, and it was also due to how surprising this sudden change was.

While he was still stunned, he could make out a very blurry figure coming closer in his sights.

The man was dressed in delicate light blue robes, covered with a misty muslin robe, his dark hair and sleeves tumbled in the wind, following his slow steps, his beauty was like a genie under the moon, it did not fit with the hellish scene in front of his eyes.

He stopped in front of Chu Mu Yun, and bent over slightly, a pair of light grey eyes on his face with unparalleled elegance had a warmth that could drown a person, his voice was very pleasant to listen to as well:”Will you return with me? I will become your family, as your father.”

In this hellish sea of blood, such a beauty that glistened like the moon, saying such moving words, it was possible that nobody could reject him.


Chu Mu Yun’s face was ashen.

Two words tumbled about in his mind:

Mo Jiu Shao.

When I, your father, had set you up with such horrible tastes, I really did not expect to be able to experience it for myself.


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